Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Have Been Saying This My Entire Life To Scorn

Hard science, big samples, control groups.

Smoking cannabis makes you retarded and lowers your IQ permanently

Teens who smoke dope grow up to be morons with no saving throw against brain damage.

I always knew it! It doesn't matter what anybody ever said to me. I knew it!

I said it in the military and everybody in the room laughed at me.

I said it at work in the lunchroom and everybody laughed at me.

I said it on usenet and everybody on the thread laughed at me.

I said it on forums and on BBS lists and everybody there laughed at me.

I've said it to people with joints hanging out of their mouths and they laughed at me as they inhaled.

I've said it to people with the bong in front of them.

They've said to me, you're just afraid. You're scared of drugs. What harm could it do you to try a little?

I've told them, it's because I've got a lot to lose. Ten points off your IQ won't matter much either way and nobody will be able to tell the difference. Ten points off my IQ I can never get back is a really big deal. I will be damaged goods. God gave me my neurochemistry and if I deliberately harm it I will have committed a sin. It's all I can do to get my brain to stay sharp as it is, the last thing I need to do is smoke dope.

One could make the argument that my sleep cycles and depression have done me as much brain damage as smoking dope might've done and they'd probably be right. The thing is, all those things have been outside my control and I have not wanted these afflictions, they were forced on me.

Another thing is, some mornings after 10 hours of sleep I feel like my old self again. With these drugs I don't think it works that way. This kind of brain damage doesn't get fixed by some rest or vitamins.


Rowan said...

Just encase you didn't know, depression and insomnia are auto-immune conditions. I've completely cured both with an anti-inflammatory diet and a large amount of supplementation. I also recommend Tyrosine(dopamine precursor), 5-HTP (Serotonin precursor) be popped like candy for a while.

Michelle said...

Unknown said...

Why would a god create a plant that can be consumed that would show positive medicinal properties while reducing cognitive potential. Live long and be dumb, or die young of not normal conditions while abstaining from a freaking plant. What kind of god does this choice of you can have an abundance of health while being stupid, or you can be smart but unhealthy with all sorts of unnatural diseases.

I'm convinced that marijuana does have some anti cancer properties, just as broccoli, tomatoes, and other vegetation has show medicinal properties, but god chose potatoes and mary jane to make us healthy and stupid??!?

Matthew Richter said...

Tex, only 5% of the subjects had an eight or so point drop in IQ. I agree however, pot smoking for 'pleasure' turns people into lethargic sloths who tend to over think, by this I mean they become incapable of following simple instructions without becoming all creative and thinking they have a better method. Ever been in the same room as a Bong-Head who has run out of Pot and can’t score? They become insane with rage. I think pot is ok for ‘creative pursuits’, composing music, painting and sculpture for example. Pot is a dangerous drug when mixed with machine operation or anything that requires a method being followed to the T.

I think most of us can agree that smoking pot just for the sake of smoking pot is going to interfere if not ruin a persons life. I’m convinced that industrial usage of hemp fibres and seed oils should be expanded and even replace crude oils for plastics, various lubricants and packaging oh I just remembered ‘they’ now want to tax consumers for packaging.

I've met many people who actually operate on pot, I mean people who are married with kids who hold down decent jobs and are plodding along paying their houses off and raising their kids in a civilised fashion and it is always the least likely people. The reaction of pot is hit and miss, if someone is smart and logical they may try pot for a while until they reach the point of , ‘Yes this is the augmentation I’ve been looking for’ or ‘No this is sending me on a downward spiral’. Smart people make logical decisions.

hitfan said...

I've seen walking caricatures of stoners firsthand while I was in college, which was enough to tell me that marijuana is not nearly as harmless as it's proponents claim it to be. We get constantly told that there is no scientific evidence that pot causes brain damage, but it's hard to prove or disprove without a double-blind study. But according to the article, they actually measured IQ across a wide spectrum of individuals during their lifetimes. So it confirms my personal anecdotes of my conversations with braindead marijuana users.

So if this study is true, then prohibition is obviously justified on public health concerns. I wouldn't criminalize users, perhaps if they went into rehab and testing they could get an automatic pardon. Drug dealers should suffer more than a slap on the wrist like this, of course.

But then, pot is so ingrained into youth culture and counterculture that maintaining the drug war in that regard might not be worth the effort. The cynic in me just wants to legalize it in the same manner as tobacco so that governments can obtain a steady stream of revenue from the potheads.

Texas Arcane said...

I still fully support legalization. I think if people want to smoke rat poison or arsenic then nobody should try to protect them from themselves.

I think drug users should only be incarcerated for the things they do to buy drugs, offenses against other people's lives, liberty or property. Remember if it is legal the price of drugs will plummet. What usually happens in places like Amsterdam is these people only end up hurting themselves. Sure it's tragic, life is full of tragedy but legalization means you are essentially placing strict limits on what damage drug addicts can do to our society.

I never thought I would say this but I believe we should get rid of all drug laws and return to the turn of the century when you could buy heroin at the corner drug store. You can buy formaldehyde at the drug store which is just as poisonous and dangerous for a person.

theepilgrim said...

the study showed no IQ-lowering correlation in people who started after 18.

also, it only shows a correlation not causation: if those who showed lower IQs also started doing meth or drinking heavily, for example, I'd say that's important info that's missing from this study, wouldn't you?

one thing marijuana has been proven to do is increase brain function in the right-hemisphere.

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