Friday, August 17, 2012

Get Ready For A Run On the Banks

Looks like they are going to dip into deposits to pay off their bills very soon, exactly as they did in the 1930's when it began to hit the fan.

Your money wasn't "safe" in a "safe" deposit box in 1929. The banks used the master keys to open them all. Most people were never recompensed a dime when they were cleaned out by their local bankers. The big mistake I would caution against is storing precious metals anywhere near a bank.

Nixon was a Dick

You are living in a dreamworld if you think that your nation is under the rule of law. It isn't. It is a bolshevist oligarchy and it was slipped in right under your nose. For those of you who never understood how it happened in Russia in 1917, now you know ... firsthand.


deadman said...

Not even foreign embassies are 'sacred' anymore :

"...we are victims of condition,
a god damn nation of deprivation,
power to kill,
death of free will,
a system above and beyond the law..."

Fear Factory - The Industrialist

- deadman.

theepilgrim said...

wow, look at that steep inflation from 1913 to 1918. how did the people of that era put up with it? and how did they not figure out that the fed was directly responsible for essentially stealing their money?

....oh that's right, they were too busy dying in WWI...funny how that works, eh?