Thursday, August 16, 2012

Doomsday Business Booms Like Never Before

As usual, I'm not making any profit, despite having passed more brain cells in my last bowel movement than most of these people have in their entire heads. If profit was my motive, I'm sure I'd be making some at this point.

Really bugs me when people do the exact same thing other people have been advocating for years but they qualify it by saying "Okay, but I'm not one of those nuts. I'm doing the exact same thing because I see the writing on the wall." Well, you really got the jump on the rest of us, ace. Remember, all of those people raising the alarm earlier were irrational and crazy but when you get around to doing it, it is a function of your levelheadedness. That's good to know.

Have you seen Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic? They must have had to eliminate thousands of people in order to cull it down to just those nuts you see on the show. I bet they passed up ten thousand better adjusted people making realistic preps so they could do the segment on the guy dressed in buckskins like Daniel Boone who thinks he will feed his children roadkill to survive the Apocalypse. He was practicing in the backyard with his throwing stick. I think your throwing stick may not do so well against the 700 million guns owned by Americans. Jest sayin' is all.

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