Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finally, An Honest Kwanstainian

Teacher says her students are essentially ineducable and recommends edjamafacashun instead

Any teacher who is honest would say this about most of her students nowadays.

It has become something of an inverted joke nowadays, with the dumbest sector of the population attending college and moving into the professions after having first demonstrated they are incapable of learning altogether. This sh*t doesn't even make sense no matter what spin you try to put on it.

Females with double-digit IQs end up dominating the medical profession, possibly the worst people you would want to give medical degrees to. All because nobody will tell the truth about the subject.

Nine-Tenths of the population have no business going anywhere but to a trade school after they graduate high school. They are not qualified for anything but. Instead, we end up with these Nine-Tenths running everything and the remaining Tenth avoiding higher education like the plague. It is a disaster of the commons.

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