Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Civilization" is the History of Psychosis

Since psychotics nearly always end with self-destruction, this means that all civilizations end in self-destruction which is the evidence of history.

I thought there was something wrong with almost all of my leaders in the military. Not all of them. Just 3/4 of them. I thought there was something wrong, in spite of their having insignia and important looking ribbons on their uniforms and the bearing of aristocrats. I felt there was something wrong with them.

They claimed they were the leadership because of their leadership qualities. I didn't see it. I thought, most of these guys, they have something wrong with them. I noticed the man who works desperately for the trappings of authority is the person with the deepest feelings of inferiority. Most of the time, these feelings are well-founded in reality. If you're inferior, unstable and subject to the slavery of your own impulses, you really have no other choice in life than to get some kind of artificial rank or authority in life to keep others from saying this about you out loud.

Eventually a person born unworthy will work their way up into the highest echelons of responsibility and herein they acquire the capacity to destroy everything around them.

You probably think this is hypothethical. One of the officers I hated most in the military was actually in charge of security and counter-terrorism in a critical capacity on 9-11. He had to appear in front of the House Committee to try to explain how on earth they had managed to miss it all, most of it right under his nose. He was one of the key people to recognize something was going on in the United States before the attack. The evidence was overwhelming, it was impossible not to have noticed it.

I never liked that asshole. I always had a feeling he'd rise high after he got out in the ranks of the elite. He made it clear that this was all he was striving for in life and I reckoned he'd achieve that kind of control sooner or later.

I always thought there was something about this dude that just wasn't right. I had a feeling he'd be part of something really ugly later in life. He was truly an asshole, not only others could see it but you had the feeling this guy was well aware of it himself ... he was always struggling to prove others wrong about him. I don't think anybody was wrong about him.


ray said...

I noticed the man who works desperately for the trappings of authority is the person with the deepest feelings of inferiority.

you noticed right t.a.

when i was military, my spec offered a readymade check on petty tyrants -- medic in base hospital

i was grunt enlisted, but not even the officers got too far outta line, cuz one day you might just end up in on the wards you know? and funny things can happen there...


Texas Arcane said...

I also noticed that the people most likely to score a positive for drugs or alcohol abuse on the urine tests were always NCOs and Officers. This was always the case and one of the few malfeasances you could not dodge by pulling rank.