Monday, August 20, 2012

Attack in October?

Suckpoop Joe is in a position to know, a quisling with his head so far up zionist ass he has not had a breath of fresh air in twenty years. Of all the shabbas goy, this one has his nose pressed closest to the fecal chute, so his information here is likely derived from conversations with people inside the government over there. If this is the case, we could have ourselves a merry little nuclear war roaring along by Christmas. There's nothing quite like the refreshing tangy smell of cobalt-60 carried on a winter breeze. Suckpoop Joe will be much nearer to God at that point, carried in the high troposphere as a thin ash to be deposited in the oceans and serve as a starter culture for green algae somewhere. Under Noahide law this makes him a good gentile.

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Ted Walther said...

Attack is unlikely. October is Chag Sukkot, or the Feast of Tabernacles. I notice every year around the spring and fall feasts, fear spreads through the markets and political world that jams up economic and warlike activity. Israel won't attack Iran. If Iran attacks them, it will be over very quickly.