Thursday, August 2, 2012

In Soviet Russia, All People Knew That Pravda Was A State-Run Propaganda Newspaper

Guess who is running the United States. They control what stories are published and what stories are not published, making most of the mainstream media completely irrelevant for information. Most of them have never had real day jobs and only the most fleeting contact with the outside world.

In the last days of the Roman Empire, marriages were legally binding between men and boys, adults and children, men and goats, men and their horses or cattle, women and swans, women and trees. Legal rights were granted to the "spouses" that choked the Roman courts with cases where the man who got the goat who survived the death of his "husband" claimed to be entitled to that man's inheritance. Women sued their swans for divorce. The Emperor Nero celebrated his honeymoon in front of the centurion guard by deflowering his horse as she wore a veil in public. All the while as they feasted in their orgies and drunken revels of madness, the northern armies of the Visigoths and Mongols were organizing under frustrated mercenaries to invade and sack the city of Rome. They spoke of the city as a ripe plumb to be plucked with great wealth everywhere and no sane person to safeguard it. They talked to each other of fat perfumed sodomites running through the streets chasing geese for sexual pleasure and expected little to no organized resistance of any kind once they got inside the city walls. They were right. They were hardened barbarian warriors conducting a raid on what constituted a large open air mental asylum.

This was a pretty big story. Any honest media would have covered it. Lines going around the corner all over the country. Stalin never dreamed of such power, to create un-persons and completely eliminate any news from the front page as he saw fit to support his agenda, whatever it happened to be that week. Remember people came out to support Chick-Fil-A when few of them could really afford to do so.

The mainstream media creates reality and then tells you that the real world is mere hearsay. 

These people lie constantly, about everything. If Ahmadinejad had called for the destruction of Israel, we'd gleefully report it here on Vault-Co as more proof the planet is marching towards Armageddon at the hands of madmen everywhere. In fact, he never said any such thing. Ahmadinejad has stated repeatedly that Israel is a doomed nation because nobody wants to live there and nobody cares enough about it to keep it from simply becoming a ghost town. Good, bad, whatever that statement may signify, it sure as hell is not a call to "destroy Israel." Ahmadinejad said for the second time that the civilized world must turn their back on this pariah nation and watch as it crumbles from simple neglect. Nary a mention of any kind about making war on it or physically destroying it. Every time Israel lies they damage their own credibility over and over again, so stop lying Israel. You increasingly look like a bunch of criminal buffoons in comparison with Ahmadinejad and that is saying a lot since Ahmadinejad is a prominent criminal buffoon in the Middle East himself. The more shrill you become, the less anybody is interested in listening. Try telling the truth for a change, except the truth is that if one nation in the Middle East can pursue a nuclear deterrent then it cannot deny the same right to other countries around it.


jim said...

Props to you sir. One of my most looked towards reads in all the blogosphere is yours.

jim said...

Props to you sir. One of the my favorite blogs is yours. Always look forward to reading it.

JimBob said...

Russia Today uses anti-white.

Falling Through Cracks: Anti-white discrimination on rise in South Africa

JimBob said...

Gay Chick-fil-A Protesters Bully Homeless Man Reading Bible

I wonder how much people will take from the left, before they rise up.

JimBob said...

Federal Government planning war on the Tea Party (White people) and discussing it openly.