Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kindling Wood Empire : One Match Ends It

When you build a fantasy world on paper, you can't really be too shocked when the time comes for it to burn.

Underestimating Chinese intelligence is just another mistake made by the U.S. in a litany of errors.

Asia doesn't want ZOGBux or bonds or anything made of cellulose from the West. They see it all as toxic and infected reality that could hamper the health and security of their own country by sucking it down into the mythical land of financial products.

Like all empires throughout human history the Kwanstain has become a self-fueling solipsist dream where the source of it's "greatness" is it's "greatness." They don't have anything left but testimonials and platitudes. Sooner or later somebody points out ... it isn't all that great any more. It only takes one idiot saying aloud the Emperor has no clothes and before you know it everybody is laughing. Since the value of their currency is directly yoked to people not laughing at them, this means their currency at that moment is valued at zero.

I knew there was something wrong in my country from about the age of eight. Don't bother asking how I knew. We Neanderthals are a sensitive, cluey breed who have deep instincts and heightened foresight that Homo Sapiens never had and never will. We can feel things in our bones and in our substance. We are paying attention. I would bet you that there isn't a single 'Thal who grew up in America in the past forty years who would not know something of what I am talking about. You're sitting there telling yourself I'm crazy and every other single person of my tribe has the same hunches in their gut for the same reasons about the same things. Your race lives for a million years on the earth you're gonna pick these extra faculties up. Do you know what the thing is about me that is different from others of my kind? I can articulate these things. I can describe them and convey the impressions. Lots of people like me can't find the words but that doesn't mean that they have not known all along just like me that something was askew. I can remember being at some football game at my high school when I was 15 or thereabouts and my mind drifted off the unbelievably boring chimpmanzee antics on the field. I distinctly remember looking at everybody in the bleachers and thinking the foundation of the country had already eroded away. Even then, I knew it was only the outer shell of appearances that remained. The meat and sinews had hollowed out from a secret cancer. I claim the same virtue as Nietszche - I can smell the corruption much earlier than other men.


njartist said...

Just a few years after Chinese companies lined up to sell shares on Wall Street, a growing number are reversing course and pulling out of U.S. exchanges.

There really is no point continuing to invest in a country that you are going to invade in a few months.

njartist said...

Remember: most Chinese businesses are owned by political and military officials: has a decision been made?

PrairieSage07 said...

Kinda off topic, but when are you going to post more practical information. I would love to see more shelter-building and survival articles. I was a survivalist for 16 years before finding out about magnetic reverals... now have the urge to build a shelter for me and my large family (wife and 8 kids). FWIW I am white, so is my wife. I have a 150 IQ she has 120... and I think our oldest daugher 11 will surpass me in intelligence.

How much mass would you reccommend for a near surface shelter? We have a piece of lower land availible for survival purposes, but cannot dig. Our idea was to build a quonset hut inside a quonset hut with 3 or 4 feet between the two. And fill the gap with small gravel then run watery concrete to fill in the gaps. I would love your opinion on this idea. Good idea or sucky one? Thanks

JimBob said...

Chinese takeover offered by the Zionist empire

"Chinese warships docked of the Israeli coast. Hours later, China switches to a gold backed currency."

Hmmm... Nothing to see here.

Texas Arcane said...

PrairieSage -

I keep meaning to convert this blog from commentary to hands-on and am always treading water until I get the kernel of my OS in V1.0 on Sourceforge.

Your quonset aboveground is a good idea if you cannot excavate. You can build a pretty thick shelter this way and a lot of military hangers are constructed with this technique.

JimBob said...

20 Years of Israeli-Chinese Cooperation

Video of a Chinese warship sliding into an Israeli port.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Texas Arcane said...


FrankNorman said...

Tex - you live in Australia. What are their prospects for the next few decades?
This matters to me, because I have family living there.
And China is physically a lot closer to Oz than to North America.

njartist said...

@ JimBob,
I cannot locate confirming info on the Chinese having converted to the gold standard; I cannot locate the Infowars' posting on its Social Connection, nor is any news item on the Infowars website; when I Googled earlier, I only found reference from a couple months ago that China was considering converting: please post confirming articles.

njartist said...

There are these:
1. China Launching Gold Backed Global Currency!
2. china and russia to form new currency backed by gold
There has to be better witnesses than godlike productions.

JimBob said...

njartist said...

Try this search term for one. Found this with one search. You can do better I'm sure.

"china gold currency"

Chinese dumping worthless currency for gold (17May10)

China buys gold, challenges US dollar
WikiLeaks cables allege that China is buying gold to weaken the US dollar's supremacy as the world's reserve currency.

Will China Make the Yuan a Gold-Backed Currency?

There's been lots of chatter about it for the last year. They have been buying gold for some time as well as converting their greenbacks to hard assets, like land.

JimBob said...

Here's another search term to play around with:

"china gold currency wikileaks"

The only people that don't know this is happening, are brain dead, Kwan zombies.

Where the hell have you been for the last year? Asleep at the wheel?

njartist said...

Jimbob, If I had been asleep, I would not have asked; you were asked because I wanted at least two witnesses to verify the import of what you were stating: China's and Russia's move to a gold back currency is a decision preparing for war.

dr. bashar al assad said...

Funny shit. I believe I can see what you're talking about. I still remember the feelings as well.