Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ebonics Logic In Action

Brilliant synthesis of ideas by young woman on public transport

There's a continent. It covers nearly half of one side of the planet.

Whites recently abdicated there altogether. It is an overwhelming majority black owned, black managed, black run, black administrated continent with less than 2% population any other race. They inherited an entire civilization left behind by whites who fled, completely ready to operate out of the box with modern infrastructure, plumbing and sewerage. It has the richest agricultural soils on the planet, the greatest natural resources, easily accessible ports to the sea on every side and thanks to the former presence of whitey he was nice enough to build rail and road transports across the country from one side to the other.

Here's a Eureka moment.

Buy a plane ticket. You could get one for what that leather jacket you are wearing costs.

I understand what trouble it is in Africa keeping the whites out. They sneak aboard cargo containers, smuggle themselves in lorries and drift in one-way flotillas to reach the shores. It is the dream of every white person in the world to sneak into Africa and drive a taxi cab or even arrive on the shores so they can get on the welfare system. Once they are there, all they do is rape every black woman they can get their hands on and turn to robbery and drugs to support themselves. White bastards leeching off the black man's prosperity, they need to get some self-respect and try to make a go of it in their own country. If whitey doesn't have what it takes to even establish the rule of law in his own lands, what business does he think he has trying to creep into other people's countries? Shiftless, rotten whites always blaming their troubles in life on others when they are clearly self-inflicted. All whitey does is sit around enumerating his grievances against other races when if he was worth a damn he would focus on solving his own problems. Whitey thinks if he works on his apologetics to make them sufficiently convincing it won't be him with the problem.

That white bastard has never amounted to anything and he never will. For the past 100,000 years all he has done is try to get away from places where a majority of his own kind live and try to invade other people's nations. It is because he can't stand to live with his own kind. Whitey was born messed up and will never be able straighten himself out. The truth is, white people are just not equipped to live in modern industrial civilization. It is his lack of instincts and soul that leaves him so estranged from the natural world he has been unable to make use of domesticated animals and plants. His lack of understanding keeps him from ever developing agriculture above a subsistence level. Whites fail to solve problems, innovate and take advantage of opportunities which is why everything around them is always falling apart.

Bro fist to my soul sista on the bus. She nailed it. You know it's true.

No Neanderthal Genes = No Magic. Nobody who lacks Neanderthal genes will ever magically be able to make things better. Whites take it for granted but they themselves acquired these genes through rape and cannibalism. Pity the race that has no Neanderthals back in their woodpile for they are well and truly doomed.

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Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

Thats it then. I´v seen everything. A black / brown "individual" actually arrested for Race´ism against us pale people !?? That should be theoretically impossible, but works for me. A small victory 4 us, whiteys everywhere celebrate, celebrate like you´ve never celebrated before ! yippi-kay-yee BiAtCh.