Monday, August 13, 2012

Fact : Decline Era Governments Attract The Scum of The Earth

It is simply a function of power coupled with what is perceived to be carte blanche. It is every sociopath and psychopath's dream to get a job like that. It is extremely common for such people to be severely maladjusted sexually and generally damaged goods masquerading as stalwarts. Same goes for the priesthood. Given enough time, priesthoods attract vicious depraved scum to their ranks and before you know it anybody who was sincere is pushed out.

The Post Office is a perfect example. The average Pony Express rider could not get a job at the Post Office today. It is packed with ratty, greasy thugs who discourage anybody decent getting employment there. Neanderthals need not apply. Nor anybody interested in doing any meaningful productive work or problem solving.


JimBob said...

Trolling 101 - A Live Video Feed to Indonesia

Bold New Gov’t Anti-Terror Initiative: Online Trolling

JimBob said...

Must see. This video exposes the anti-white media. They have been inciting against whites, using these methods for years and years.

Trayvon Martin Real Racism and the ZioMedia

These anti-whites have to be exposed and removed from positions of influence. Share this video with your friends and family.

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Hello again. I have a question, not related to this post. I was once again reading stuff around the web and came across all sorts of Jew related articles and in 1 of them a commentator called the Jew ; Neanderthals. Which sparked my question : what actual RACE you think they really are, do you have an opinion / valid info on that ? Obviously NOT neands, bo wha ?

Also i found this rather interesting, if annoyingly long, whole book for free


theepilgrim said...

what do you make of this?

Texas Arcane said...

Pohjoisen -

Why on earth would the WW2 German government want to move their undesirables to Malta instead of the Middle East? Malta is an island in the Mediterranean. What possible connection could there be?

Malta was known to be the ancient throne of the big headed Serpent priests. The German government wanted to deport their political criminals to the place they thought was their ancestral home. That's why they pushing Malta for the diaspora, because they believed that is where they had originated. Funny what goes missing in history, isn't it? Nowadays you will never hear a word of it. The official entry on Wikipedia fails to mention they discovered a third hominid species on the island, possibly one of the most important of them all when it comes to understanding human history.

JimBob said...

I have come to the conclusion, there is no such thing as a people calling themselves the YNW.

Greedy folks become YNW and leave the YNW, when there are financial advantages for doing so.

We are seeing this process occurring right now, with the treacherous Anglo Elites, intermarrying with rich YNW families.

Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

:D Malta huh ?! Wow, that is kinda weird or unexpected. I though of them pretty much, that they´r the Khazarz or somekind of half Russian half.. something Mischling. But indeed some of them do have certain kind of mediterranean looks to them. For example Sarah Jessica "Carrie" Parker has kind of spanish´ish look to a degree. But now that you said (wrote) that, ill start to check that connection out. I also have 1 request, or an idead for a post for U ; your own picture gallery of modern Neanderthals. I put one up in my blog, but it´s only 3 photos ..long. If you is thinking about checking it out, be warned i too use the annoyingly all-seeing Revolver Map. So if you dont want to disclose your location dont visit my site !! I can just name them guys if u want. But anyway Neand´er´thal gallery would be super cool.