Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Tsunami Of Failure

When you live at the end of a declining civilization, it seems to you that everything has all fallen apart at once.

Except it isn't true. It is all the problems that the civilization has been ignoring for decades (example : illegal immigrants bringing strange diseases) that suddenly start to pay off in terms of the capacity to generate anarchy, chaos and social collapse.

Before you know it, the number of crises approaches a critical mass which even the most determined people will recognize is well beyond their abilities to cope with. They knock each other over like dominos, with one exacerabating the effects of another and then becoming a deluge.

You can imagine how in this environment, the tyrant and the dictator starts to have an appeal to all of the lower stratums who do not even know how to begin to start to solve any of these problems. This is why the left is so anxious to surrender more and more executive powers to Obama after he has entered office. They won't come out and admit they would otherwise have no clue of what to do about all these things.

This is really where the left and right converge on their common ground near the end : stupidity.

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Pohjoisen Natiivi said...

You said in one of your posts a long´ish time ago how you did some job too well and them Aussies basically developed a spontaneous case of the hives. WEll something amazingly similar has just happened in no other than our dear foe, Sweden. A swedish man who worked in a courthouse, got sick n tired of the places sub-par search engine software and develop a brand new and much better one. Most of the other employees also really liked it and were only glad to have something that actually works, but one minisoul apparently didnt and long story short, the guy got fired pretty fast and can kiss his plans to become a judge goodbye. These sorts of people never cease to amaze me, you would think they understand that, if someone can get something done and faster, better than before it benefits everyone, but they just do not care. They care much more about WHO does it and why... hopeless idiots i say. Sapiens Sapiens.