Monday, August 6, 2012

Cointel Not What It Used To Be

Even the simpletons in the press were able to trace this guy directly back to his psy-ops handlers. Poor. Just poor execution and planning.

They steered this guy into psy-ops before they discharged him so they could rinse him and set him up as a sleeper cell to support their disarmament program. These guys never let a good resource go to waste if they can help it. Somebody identified him as unstable and they fast-tracked him in his last year into the memetic assassin program.

What is weird is that they did almost the exact same thing with me in my last year of service. I guess they must have figured I was too retarded to invest any time in at some point. Once again, severe retardation comes to my rescue. You can talk about your casual absentmindedness all you want but for me there is no cloak of obscurity as effective as playing the retard. It preserves you from all kinds of predation in life. Who bothers with a retard? When in doubt, slouch and dribble. It is like taking an invisibility pill when you are around the humans.


JimBob said...

The Libor Scandal, a Key Witness and the Colorado Shooting

by James Buchanan

"When the Colorado shooting was first announced, some Americans suspected the mass shooting may have been a mind control operation intended to stir up emotions before the US Senate voted on a UN Gun Control Treaty in July and that James Holmes was picked at random to be drugged up by sinister rogue government agents and sent off to massacre innocent people. New information however suggests that Robert Holmes, the father of the alleged shooter, James Holmes, will be a key witness in US Senate hearings on the multi-billion dollar Libor scandal and that someone may be trying to silence him."

JimBob said...

Funny, when blacks do something awful every day, the people that control the mainstream media, start drawing racial stick figures of "youths" and how disadvantaged they are.

Yet when whites do something awful very rarely, they immediately seize on the Tea Party, White Supremacist Male, ban guns, angles.

And "white supremacists", never shut up about Sikhs, now do they?

All day long, its "Sikhish Conspiracies" and how Sikhs secretly rule the world. So is it any wonder a Sikhish temple got shot up by a "White Supremacist Male"?

That was sarcasm BTW.

Do you think the Clintons might be trying to start one of their colored revolutions in the USA? They've tried them in Russia and China, as well as all the Arab countries, Israel does not like. So why not the USA?

Texas Arcane said...

:) I was thinking the exact same thing, JimBob.

Yeah, a white supremacist who decides to go out in a blaze of glory is going to head for a Sikh temple. Everybody knows how obsessed those "white supremacists" are with Sikhs, always complaining about the Sikhs and connecting the dots between the colossal Sikh lobby and their foreign service to Skihasreal with their dual loyalty as a fifth column. Of course, those Sikhs.

Texas Arcane said...

... oh, and the guy had to drive around thirty synagogues to get there.