Friday, August 31, 2012

Food Prices Jump 10% In A Single Month

You probably think that is some kind of lurid Vault-Co headline exaggeration. It isn't.

There were so many crop failures worldwide due to climate, particularly to what appears to be a year without summer in Europe, that there just wasn't enough food to go around.

Imagine what nature can do when she gets serious about this. She is getting serious. Puny mass scale agriculture practiced by humans can be swept aside in a year and never return. All it takes are a few mild adjustments to settings of average temperature, rainfall, early frost and cloud cover.

In all fairness, you know what rolls downhill to the third world. Right out of the gate, the first world will starve the third world to death if the food supply gets tight. They will be able to offer a better bulk price bidding on the open market. The tragic thing is that the currency in many third world countries is probably worth more than the funny munny of the first but they are able to press a psychological advantage with the printing press and their armies. People are conditioned to believe their paper with pictures on it is "higher value" when all the evidence says it isn't.


PrairieSage07 said...

All the more reason to buy open pollinated garden seeds. Not just food seeds, cooking herb and medicinal herb seeds as well. And don't forget beautiful flower seeds. It will impress your woman by showing thoughtfullness.

Plastic sheeting, old windows, patio doors etc for making greenhouses.

Large water storage containters for stockpiling collected water.

Basic gardening tools.

And don't forget to get edible and medicinal wild plant books and videos to supplement your garden... or is the garden to supplement your foraging?

A basic survival fishing "tool set" can be put together for less than $100.

If you are inclined a nice set of traps and snares can be gotten for less than $200. Or you can study and practice and make your own decent primitive traps for way less.

Simple bowhunting gear... $300 or less or you can spend thousands.

Basic firearms hunting equipment... $700 will get you a .22, a pump shotgun and a deer rifle. And the pump shotgun does double duty as a defensive tool. Another $700 will get you enough ammo to stay in hunting for a long time.

So basically around $2500 you can grow/hunt/fish a huge amount of your families food.

For those who claim that is a lot of money... Most people piss that much away (or more) every year in soda, alcohol, cigarettes and other entertainment.

Jehu said...

If you're in a country which is both a net oil importer and a net food importer you will be in for incredibly dire straits soon. If you're only one of the above, less so. If you're neither, securing your borders will be your greatest trial.
I agree the 1st world will likely starve most of the 3rd. It may even rehabilitate words like lebensraum in a decade or two.

styrac said...

Not only they receive funds for telling lies and being parasites but now they demand legal immunity from any persecution for the bullshit they spread. Could it be that they know that the whole scam is collapsing, or are they trying to point the finger at the UN as the real perpetrator implying that they were only following orders by the UN in order to serve the climate change agenda?

The Lab Manager said...

If Africa were not such a shithole, it could probably feed most if not all of the world.