Friday, August 17, 2012

Home Security In "The Big Lebowski"

The Dude has minions and nihilists walking into his apartment the entire movie and kicking his ass, stealing his carpet, throwing ferrets at him, smashing his stereo. So he finally decides to do something about it. He spends about an hour hammering a stop to the floor as a brace for a chair under the knob. It looks pretty solid, probably foolproof.

Big Lebowski Door Reinforcement Procedure

I laugh harder at this scene every time I see it. It is kind of like DUMB AND DUMBER, where the first time I saw the movie I thought it was just kind of silly and juvenile ... and the tenth time I saw it, I considered it brilliant cinema.

Remember this principle when you are reinforcing your house against intruders.


ray said...

i also was thinking about t.b.l. today -- the nihilists, in fact, and also how sophisticated the film is .... comedy is hard, esp to combine w/serious themes

the nihilists are played up against our preconceptions -- threatening phone calls, nazi inflections, potential kidnapping, roaring away on cycles into the distance... perhaps hells angels

they turn out to be incompetent dorks, just like in real life w the atheists etc

they even fight like 3rd grade girls lol

like donnie's fate, it pays off brilliantly, our expectations are shattered comedically

theres more to that film than is eye met, cheers

JimBob said...

Banksters & The End Of Cash

Mint Chip, a chip you can implant under your skin, so you can buy stuff. The prophecy is coming true.

Texas Arcane said...

Ray -

I feel the same way. It took about ten years before TBL got cult status. The first time I saw it I thought it was just a film trying to glorify stoners, after seeing it several times I think it was a pretty complex comedy with a lot of deeper themes running through it.

There is actually a church now called "Church of the Latter Dude" with 150,000 members. Sometimes midnight showings of TBL are sold out a week in advance. People come dressed as the dude.

In some ways this film is a kind of in-your-face rejection of all the crap our society says is important. The dude just doesn't care and seems to live very happily on the most minimal income without any concerns.

I don't approve of the drug use implied but I do like the Dude's attitude. Twenty years ago I probably would never have said such a thing. I would have said the guy was a bum. Now I kind of salute his slipping through ZOG without really being impacted by it, no debts, carefree and indifferent. My father was not a bum but he shared a lot in common with the Dude by really not caring about all this stuff and instead being focused on enjoying life. I wish I had listened to him at a younger age - i.e. joining the army out of a sense of obligation to the 'Stain, all that sh*t was just throwing fuel on a fire that had already claimed my house. Ask not what you can do for your country - your country is run as a plantation from the outside. Ask what your country can do for you. The time that anybody should sacrifice for the Kwa is long ended. Any service you render that rotten nation is going not to your own kin group but rather somebody else's.

Everyone in the 'stain should look after their friends, family and immediate community and totally abdicate from ZOG the way the Dude has.

JimBob said...

Nice explanation Tex. They are not loyal to us, so why be loyal to them?

Texas Arcane said...

I am reminded of the three card monte games I used to see in New York. A bunch of people stand around pretending to be tourists acting as if something exciting and interesting is going on here. They pretend to talk about the game and behave as though this is a real big chance to make some easy money.

What if everybody just walked past them and completely ignored them? What if people refused all credit and kept their money in a safe at home, never used banks and never took any usury loans at interest, only paid in cash? There would be beanybaby bodies piled in the streets three stories high dead from starvation in a month. See what I am talking about? The Dude has the right idea.

Just don't look. Just don't look. That Simpsons episode has a great jingle.

My father actually told me all these things before the age of 18, I just wasn't listening. This is why the fifth commandment in the Bible is so important. Respect your mother and father - listen to their advice. They know much more than you think they do.

ray said...

I don't approve of the drug use implied but I do like the Dude's attitude

it's (mostly) passive resistance in the face of overwhelming evil (la stainistan)

we see that mask of evil in the first scene (checkout woman's face, for which dude "writes a check" dated 9/11)

agree on drugs, v bad -- but necessary to that film's authenticity, as it was eg to tyler durden's activities

n. young's got a line about this: "I'll hold what you have to give me/but I'll use what I have to use"

Twenty years ago I probably would never have said such a thing

most people stop growing/learning in their twenties/thirties . . . it's just too painful and discomfiting

the 9/11 predictive aspect of both lebowski and fight club show theyre deeply connected to the collective unconscious, and also that "historical events" are far less random and "unattached" than folks want to believe

i started to miss/appreciate my dad about 20 years after he died

in another 20 years, if God allowed it, the stain will have wiped out fatherhood altogether. . . and masculinity itself, to be sure

. . . and that's what both films were really about, and that's what 9/11 was really about, too


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