Friday, August 31, 2012

Food Prices Jump 10% In A Single Month

You probably think that is some kind of lurid Vault-Co headline exaggeration. It isn't.

There were so many crop failures worldwide due to climate, particularly to what appears to be a year without summer in Europe, that there just wasn't enough food to go around.

Imagine what nature can do when she gets serious about this. She is getting serious. Puny mass scale agriculture practiced by humans can be swept aside in a year and never return. All it takes are a few mild adjustments to settings of average temperature, rainfall, early frost and cloud cover.

In all fairness, you know what rolls downhill to the third world. Right out of the gate, the first world will starve the third world to death if the food supply gets tight. They will be able to offer a better bulk price bidding on the open market. The tragic thing is that the currency in many third world countries is probably worth more than the funny munny of the first but they are able to press a psychological advantage with the printing press and their armies. People are conditioned to believe their paper with pictures on it is "higher value" when all the evidence says it isn't.

Smoothie Guzzler Falls Off Roof Accompanied By Violins and Sad R&B Ballads

It's all the fault of you heterosexuals!

UPDATE : Lavender Jackboots of the Gay Gestapo Crushing Free Inquiry and Human Freedom

Of course, their suicide rate and life expectancy is only a fraction of that of normal people even before AIDs struck. But if they did die, it's all your fault! You made his loafers so light they floated right off the rooftop!

If two narcissists are in the forest and a tree falls on one of them, can anybody hear them cry? Only if they do a sappy YouTube video. It's going viral! No really. That is a truthism of sorts. I just know those crocodile tears in this video are so genuine. I bet you really, genuinely missed this guy ... for about fifteen minutes. Kind of like Dr. Evil talking about being inconsolable for twenty minutes if something happened to Mini-Me, then just making another clone to replace him.

I am not the first person to observe that it is really not the right to be married that is sought here. It's the right to get married, in public preferably, with one of them wearing a veil so they can mock the world around them which is basically their entire raison d'etre. Gays don't want to be married, that's a drag. They want to party and howl and be free to act on all impulses. I would bet you anything that not long after gay marriage is shoved through they will be making it easier than ever to divorce your spouse, preferably through a one-hour online application for $5. Now it's off to the rave to celebrate being single again! Wheeeeeeeeee!

You can have a nation based on the nuclear family. Or you can have this. If you have this, you won't have it for very long before it is replaced by something or somebody else who has their priorities straight.

Hey gays, if you are so worried about right and wrong, you should make a sappy video for people like us with Asperger's. We've got a suicide rate about ten times yours and nobody ever weeps for us. I'm sure with your intolerance for injustice you'll march right into the studio and start cranking out ridiculous propaganda like this on behalf of all us Neanderthals. If anybody deserved violins and slow dissolves it is us. You didn't know all this, did you? That's because Neanderthals are tough as hell and we never let anybody know what kind of pain we have. We were never looking for pity the way you and your kind are to manipulate others into doing what we want. Neanderthal is a strong creature with or without his tribe and he will be until the end of time. I guess that's something we have inside that you don't and never will.

If you doubt this video's authenticity or question it's origins, it probably means you yourself are gay. There is another video linked from this page that explains how anyone who opposes their regime is themselves gay. Wow, I wish I could say that about anybody who ever stood in my way politically. Adolf Hitler should have told the Allies, "You are only opposing me because you are gay." It's the all-purpose answer to any question concerning sodomite politics.

Remember when you think of sodomites, Barack Obama wants you to think of him

GMO Corn Destroying Agriculture Planetwide

Superbugs are taking advantage of the freaky climate shifts to wipe out food all over the planet

I can't believe somebody was ever permitted to create and engineer this science fiction disaster food.

They've screwed up the food supply so badly I am now scared to even eat anything with corn.

Madness on this planet. Truly a mental asylum run by the inmates.

'Stain Preparing for a Post-Israeli Middle East?

According to Romney advocates, the intelligence community is expecting to ditch Israel soon

This is really bizarre news. I have trouble believing that Obama's administration would endorse it.

I could see them cutting funding or restricting lobbying but I cannot believe they would just cut the country loose altogether. That would probably trigger an enormous spate of false flags worldwide.

Apparently it is so simple even 'Zanians are figuring it out.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Naked Political Corruption In Kwanstainia

U.N. Oversight For Corrupt U.S. Regime!! These Elections are RIGGED!! 

Note that the result of the vote in the speaker's response was already in the teletype reader before the vote was taken!!!!

This Isn't A Grand Minimum

 But it might as well be.

All the things I have read lately indicate this is a Maunder Minimum and it is going to last a little longer than the Little Ice Age. It may start to clear around 2250 A.D. or thereabouts with a return to warmer temperatures.

From what I have seen it looks like after it abates 250-300 years from now there will be another agricultural boom for a couple hundred years followed by another more severe minima. This will be one cycle prior to a return to a Grand Minima. So I've been worrying about snowball Earth scenario for over a decade because I did not quite have as much information as I do now.

It's a Maunder Minimum which we are already in. The coming solar max is the peak of his warming cycle signaling it's end. This will be sufficient to pound our existing civilization to dust. No saving throw. So collective and group efforts are pretty futile unless they occur at community level.

A Tsunami Of Failure

When you live at the end of a declining civilization, it seems to you that everything has all fallen apart at once.

Except it isn't true. It is all the problems that the civilization has been ignoring for decades (example : illegal immigrants bringing strange diseases) that suddenly start to pay off in terms of the capacity to generate anarchy, chaos and social collapse.

Before you know it, the number of crises approaches a critical mass which even the most determined people will recognize is well beyond their abilities to cope with. They knock each other over like dominos, with one exacerabating the effects of another and then becoming a deluge.

You can imagine how in this environment, the tyrant and the dictator starts to have an appeal to all of the lower stratums who do not even know how to begin to start to solve any of these problems. This is why the left is so anxious to surrender more and more executive powers to Obama after he has entered office. They won't come out and admit they would otherwise have no clue of what to do about all these things.

This is really where the left and right converge on their common ground near the end : stupidity.

Alaska, The Last American Stronghold

Governor of Alaska Knows Exactly What The Hell Is Going On

So much quake activity now in Alaska going unreported and volcanos becoming active everywhere you look. The residents of Alaska know something terrible is happening and are not waiting for the Federal Government to take steps to prepare for an emergency on their behalf.

I have heard Alaska is still a decent place to live for the very reason that they are so far away from the rest of that open sore formerly called the "United States." The cold temperatures discourage the unfit and the big talkers. They don't do so well in situations where they can't get by through social engineering and have to actually look after themselves a little.

"The Man" Has Let The Brother Down Once Again

His radar only give a brutha twenty minutes warning of a collision! With that thing below down there, whatchacallit - sea floor! Yassum!

Typical cracka setting up a brutha for failure with his negligent technology. Trying to portray a nubian as unqualified and what-not and what-have-you.

Another reason we need to return to melatonic technology and manuals printed in ebonics. They need submarines with gold hubcaps, carpeted interiors, fuzzy dice hanging off the periscope and jacks in the back to make it ride up out of the water. Oh snap that would be one pimped out submergin' vessel.

One Evil Bolshevist Empire Down, One To Go

Paul Craig Roberts on the last totalitarian regime we are waiting to bankrupt itself.

The Soviet Union collapsed and took 80 years of Bolshevism down with it.

Now there is one last bolshevist stronghold that is out of money having ruined itself through a ridiculous series of wars waged against mostly civilians. Russia wasted itself in Afghanistan, Amerikwa is blowing itself out on four different fronts including Afghanistan.

Time for the spiritual heirs of Leo Strauss to confess they don't know what they are doing. They are not and never were leadership material. It is far easier to destroy than it is to create or repair.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Truth

The truth will set you free.

I knew all this three years ago. It is presented here in an easy digestible form.

The last two sentences are the most bone-chilling terrifying ideas that were probably ever written in English.

It is not enough to understand the genetics. You have to understand the implications.

Once you know where the genes come from you can say it with confidence.

Homo Sapiens will never be able to maintain these genes the way his breeding strategy works. This is purely a temporary phenomenon for him. He is destined to return to the mud where he came from. This is only a brief respite for him from the miserable bleakness of his existence. He got some magic genes but just like in a fairy tale they cannot stay. They are not his to keep. The changelings have to go back to the changeling world when their time is up and they will leave him alone with his worst enemy when that happens - himself. His natural state is a filthy debauched rapist and cannibal monster. He was never a dreamer by firelight and he never had any magical goodness inside of him. His nature is mean because the spirit of God was never with the children of Cain.

Abel was a herder who found favor with God. He was slain by his brother Cain, a child of the Devil.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finally, An Honest Kwanstainian

Teacher says her students are essentially ineducable and recommends edjamafacashun instead

Any teacher who is honest would say this about most of her students nowadays.

It has become something of an inverted joke nowadays, with the dumbest sector of the population attending college and moving into the professions after having first demonstrated they are incapable of learning altogether. This sh*t doesn't even make sense no matter what spin you try to put on it.

Females with double-digit IQs end up dominating the medical profession, possibly the worst people you would want to give medical degrees to. All because nobody will tell the truth about the subject.

Nine-Tenths of the population have no business going anywhere but to a trade school after they graduate high school. They are not qualified for anything but. Instead, we end up with these Nine-Tenths running everything and the remaining Tenth avoiding higher education like the plague. It is a disaster of the commons.

Cult of Moloch Resurgent

It's always about killing for these people.

You know them by their fruits. If they leave a trail of bodies everywhere they go - hint, they are not the good guys. They do after their father the Devil who was a liar from the beginning.

I Have Been Saying This My Entire Life To Scorn

Hard science, big samples, control groups.

Smoking cannabis makes you retarded and lowers your IQ permanently

Teens who smoke dope grow up to be morons with no saving throw against brain damage.

I always knew it! It doesn't matter what anybody ever said to me. I knew it!

I said it in the military and everybody in the room laughed at me.

I said it at work in the lunchroom and everybody laughed at me.

I said it on usenet and everybody on the thread laughed at me.

I said it on forums and on BBS lists and everybody there laughed at me.

I've said it to people with joints hanging out of their mouths and they laughed at me as they inhaled.

I've said it to people with the bong in front of them.

They've said to me, you're just afraid. You're scared of drugs. What harm could it do you to try a little?

I've told them, it's because I've got a lot to lose. Ten points off your IQ won't matter much either way and nobody will be able to tell the difference. Ten points off my IQ I can never get back is a really big deal. I will be damaged goods. God gave me my neurochemistry and if I deliberately harm it I will have committed a sin. It's all I can do to get my brain to stay sharp as it is, the last thing I need to do is smoke dope.

One could make the argument that my sleep cycles and depression have done me as much brain damage as smoking dope might've done and they'd probably be right. The thing is, all those things have been outside my control and I have not wanted these afflictions, they were forced on me.

Another thing is, some mornings after 10 hours of sleep I feel like my old self again. With these drugs I don't think it works that way. This kind of brain damage doesn't get fixed by some rest or vitamins.

Monday, August 27, 2012

You Don't Have Leaders. You Have Owners.

Ron Paul will never be allowed in by the RNC, it doesn't matter how many delegates he does or doesn't have. What people are seeing is naked corruption of the political process to thwart the will of the people. They are desperate because it is becoming rapidly obvious that the people are not allowed to elect anyone unless they are first vetted by the vested interests. Ron Paul was never vetted by them as acceptable.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Madness of Leo Strauss and the Neocons

Do the neocons believe that a third world war is necessary to save the dollar?

Reprint Of Bizarre Fortean Phenomenon

This is still such an incredible story it is difficult to even understand what is going on here.

My father worked at some mines in West Virginia for Dow Chemical. The locals often spoke of discovering passages in coal mines that looked like they were cut for little people to run through. Every once in a while somebody even reported seeing one of these little people coming or going. Some miners said that after blasting they had sometimes found what were hairless monkeys with strangely human features in the rubble and the company had told them to keep it under their hat. (Environmentalists would have shut them down and they would never be permitted to mine there again.)

The Cherokee believed there were little people running around underground all over North America.

Some people have suggested that when they find bones of these creatures that are recent, they get rid of them by pushing them into the past so far they cease to be a threat to our orthodoxy.

It is possible that the biggest problem for scientific advancement is that every time we discover something really interesting, we also discover that we cannot accept this new paradigm because it destroys so many others we will lose our bearings given what we currently believe.

I'm not saying I really believe in the Little People. I'm saying the story above is literally weirder than most human brains can even absorb in it's implications.

These aren't water channels. They show signs of being dug by hand or with stone tools. The question is who dug these out and why.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Rise of the Killer Superstorms

Widespread recognition at NASA that the mad prophets have been right all along about the coming Global Superstorm(s)

I was writing about this back in 2002 on Vault-Co back when it was called TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT.

Now imagine you're me back in 2002 and you have seen enough evidence to develop a rock solid conviction that this is the way of the future. The planet was absolutely going to be cooling and entering a new period of climate instability that had nothing to do whatsoever with "global warming" and everything to do with the end of the Holocene. You might not be absolutely sure of the timeframe but you expect from a lot of other sources of information that the next solar maximum is going to signal the start of this era - the beginning of a Grand Minimum that would generate previously inconceivable storms.

I remember the day it clicked for me. I was working at the RTA on a contract in Sydney in Java. I pulled up a coworker when we went for a walk outside and asked him, had he heard about this intersection of more than six different paleoclimatological cycles in 2012? I remember asking him, if he knew about this in advance, how much would it be worth to him to survive if he decided by starting right now he could be prepared in time?

What do you do? Do you urge people to contact their government, tell them we need begin investing in nationwide civil defense programs? Well ... even back then we could see the only thing that government was ever going to invest in again were wars against Israel's opposition in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. The writing was on the wall back then - no help was going to be coming from a collective or community approach.

Would you change the name of your blog from TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT to VAULT-CO and begin to advocate that everybody start work on their own shelter systems and preparations for this future that was approaching? Would you admonish people to pursue a selfish survival strategy and forget about "Saving the World" and concentrate on saving themselves and their loved ones?

Now you understand this blog.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Symantec Cloud Blacklists Vault-Co

I found out the other day that Vault-Co is blacklisted by Symantec Cloud as some sort of "dangerous" site. We're in good company with very prestigious sites like Whatreallyhappened and many other sites which are essentially information sites consisting primarily of links to current news items.

I just thought I'd point out that this site has never advocated violence, revolution, subversion or any illegal activity of any kind. We've also never called for violence against any ethnic group or government and we have never been proponents of change by violent or illegal means. In fact, we could be characterized as a site that largely urges readers to abandon any attempt to change their world for the better and strictly care for their immediate family and friends by engaging in a self-defensive posture ... by building a vault. If there is anything anti-social on this site it is the constant peaceful admonition to look out for oneself and one's kin and forget about everything else.

If there is anything "dangerous" here, it's the ideas. I'd be interested in knowing the politics of the people in charge of classifying sites at Symantec because I'd expect them to be some very strongly biased people. The real "danger" is on their end because in their zeal to prosecute political viewpoints they are bound to miss out on sites that actively promote illegal and criminal behaviour. I would also expect the kind of person who would blacklist this site would probably also want to blacklist sites that publish excerpts from George Orwell, William Burroughs and Ernest Hemingway.

I hope it doesn't sound too arrogant but I notice as I've gotten older and my mind has become much more powerful and lucid that I have the capacity to offend in a way no traditional behaviours can. Sometimes just hearing unconventional ideas like the kind I am sure you have seen on here many times can cause ordinary people to break out in nervous sweats, tremble or even quake with fear. They might not be shaken by a guy with a machine gun screaming about revolution but even a few sentences by me on the real origins of man can cause them to lose sleep at night and be filled with morbid thoughts for weeks afterwards. I wish I was making this up but I have seen it too many times.

At a place I worked at last year, a guy complained to the boss about the conversation I was making off-site on our lunch break. I noticed on one occasion I just said a few words to this dude and he developed red swollen eyes, began sweating profusely like he was struggling with rage and his upper lip was trembling for the rest of the day. I think I said something to the effect that global warming was far superior to the Spanish Inquisition in silencing opposition in today's political climate. It looked like he had been stung by a bee and was having some kind of allergic reaction to my words. I found out after I left the place he had told the boss I was some sort of "denier" and probably dangerous to the other staff, that if they listened to me they might be "infected" by similar ideas. He told my former boss he had taken weeks to recover from my scathing criticisms of global warming science over lunch and had considered calling in sick the next day. I sincerely wish I had invented this story, unfortunately it is true. In his defense, I should mention I said that people who supported global carbon taxation were disloyal to their own native lands in which they lived. This really seemed to disturb him.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Communism : 50% Of All Americans Dependent On Government Largesse

Don't worry, I've got you! 

But who got you?

Your average a**hole really thinks the government is Superman. They think the government is their parents + Jesus + Superpowers. That's one weak "god" you worship there, statists. I think he is about to let you down.

Barry's Trail of Bodies

The death list is piling up and it seems to be dominated by enemies of the Obama administration.

All a coincidence to be sure.

Ebonics Logic In Action

Brilliant synthesis of ideas by young woman on public transport

There's a continent. It covers nearly half of one side of the planet.

Whites recently abdicated there altogether. It is an overwhelming majority black owned, black managed, black run, black administrated continent with less than 2% population any other race. They inherited an entire civilization left behind by whites who fled, completely ready to operate out of the box with modern infrastructure, plumbing and sewerage. It has the richest agricultural soils on the planet, the greatest natural resources, easily accessible ports to the sea on every side and thanks to the former presence of whitey he was nice enough to build rail and road transports across the country from one side to the other.

Here's a Eureka moment.

Buy a plane ticket. You could get one for what that leather jacket you are wearing costs.

I understand what trouble it is in Africa keeping the whites out. They sneak aboard cargo containers, smuggle themselves in lorries and drift in one-way flotillas to reach the shores. It is the dream of every white person in the world to sneak into Africa and drive a taxi cab or even arrive on the shores so they can get on the welfare system. Once they are there, all they do is rape every black woman they can get their hands on and turn to robbery and drugs to support themselves. White bastards leeching off the black man's prosperity, they need to get some self-respect and try to make a go of it in their own country. If whitey doesn't have what it takes to even establish the rule of law in his own lands, what business does he think he has trying to creep into other people's countries? Shiftless, rotten whites always blaming their troubles in life on others when they are clearly self-inflicted. All whitey does is sit around enumerating his grievances against other races when if he was worth a damn he would focus on solving his own problems. Whitey thinks if he works on his apologetics to make them sufficiently convincing it won't be him with the problem.

That white bastard has never amounted to anything and he never will. For the past 100,000 years all he has done is try to get away from places where a majority of his own kind live and try to invade other people's nations. It is because he can't stand to live with his own kind. Whitey was born messed up and will never be able straighten himself out. The truth is, white people are just not equipped to live in modern industrial civilization. It is his lack of instincts and soul that leaves him so estranged from the natural world he has been unable to make use of domesticated animals and plants. His lack of understanding keeps him from ever developing agriculture above a subsistence level. Whites fail to solve problems, innovate and take advantage of opportunities which is why everything around them is always falling apart.

Bro fist to my soul sista on the bus. She nailed it. You know it's true.

No Neanderthal Genes = No Magic. Nobody who lacks Neanderthal genes will ever magically be able to make things better. Whites take it for granted but they themselves acquired these genes through rape and cannibalism. Pity the race that has no Neanderthals back in their woodpile for they are well and truly doomed.

War Is A Racket. Guess Who Is The Rube.

War is a business, like any business it has to turn a profit. You are not a stockholder. You are a tool in the factory where war is manufactured.

"They have plundered the world, stripping naked the land in their hunger… they are driven by greed, if their enemy be rich; by ambition, if poor… They ravage, they slaughter, they seize by false pretenses, and all of this they hail as the construction of empire. And when in their wake nothing remains but a desert, they call that peace."
- Tacitus (Roman Historian)

Melonhead Says : World Currency Within 5 Years

Now how on earth could he possibly know such an outrageous thing and say it with such confidence?

Because these serpent priests have been planning to launch a world currency for more than 100 years.

How many of these crises are manufactured? You'd be surprised. These guys don't hesitate to pour salt in any wound if they have the chance. They even bet on their own outcomes.

Smear and Slander Campaign Begins On Abbott

The shadow government has spoken.

Time for the hive to attack.

Tony Abbott has a problem with women? Hey, what a coincidence. We've got a woman who is a real problem.

I would like to see Tony Abbott throw Julia Gillard into a woodchipper after making a suitable pithy action-hero comment about her hair. If this is a democracy then the people have spoken.

Her puppeteers know the hag is completely used up now so they are going to start to focus on her possible replacements, attempting to smear them with whatever baseless slurs they can dream up and put into print. Tony Abbott makes people nervous because he is a simple bloke with a simple way of speaking. You can vote for whoever you want in our "democracy" as long as they are candidates first vetted by our elites and part of the vetting process means making sure that all candidates talk confusing, empty jargon without ever saying anything. This means Abbott is not on their list of acceptable quislings.

I can understand Abbott and so does the rest of Australia.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Great Melonheads in Cinema #1

A Politician Who Actually Makes Sense

I can't see this guy getting elected again in the Kwanstain by going around telling people the truth. It is a very unpopular political position. He's an impressive man all around and that is something you cannot say about politicians as a rule. His generation is passing away and being replaced by people who never make any sense on any subject.

Attack in October?

Suckpoop Joe is in a position to know, a quisling with his head so far up zionist ass he has not had a breath of fresh air in twenty years. Of all the shabbas goy, this one has his nose pressed closest to the fecal chute, so his information here is likely derived from conversations with people inside the government over there. If this is the case, we could have ourselves a merry little nuclear war roaring along by Christmas. There's nothing quite like the refreshing tangy smell of cobalt-60 carried on a winter breeze. Suckpoop Joe will be much nearer to God at that point, carried in the high troposphere as a thin ash to be deposited in the oceans and serve as a starter culture for green algae somewhere. Under Noahide law this makes him a good gentile.

Review Of Barry Soetoro's Bizarre Criminal Career

Nobody should make the mistake of assuming I support any of the other candidates, either. That's just good cop/bad cop fake dichotomy. I think they are all scum except Ron Paul and Alan Keyes. Barry Soetoro's entire life is a lie, right down to the submolecular level.

Modern Medicine Is A Baby-Grinding Abattoir

This is becoming a very common type of genocide in the Kwanstain. Doctors tell parents it is time to get their child vaccinated. Their child is permanently crippled/killed/rendered brain dead. Authorities tell police it could not possibly have been the vaccine, parents are prosecuted for child abuse. So we could say doctors are so monstrous that first they murder the children and then they murder the grieving parents or send them to prison for the rest of their lives. Life under Stalin in the Soviet Union was a picnic compared to this hellhole.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shelter Super Weapons On A Budget

Been wondering if this was possible for a while - this guy built one of the most powerful MASERs ever on a shoestring budget with spare parts! While eggheads argued over dialectics, this guy rolled up his sleeves, dug in and built one with surplus!

No moving parts. No ammo to reload. Nothing but electricity and will fry an egg out to a kilometer in a couple of seconds.

This is what you want for those VOS Turrets. Zero maintenance, ready to fire in milliseconds, no recoil, no brass to expend. Bookmark this idea.

Holocene Ends With Western Civilization

The coming Ice Age catches our declining era completely unawares. This final blow by climate to a waning empire has been dealt many times in human history. It happened to the Sumerians, the Aztecs, The Greeks, The Romans and many others.

The historical evidence shows that things were already lurching to one side. Things were already falling apart. Then suddenly the climate changed and that was the death stroke. They lacked the strength to adapt or change rapidly and their civilization was swept into the rubbish bin forever. You hear of the invasions by their enemies, the sacking of Rome ... but many of these things happen because nature abhors a vaccuum. Their enemies rushed in to take what was unguarded, the former empire being too weak to even organize much in the way of opposition.

This is why Marcus Aurelius devoted his life to securing the border of Rome. He knew if he could get the periphery under control and push back the barbarians this would buy time for them to reform and think of solutions to their problems. He spent his remaining years in vain to this end.

Friday, August 17, 2012

IDE for C++ Development Cross-Platform

I will tell you about something very incredible if you are a C++ developer interested in targeting different embedded hardware around x86 architecture.

Do you know how people are always talking about cross-platform development and easy porting to multiple targets? Everybody has a different strategy they advocate. Most of them involve expensive proprietary solutions at some point.

To combine Open Watcom with the CodeBlocks IDE, you will need to follow the instructions on this page. You could require other small tweaks in your project to get it all to work correctly, but it is worth it.

Once you are working in Watcom with CodeBlocks, you now have a full featured IDE with intellisense, a compliant C++ language library and the ability to write out to five different targets from the same compiler:
  1. DOS-Real Mode, DOS-16, DOS-32
  2. Windows 32
  3. Linux
  4. FreeBSD
  5. QNX
Once you have your targets set up, you simply switch the target preference and press "Build."

The libraries inside of WATCOM are all cross-platform for all of the targets above.

If you look here, you will find a sockets library that is identical for all the platforms above, you need only switch the library to be built with the target. Pretty cool, right? These are the underpinnings of my portable web server in Vault-OS.

Of course, a really perfect solution would not only have a web server built-in along with all resources, if it was really cool it would have a web browser itself built into the solution, so any instance of the application would both act as server and client all in one bundle, hopefully to travel on a floppy. (In a perfect world). Any instance could talk to and manipulate any other instance. This is what I am working towards.

Home Security In "The Big Lebowski"

The Dude has minions and nihilists walking into his apartment the entire movie and kicking his ass, stealing his carpet, throwing ferrets at him, smashing his stereo. So he finally decides to do something about it. He spends about an hour hammering a stop to the floor as a brace for a chair under the knob. It looks pretty solid, probably foolproof.

Big Lebowski Door Reinforcement Procedure

I laugh harder at this scene every time I see it. It is kind of like DUMB AND DUMBER, where the first time I saw the movie I thought it was just kind of silly and juvenile ... and the tenth time I saw it, I considered it brilliant cinema.

Remember this principle when you are reinforcing your house against intruders.

Basic Survival In A Nuclear Disaster

A very good primer on some basic practice when you are in a contaminated environment.

If you're living in a windstream connected to Fukushima, you should be following this advice already.

Get Ready For A Run On the Banks

Looks like they are going to dip into deposits to pay off their bills very soon, exactly as they did in the 1930's when it began to hit the fan.

Your money wasn't "safe" in a "safe" deposit box in 1929. The banks used the master keys to open them all. Most people were never recompensed a dime when they were cleaned out by their local bankers. The big mistake I would caution against is storing precious metals anywhere near a bank.

Nixon was a Dick

You are living in a dreamworld if you think that your nation is under the rule of law. It isn't. It is a bolshevist oligarchy and it was slipped in right under your nose. For those of you who never understood how it happened in Russia in 1917, now you know ... firsthand.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Terminator Technology Coming Online

The capacity to duplicate the human face so realistically you will not realize you are speaking to a machine.

Luckily, it will only be used in amusement parks or for benign purposes. Keep believin' rube.

Doomsday Business Booms Like Never Before

As usual, I'm not making any profit, despite having passed more brain cells in my last bowel movement than most of these people have in their entire heads. If profit was my motive, I'm sure I'd be making some at this point.

Really bugs me when people do the exact same thing other people have been advocating for years but they qualify it by saying "Okay, but I'm not one of those nuts. I'm doing the exact same thing because I see the writing on the wall." Well, you really got the jump on the rest of us, ace. Remember, all of those people raising the alarm earlier were irrational and crazy but when you get around to doing it, it is a function of your levelheadedness. That's good to know.

Have you seen Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic? They must have had to eliminate thousands of people in order to cull it down to just those nuts you see on the show. I bet they passed up ten thousand better adjusted people making realistic preps so they could do the segment on the guy dressed in buckskins like Daniel Boone who thinks he will feed his children roadkill to survive the Apocalypse. He was practicing in the backyard with his throwing stick. I think your throwing stick may not do so well against the 700 million guns owned by Americans. Jest sayin' is all.

"Civilization" is the History of Psychosis

Since psychotics nearly always end with self-destruction, this means that all civilizations end in self-destruction which is the evidence of history.

I thought there was something wrong with almost all of my leaders in the military. Not all of them. Just 3/4 of them. I thought there was something wrong, in spite of their having insignia and important looking ribbons on their uniforms and the bearing of aristocrats. I felt there was something wrong with them.

They claimed they were the leadership because of their leadership qualities. I didn't see it. I thought, most of these guys, they have something wrong with them. I noticed the man who works desperately for the trappings of authority is the person with the deepest feelings of inferiority. Most of the time, these feelings are well-founded in reality. If you're inferior, unstable and subject to the slavery of your own impulses, you really have no other choice in life than to get some kind of artificial rank or authority in life to keep others from saying this about you out loud.

Eventually a person born unworthy will work their way up into the highest echelons of responsibility and herein they acquire the capacity to destroy everything around them.

You probably think this is hypothethical. One of the officers I hated most in the military was actually in charge of security and counter-terrorism in a critical capacity on 9-11. He had to appear in front of the House Committee to try to explain how on earth they had managed to miss it all, most of it right under his nose. He was one of the key people to recognize something was going on in the United States before the attack. The evidence was overwhelming, it was impossible not to have noticed it.

I never liked that asshole. I always had a feeling he'd rise high after he got out in the ranks of the elite. He made it clear that this was all he was striving for in life and I reckoned he'd achieve that kind of control sooner or later.

I always thought there was something about this dude that just wasn't right. I had a feeling he'd be part of something really ugly later in life. He was truly an asshole, not only others could see it but you had the feeling this guy was well aware of it himself ... he was always struggling to prove others wrong about him. I don't think anybody was wrong about him.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ebola Cobras

There's a direct-to-DVD movie in all this somewhere.

24 They shall be burnt with hunger, and devoured with burning heat, and with bitter destruction: I will also send the teeth of beasts upon them, with the poison of serpents of the dust.

Deuteronomy 24

Mangoo Smoothie Death Squads Activated

They are commandment breakers. It is in their nature. 

This is what is considered tolerance by these people. They are natural tyrants and there is no equality or peace with such men, all their lives are conflict and rage and mood swings and grievances and revulsions and murder and bloodshed.

Don't believe anybody else because they are all telling you everything but the truth for a myriad of reasons. I just told you the truth right there right now. All that other stuff you have heard is nothing but human lies.

How could they ever live peacefully with others when they are born at war with themselves?

Baby Daddy Truck

If you don't laugh at this, I give up.

This is what was missing from Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY movie. They needed a mobile testing lab to determine who had fathered what.

Dysgenics. It's what's for dinner.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kindling Wood Empire : One Match Ends It

When you build a fantasy world on paper, you can't really be too shocked when the time comes for it to burn.

Underestimating Chinese intelligence is just another mistake made by the U.S. in a litany of errors.

Asia doesn't want ZOGBux or bonds or anything made of cellulose from the West. They see it all as toxic and infected reality that could hamper the health and security of their own country by sucking it down into the mythical land of financial products.

Like all empires throughout human history the Kwanstain has become a self-fueling solipsist dream where the source of it's "greatness" is it's "greatness." They don't have anything left but testimonials and platitudes. Sooner or later somebody points out ... it isn't all that great any more. It only takes one idiot saying aloud the Emperor has no clothes and before you know it everybody is laughing. Since the value of their currency is directly yoked to people not laughing at them, this means their currency at that moment is valued at zero.

I knew there was something wrong in my country from about the age of eight. Don't bother asking how I knew. We Neanderthals are a sensitive, cluey breed who have deep instincts and heightened foresight that Homo Sapiens never had and never will. We can feel things in our bones and in our substance. We are paying attention. I would bet you that there isn't a single 'Thal who grew up in America in the past forty years who would not know something of what I am talking about. You're sitting there telling yourself I'm crazy and every other single person of my tribe has the same hunches in their gut for the same reasons about the same things. Your race lives for a million years on the earth you're gonna pick these extra faculties up. Do you know what the thing is about me that is different from others of my kind? I can articulate these things. I can describe them and convey the impressions. Lots of people like me can't find the words but that doesn't mean that they have not known all along just like me that something was askew. I can remember being at some football game at my high school when I was 15 or thereabouts and my mind drifted off the unbelievably boring chimpmanzee antics on the field. I distinctly remember looking at everybody in the bleachers and thinking the foundation of the country had already eroded away. Even then, I knew it was only the outer shell of appearances that remained. The meat and sinews had hollowed out from a secret cancer. I claim the same virtue as Nietszche - I can smell the corruption much earlier than other men.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fact : Decline Era Governments Attract The Scum of The Earth

It is simply a function of power coupled with what is perceived to be carte blanche. It is every sociopath and psychopath's dream to get a job like that. It is extremely common for such people to be severely maladjusted sexually and generally damaged goods masquerading as stalwarts. Same goes for the priesthood. Given enough time, priesthoods attract vicious depraved scum to their ranks and before you know it anybody who was sincere is pushed out.

The Post Office is a perfect example. The average Pony Express rider could not get a job at the Post Office today. It is packed with ratty, greasy thugs who discourage anybody decent getting employment there. Neanderthals need not apply. Nor anybody interested in doing any meaningful productive work or problem solving.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Science Fail : Confusing Cause With Effect

All the important work happens on the perimeter nowadays. The university system is trailing so far behind the cutting edge of what is going on that many of their conclusions sound like echoes from the 17th century. The argument has passed them by. They are in the wake of the real intellectual power curve.

Sucks to be them. Genetics beats a fistful of degrees any day of the week. Sorry fellas but it's all about the hardware you're running on, not the software. Your degree won't help you much to keep up with the evolution in ideas. They are gradually becoming irrelevant.

Blame the internet for stealing the authority and control over information away from academia. Once information is disseminated and available widely it becomes all about native intelligence. It doesn't matter what kind of letters you have after your name. Right now there is some dude who lives with his parents in Brooklyn who knows more about the relationship between magnetic reversals and earth changes than most of you academics would be able to absorb if you had another ten lifetimes to do so. Some people just have better brains than you do and there isn't much social engineering you can do to work around that. Pity most of these people are driven more by vanity than enthusiasm for the subject that they got their degree in.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Best & The Brightest : The Nut At Vault-Co Is Right

They're all piling in, standing hip to hip in private shelters constructed by executive corporations all across the planet everywhere you look. Price is no object and nothing is too over-the-top for the world's noveau rich, who seem convinced that something wicked this way comes.

Wait, what about the slack-jawed peasants in the trailer parks with the shell-shocked expressions on their faces in their lounge chairs and the beer frozen in their hand? What are they supposed to do? Weren't you just telling these people for the past decade that they should under no circumstances take fringe idiots like that guy at Vault-Co seriously? How do you explain a position reversal of this magnitude without losing all your credibility altogether?

Easy. They never meant for the unwashed and the unclean to survive. It was always about their survival. Not the peasants. As far as you are concerned, you should keep paying those tax revenues and going to your meaningless day job. They may still need to do some renovations before itz getz here and they need every penny that can be pried.

The rest of you keep waiting for those rainbow ponies to arrive towing cauldrons of magic stew. The globalist paradise is right around the corner. That's why they are all vanishing underground and welding the hatches shut from the inside. You fellows keep up the good fight here topside and let us know how all that turns out.

Bolshevism II : Dominatrix Porn

Crazed Lesbian Gestapo goes psychotic during business hours on evil males

Flakes, whackos, cranks and lunatics. Bolshevists never change.

Bolshevism never changes. It's always madmen shrieking that it is all for your own good. Then they kill everybody using the power of the State.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A True Secular Utopia

I'm just glad we did away with all that faith in a Supreme Being and other rubbish. Who needs it? We'll just rely on man's better angels to keep civilization together. 

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results each time.

Near the end of the Roman Empire, the hardest of the hardcore atheists was frantically scrambling to reinstate religious ceremonies and observances. People who had advocated the secular worldview all their lives donated huge sums of their own money to try to rebuild the temples and restore the monuments of deities. Why do you think that was?

They had seen the animal man begin to remove his mask. That's why. They had begun to see what was behind that mask. They crapped their togas and cartwheeled their arms desperately trying to bring back what they had been instrumental in destroying. All too little, too late of course. They had gotten exactly what they claimed they wanted. As the shadows of the mob surrounded them with their long knives, they cried out to appeal to their "better natures." Then they were lost in the sea of blades and sliced to ribbons.

I was an atheist for sixteen years. I was temporary treasurer for the New York Secular Humanists Society until a certified accountant could be found to replace me. (I could only access the account with the signatures of two chairmen but still, it shows you I was considered a solid member in standing.)



Nobody showed up and those who did got arrested for not smiling.

Britain is a dump. If it broke off and fell into the Atlantic they should sue the survivors for attempting to dispose of garbage on the sea floor. You wouldn't kennel a dog in this dystopian police state and the dog would sue you for animal cruelty if you did. Another victory for gun control. By the time people realize they actually needed the guns the government took away from them, it's too late to do anything about it.

I'd say that I'm amazed that nobody ever learned from the example of Carthage but then I remember I am probably part of the last 1% of the human race who know anything about human history. It's down to me, my son and some guy who lives with his parents in New Jersey. Everybody else on the planet doesn't know about anything that happened more than 15 minutes ago.

Arresting a man for not smiling while watching a bike race. That's some creepy, disturbing news right there.

Anyway, the entire Olympics this year is a joke, it's a bunch of empty seats and illiterate retards fighting over sports equipment on the field. Shades of IDIOCRACY.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kwanstainia : 3000 Mile Wide Bosnia In The Works

It is really tanking now. A lot of people hanging by threads don't even have threads anymore.

The guffamint keeps up with the yada yada yada and it's all just blather and hot air. Marxists can't make things better. That's why they embrace Marxism. Everything they touch turns to crap and then they tell you a longwinded story about how it's just your perception that needs fixing. You aren't eating babymeat, they explain. That's high grade protein in a form our ancestors would envy and we are actually better fed than any generation. The chocolate ration has increased and we also have choices and freedom means being able to choose between different consumer goods on offer as opposed to doubleplus ungood non-freedom. Imagine a world where we could only use one brand of soap made by Proctor & Gamble pretending to be different brands of soap. Oh wait. Anyhow, shut up and eat your babyslice and soylent green biscuits.



Of course, if he has nothing to hide, let the world see his college records.

Here's the problem.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Cointel Not What It Used To Be

Even the simpletons in the press were able to trace this guy directly back to his psy-ops handlers. Poor. Just poor execution and planning.

They steered this guy into psy-ops before they discharged him so they could rinse him and set him up as a sleeper cell to support their disarmament program. These guys never let a good resource go to waste if they can help it. Somebody identified him as unstable and they fast-tracked him in his last year into the memetic assassin program.

What is weird is that they did almost the exact same thing with me in my last year of service. I guess they must have figured I was too retarded to invest any time in at some point. Once again, severe retardation comes to my rescue. You can talk about your casual absentmindedness all you want but for me there is no cloak of obscurity as effective as playing the retard. It preserves you from all kinds of predation in life. Who bothers with a retard? When in doubt, slouch and dribble. It is like taking an invisibility pill when you are around the humans.

Angleton Was Right

This was alleged for the past seventy years, that one family in Europe was responsible at the root for most of the compromises of security in the Western world. Ironically, when James Jesus Angleton suggested this at the CIA he was laughed to scorn. He frequently told his confidants that the real intelligence breaches were being masterminded by this old family in Europe. Everybody said, "Angleton has truly lost his mind. Time for the old fossil to retire. Now he is talking conspiracy buff gibberish that is going to get him committed."

Angleton believed that the Freemasons were controlling the intelligence apparatus of both countries and for this reason he never trusted anybody again no matter how highly placed they were in either nation. At one point Angleton told his superiors he would only report to the President himself and then warned them that future Presidents would be plants who were being groomed at that time for the office. Angleton brought forward the long stay of Bill Clinton in Russia as an example of this training program that was getting candidates ready for office up to twenty years in advance. Not long after he was put out to pasture and widely considered to be a once remarkable agent who had gone off the deep end.

In retrospect, James Jesus Angleton was the one and only person who ever worked at the CIA who figured out what was really going on in the world. In terms of competency, Angleton was the best and the brightest person who ever worked there.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Open Discussion In The Stain Of Making War On The Citizens Themselves

Interesting stuff the U.S. Government works on nowadays - if they worked as hard at defending the country from threats outside it, we might not have had 9-11.

Using taxpayer funds to discuss how you will exterminate taxpayers. That's why we call it Kwanstainia.

Notice how the Constitution and Posse Comitatus have gone out the window along with the rule of law.

A nation with an average IQ in double-digits cannot maintain the rule of law. Period.

This stuff has lost the ability to shock us. We are no longer surprised at anything these idiots do.

What would really be justice is for ZOGBux to collapse at the end of this year. Awesome. That will be the end of the evil empire. They like to pretend they can make people accept their monopoly paper as money but they can't. A printing press is just a printing press and shortly there is going to be laughter at what has been rolling off of theirs. It would be the best solution for the evil empire and the easiest road for the rest of the world if they slide into a genteel poverty from which they never recover. It will be best long term for the planet and everybody in it. With the end of this paper tiger many millions of influential people will start to think about it all for the first time in their lives and plenty of people are bound to reevaluate everything they believe to be true. The curtain has to lift and everybody has to see the pitiful little man behind it who pretends to be Oz The Great and Terrible. These are shabby, sorry little psychopaths who will never do the right thing and kill themselves unless they are forced to look into the mirror at their own hideous reflections. They are monsters by birth and it needs to be made so obvious that nobody can deny it anymore. That all begins with the collapse of their fake money power.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

In Soviet Russia, All People Knew That Pravda Was A State-Run Propaganda Newspaper

Guess who is running the United States. They control what stories are published and what stories are not published, making most of the mainstream media completely irrelevant for information. Most of them have never had real day jobs and only the most fleeting contact with the outside world.

In the last days of the Roman Empire, marriages were legally binding between men and boys, adults and children, men and goats, men and their horses or cattle, women and swans, women and trees. Legal rights were granted to the "spouses" that choked the Roman courts with cases where the man who got the goat who survived the death of his "husband" claimed to be entitled to that man's inheritance. Women sued their swans for divorce. The Emperor Nero celebrated his honeymoon in front of the centurion guard by deflowering his horse as she wore a veil in public. All the while as they feasted in their orgies and drunken revels of madness, the northern armies of the Visigoths and Mongols were organizing under frustrated mercenaries to invade and sack the city of Rome. They spoke of the city as a ripe plumb to be plucked with great wealth everywhere and no sane person to safeguard it. They talked to each other of fat perfumed sodomites running through the streets chasing geese for sexual pleasure and expected little to no organized resistance of any kind once they got inside the city walls. They were right. They were hardened barbarian warriors conducting a raid on what constituted a large open air mental asylum.

This was a pretty big story. Any honest media would have covered it. Lines going around the corner all over the country. Stalin never dreamed of such power, to create un-persons and completely eliminate any news from the front page as he saw fit to support his agenda, whatever it happened to be that week. Remember people came out to support Chick-Fil-A when few of them could really afford to do so.

The mainstream media creates reality and then tells you that the real world is mere hearsay. 

These people lie constantly, about everything. If Ahmadinejad had called for the destruction of Israel, we'd gleefully report it here on Vault-Co as more proof the planet is marching towards Armageddon at the hands of madmen everywhere. In fact, he never said any such thing. Ahmadinejad has stated repeatedly that Israel is a doomed nation because nobody wants to live there and nobody cares enough about it to keep it from simply becoming a ghost town. Good, bad, whatever that statement may signify, it sure as hell is not a call to "destroy Israel." Ahmadinejad said for the second time that the civilized world must turn their back on this pariah nation and watch as it crumbles from simple neglect. Nary a mention of any kind about making war on it or physically destroying it. Every time Israel lies they damage their own credibility over and over again, so stop lying Israel. You increasingly look like a bunch of criminal buffoons in comparison with Ahmadinejad and that is saying a lot since Ahmadinejad is a prominent criminal buffoon in the Middle East himself. The more shrill you become, the less anybody is interested in listening. Try telling the truth for a change, except the truth is that if one nation in the Middle East can pursue a nuclear deterrent then it cannot deny the same right to other countries around it.

Gore Vidal Dead At 86

A brilliant man who knew exactly what was going on and still managed to make a living telling people they were doomed beyond all hope.

You have to admire somebody who knows perfectly well what is happening and still finds the motivation to write about it.

The reason I respect him is that he was absolutely honest and open about his homosexuality and it truly had nothing to do with his politics. Expressed the notion frequently that militant homosexuals were clearly out to destroy Western civilization and never offered any apologetics for their actions. If there was a writer and thinker of equal caliber who was heterosexual, I'm not aware of him. It takes a certain kind of masculinity to say what you really think out loud and most of the "heterosexuals" in the 'Stain don't have it. Many comparisons between he and Bill Sobran are pointless - Bill Sobran was never the writer that Gore Vidal was. Gore Vidal, H.L. Mencken and Hunter S. Thompson were three of the greatest writers that the United State has ever produced and they are all gone as of today.

This guy was much brighter than most of his audience and was well aware of it. I hope he found forgiveness and repentance near the end of his life.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ATOMIC WAR ... Preliminary Grabs

If you look here, I have some preliminary screenshots from ATOMIC WAR. It is looking pretty good but there are a lot of problems with the visuals and gameplay to be sorted out. I would say it is about a beta version or thereabouts. I think I had to get it all working and displaying correctly in order to finetune it and look at feedback from my playtesters. Going to be excellent when it is ready.