Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gore Vidal Dead At 86

A brilliant man who knew exactly what was going on and still managed to make a living telling people they were doomed beyond all hope.

You have to admire somebody who knows perfectly well what is happening and still finds the motivation to write about it.

The reason I respect him is that he was absolutely honest and open about his homosexuality and it truly had nothing to do with his politics. Expressed the notion frequently that militant homosexuals were clearly out to destroy Western civilization and never offered any apologetics for their actions. If there was a writer and thinker of equal caliber who was heterosexual, I'm not aware of him. It takes a certain kind of masculinity to say what you really think out loud and most of the "heterosexuals" in the 'Stain don't have it. Many comparisons between he and Bill Sobran are pointless - Bill Sobran was never the writer that Gore Vidal was. Gore Vidal, H.L. Mencken and Hunter S. Thompson were three of the greatest writers that the United State has ever produced and they are all gone as of today.

This guy was much brighter than most of his audience and was well aware of it. I hope he found forgiveness and repentance near the end of his life.


deadman said...

Well, if one is to argue against militant homosexuality, then there is one simple question to ask first off and it has nothing to do with religion, but science instead :

If homosexuality is 'natural and normal', why then is it impossible for homosexuals to reproduce via homosexual means, when the only valid reason for sex is reproduction?

I'd say the politically motivated socialist activists of the last 50 years overlooked that one key instance.

- deadman.

hitfan said...

I'm only familiar with Gore Vidal's "The Meaning of Timothy McVeigh". Yes, he certainly had a way with words.

In this age of the Internet, I find it rather difficult to actually sit down and focus on a single book or tome. It's more interesting from my vantage point to browse the web for short articles or internet forum posts where I can look for those rare morsels of wit. In fact, if it weren't for my ADD-like reading habits, I wouldn't have found this blog in the first place.

Just before coming here, I found the following post on a forum for those who work in the music business:

Hell,I used to think that the conditions I grew up with (all the repression, injustices, destructivenesses, various and sundry stupidities and small-minded, idiotic bullcrap) were surely temporary-- vestiges of severely misguided leadership that inevitably would be over-run by simple common sense.......

It was a stunning, absolutely staggering revelation to realize... no, these conditions are the result of "institutionalized" madnesses that are continuously sustained by the demon hobgoblin of human nature and its vast spectrum of inspiring strengths and exploitable weaknesses.

A leftist/humanist who has come to the realization of the true cause of what ails us, and who expresses it rather nicely.

hitfan said...

"If homosexuality is 'natural and normal', why then is it impossible for homosexuals to reproduce via homosexual means, when the only valid reason for sex is reproduction?"

One must ask, why are the proscriptions against homosexuality so severe during the times of the Bronze Age, then they become liberalized in Greece and Rome, followed by another swing in the pendulum during the so-called Dark Ages?

Just look at the entire controversy regarding Chick-Fil-A and the militant homosexuals' plans to have a "kiss in" at their establishments. The militant homosexual is an outright sociopath. You can't even meekly declare that you favor traditional heterosexual marriage anymore.

I suspect that even if the entire world became homosexual and heterosexuality was banned outright, the extreme homosexuals would still not be satisfied and they would lash out violently against the more moderate elements of the homosexual population who just want to sheepishly get along.

I suspect that the rather extreme religious taboos and legal codifications against homosexuality that have existed in history were made in response to the inherent destructiveness that homosexuals can pose. Hatred against something doesn't just exist in a vacuum.

The pendulum is only swinging in favor of the homosexuals this time around because there is obviously no one alive to remember how decadent Rome had fallen in it's final days. We can shout "we fail to learn from history!" as much as we want, but there is no substitute for experience. I see the current destructive path that is ongoing as being inevitable. When society becomes so stable and secure, it will atrophy as a result of entropy as we're seeing now.

Texas Arcane said...

When you respect your ancestors, you realize they were probably better than our current generation ... and they still fall to these hordes of termites, barnacles and ticks during the second century of a civilization.

It's like trying to fight the wind or swinging at phantom shadows. You cannot change human nature and it is in the nature of humans to unravel and surrender in cyclic succession.

All this has happened before many, many times.

Sorry if this sounds like a surrender but I am just realistic. If it were me and ten other bright people we might stand a chance. It's really just me and you and frankly sometimes I wonder about you. There is no organized resistance against this storm of gnats and blood-sucking fleas. They are organic and seemingly designed to tear it all down. Humans are really stupid and they will never change. Ever.

Lugh said...

Maybe we can start again on a new planet like Mars - with higher level people with great physiques and IQ's above 130. I know it is politicaly unfeasible but we can still dream. The colonists would return in a couple of hundred years to a fallen primitive Earth and begin to colonize. This time we would do it right: no race mixing and we do our own dirty work. No more colored labor that "Democrats" can pander to. In other words, no more potential 5th columns and occupation troops.

Koanic said...

Ten? I know that many personally.

The cycles don't change the genetic ratios much, just who's on top.

You wouldn't know how many would rally to the banner of John Birch, because you haven't raised it.

You always see the enemy's strength, the size of the spears, the height of the walls. You can't see how history's pendulum will do 99% of the work for us. All that's needed is a little push from an organized, disciplined conspiracy at the right moment. You don't give up when your opponent is gassed, no matter how bad the pain or how hopeless the position.

And like always, you're underestimating the strength of the MT's. You pure Thals don't want to reform society; you can't stomach the work; and even if you could, you wouldn't be capable of the necessary influence. That's fine, we'll do it for you. We'll give you your enclaves and retreats, your Thal paradise, while we patrol the filthy frontiers. We'll pull you from the sapiens muck and stick you with your own kind. Because God knows you lambs could never do it yourselves.

Do you even know what an MT is? Melon back, Thal front. Dominion and social impact drive of a Melon, with a Thal soul that guarantees Thal allegiance. We're the only thing short of nuclear winter that can return the species to genetic health. We're the Nephilim.

We may not be fit for polite Thal society; we may be half arrogant killers at heart, but let's face it, you need us.

A pure Thal may not be able to turn on his neighbors, may be too meek to reject the tribal verdict, and too atomic to proactively bond with his fellows. But an MT can do all those things, and will execute his own brother if his ideology demands it.

The words are just bullshit. You aren't really mentally defeated. You're just doing what a Thal can do, and you'll never stop fighting in your way. I'll do what an MT can do, and never stop fighting in mine.

But someone who didn't know the difference between the two types, might think you'd given up. Give your step brothers some credit. Palace guard rebellion is how emperors die.

Sitara said...

Maybe the reason the Chinese are excelling in so many different arenas is not due to doping but working really hard at it and making real sacrifices?

JimBob said...

Texas Arcane said...
"There is no organized resistance against this storm of gnats and blood-sucking fleas. "

The Left are a paper tiger.

I saw this from a commenter called Simmons, that explains it best. He's the only one there with any brains.

"If a politician stood up and promised to stop the abuse from the crazy left and the word “racist” he or she would be the most popular person in America. But NO we get “intellectuals” giving us book length essays on ancient mysticism as our only hope.

Since I’m ripping on people let me rip on Denise, fair target IMO. She goes dutifully to her Teatard meetups and gently tries to make “aware” her fellow Teatards, oh god help her.

All she would have to do is go there and stand up and tell her fellow Teatards she wants a politician to stand up and give us one of those political promises to relieve the average everyday Ameritard from the terrorist left and their scare words.

I mean she is smart enough to word it for the situation. Read MW’s long wordy post dealing with a YKW trying to bully him with freudian clap trap, that is a start."

As we see with Chick-fil-A, it didn't take much to mobilize whites. Just a popular conservative leader, that refuses to collaborate, with the organized left.

Texas Arcane said...

You do have to keep in mind I live in Australia now. I may not fully understand what in happening in the 'Stain because of the media blackout of all opposition to their regime.

What I say is absolutely true of Australia. They were passive-aggressive losers when their ancestors were packed on the boats two centuries ago. I have a pretty good survey of attitudes here after two decades of lunch break discussions and believe me, the Australian will never be free. Not in a million years. They are born into their chains and they lick and grovel like dogs at their master's voice.

It could be different in the Kwa and because I have not had my boots on the ground there in ten years and only know word of mouth through the internet that the reality is different. I do know Australia, however, and she is the prison cigarette whore of the planet. The people here are literally incapable of any real resistance at all. It is part of their biological makeup to submit and do what they are told. They then declare it was what they wanted to do anyway. That sort of people.

JimBob said...

That Chick-fil-A story has got them excited in certain parts, but I will wait until ordinary whites, protest the white genocide agenda.

Here's a video of a cowardly lefty, doing what they do best. Terrorizing an ordinary Chick-fil-A worker.

It is no different to thugs intimidating shop keepers, as part of a protection racket.

They do it because it works. They know respectable conservatives will not stand up to them, because they never have.

As Simmons said, imagine an ambitious conservative that said, This intimidation is going to stop. Vote for me white man and I will stop it for good.

It would only take one.