Friday, August 31, 2012

GMO Corn Destroying Agriculture Planetwide

Superbugs are taking advantage of the freaky climate shifts to wipe out food all over the planet

I can't believe somebody was ever permitted to create and engineer this science fiction disaster food.

They've screwed up the food supply so badly I am now scared to even eat anything with corn.

Madness on this planet. Truly a mental asylum run by the inmates.


Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

I have been carefull for a long time not to touch anything that might have something "improved" or "enhanced" or whatever in it. The only way one can really trust it is if you´v grown it yourself. We are pretty much headed for an uglier, less artistic / atmospheric version of my old fav. Blade Runner.

JimBob said...

Just one of the many things so called anti-racists (anti-whites), don't tell people, about the blended humanity, they are trying to build in all white countries and only white countries:

"Ayesha was told she had the Philadelphia Positive form of leukaemia last April, and her mixed race heritage means there are fewer potential bone marrow matches."