Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A True Secular Utopia

I'm just glad we did away with all that faith in a Supreme Being and other rubbish. Who needs it? We'll just rely on man's better angels to keep civilization together. 

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results each time.

Near the end of the Roman Empire, the hardest of the hardcore atheists was frantically scrambling to reinstate religious ceremonies and observances. People who had advocated the secular worldview all their lives donated huge sums of their own money to try to rebuild the temples and restore the monuments of deities. Why do you think that was?

They had seen the animal man begin to remove his mask. That's why. They had begun to see what was behind that mask. They crapped their togas and cartwheeled their arms desperately trying to bring back what they had been instrumental in destroying. All too little, too late of course. They had gotten exactly what they claimed they wanted. As the shadows of the mob surrounded them with their long knives, they cried out to appeal to their "better natures." Then they were lost in the sea of blades and sliced to ribbons.

I was an atheist for sixteen years. I was temporary treasurer for the New York Secular Humanists Society until a certified accountant could be found to replace me. (I could only access the account with the signatures of two chairmen but still, it shows you I was considered a solid member in standing.)



JimBob said...

People who think they know everything, stop learning. I have no respect for such people. Their pride and arrogance, makes them fools.

JimBob said...

General Taco says,
“Once [white people] die, we should dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, bury ‘em, dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, and again, and again!”

This is Black Run Amerika. BRA.

hitfan said...

The aphorism "if God doesn't exist, then it is necessary for us to invent him" comes to mind.

The liberal atheist belief that the world would be a better place without religion is an unsustainable one, if you actually try to implement it.

So if God doesn't exist, then why does society seem strongest and thrive the most when it suffers under the delusion that he does exist?

Either God exists and his commandments are divinely inspired instructions to provide a stable and functioning society, or that man is truly evil and degenerative if left to his own devices--he needs an imaginary overseer who will mete out never-ending hellfire in the afterlife for any moral transgressions just to make him at least pretend to have a conscience and try to be a better person.

Texas Arcane said...

JimBob :

You'll notice that after atheists state their dogma, they don't seem much interested in elaborating on the subject. In fact, it seems to give them the vain pleasure of thinking they have already figured it out and need no new information. Identical to religious zealots in this regard. Identical.

You'd think a good atheist would be fascinated by developments in anthropology when in fact they have less interest in new information than most Christians.

I have found that Christians can listen to me explain what I think the story of Abel and Cain is about and they will listen even if they don't agree and even be edified by it to contemplate just how profound scripture may be. Atheists won't hear any of it and they are not interested in talking about anything except old ground covered by Bertrand Russell fifty years ago.

theepilgrim said...

The fault is not with nature; Nature is beautiful and perfect. Man sees fault where there is none. He sees chaos when there is only harmony. He sees evil when he is surrounded by infinite good. In short, Man is insane. The cause of his insanity is mistaking himself for a God, when in reality he is only God's mirror image.

As you said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

This tower of Babel will fall, just like the one before, and the one before, and the one before...

"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

ray said...

real learning is hard, painful, and often personally humiliating, as one must confront the fact that one's "certainties" were erroneous (or worse)

this is best exemplified in modern western leftism -- p.c. and feminism

few people actually learn anything important after age 25 or 30 -- then, it's just a matter of defending their "belief system"

i started reading the bible in my mid-forties, and only then did this planet (and its inhabitants) begin to make sense, and the extant phenomena i had observed up until then begin to match up with eternal spiritual principles and personages

no day goes by that i dont learn something new, it is a duty to God and to myself, the alternative is cowardice


The Great and Powerful Oz said...

Whether or not God exists, the concept is, as the Mahayana Buddhists say, a useful vehicle for getting to the next stop along the journey. Religious beliefs have driven a great deal of progress over the past few thousands of years. For all the horrors inflicted in the name of God, without those beliefs we would still be living in caves.

JimBob said...

Pussy Riot Putin in Prison

Putin was in Britain for the Olympics and the media asked him about a Marxist (nation wrecker) band, that are on trial for desecrating a Christian church.

He gave a Putin response. ;)

If you want to suppress the Reds, anti-whites, nation wreckers, etc, you need a leader that knows their playbook.

JimBob said...

Cultural Marxists commit genocide in the Ukraine


Why did we ally with these people in WW2?

deadman said...

The atheist is nothing more than an individual mired in his own despondency and denial about Jehovah, that he tries in vain to replace existing religion with a religious outlook based on literally - nothing...

Their immediate, highly volatile and emotional, knee-jerk reactions to any idea counter to their own, makes for a clear indication of the same.

- deadman.

JimBob said...

Callers React to MSM/SPLC Disinfo Campaign on Sikh Massacre

I didn't know how much power the SPLC people have.

Chris from Sydney said...

WTF ????

In the decline of Rome it was Bread and Circuses, in New York it's Food stamps and free vibrators.

Seriously, WTF ???
Those stories of outragous sex practices in ancient Rome you where talking about a little while back now seem very believable indeed...

Not that I disbelieved you, but it's differant watching it in real time to reading about it centuries later, especialy when you know how it all ends.

Contrapundit said...

I grew up in an extended family of atheists. Scientists. And though I am not a believer, long ago I abandoned being an atheist. I am agnostic, and, within a circle of atheists, that's an almost shocking thing.
I see that we don't have a clue, about why the universe is here, and why there is even space and time and anything at all. A puzzle beyond comprehension, and it's true that the scientist has a kind of arrogant sense that they know the full basis of everything, when they know nothing. Oh, they say we know it all, it's the big bang and whatnot. But that doesn't get us any closer to understanding the big question, to knowing why we are here, why anything is here. -UnfortunatelyCalifornia

ray said...

I didn't know how much power the SPLC people have

these thugs and fakes formed their extremely profitable and wealthy org AFTER the actual "civil rights movement" was already OVER -- so that establishes their cred (less than zero)

the SPLC is a tool of the femarxist govt and the endless expanding LE empires, serving and protecting themselves

the govt has been using the SPLC a lot the past couple years, to identify new "hate groups" . . . their latest target is the "manosphere" which means any person on-line who disagrees with p.c., feminism, marxism, bankification etc

these are preparatory steps to groom the public, so when "necessary measures" are taken everybody will know how righteous and protective these shysters and traitors are

cheers, Vaulters

Texas Arcane said...

I highly recommend Fellini's "Satyricon" to students of history.

When you are puking into a bucket watching it, keep in mind ... it is pretty close to the reality of the final years of Rome. In real life I am sure it was worse than anything they could show in the film.

Jonathan said...

Where did you get that information about temple-bulding in the final days of Rome? I would like to read more about that. Can you please give me a reference?

Texas Arcane said...

In the reign of Diocletian there was a general collection of revenues levied as a tax which most of the intellectuals and wealthy paid into for the explicit cause of restoring the pagan religion of Rome. Around this same time, many of the wealthiest citizens made a public show of honoring the old gods at public festival days and feasts. Even those who had written treatises on the failings of ceremonies and rituals on behalf of the gods now made very high profile efforts to demonstrate they were continuing to pray and offer sacrifices to their patron deities. This followed on the heels of many riots over food in Rome that demonstrated plainly the emerging loss of control the wealthy had over the poorer classes in the city.

This is basic history 101, you can find it in Gibbons, The Durants, any comprehensive book on the Roman Empire. See also the accounts of Marcus Aurelius to restore public worship days and restore monuments in Rome consecrated to various deities.

Note that almost as soon as Christianity was installed under Constantine, they set about with violent and bloody persecutions and intolerance of other religions including anything related to Paganism. The Christians defaced and marred nearly anything having to do with the old religions. You could say the Christians of Byzantine Rome were the multiculturalist enrichers of their generation. They enriched by destroying everything that was left over by the old Rome.

Jonathan said...

Thank you for the answer!

Texas Arcane said...

I'm a firm believer than no matter what your religion, you should never destroy works of art by your ancestors for any reason. Others are entitled to look at these things and accept or reject them on their merits. I feel the sheer amount of ancient artwork destroyed by Christians largely invalidated their message of love and peace.

Note they would have done an enormous service to the ancient world if they had been instrumental in preserving these things instead of foremost in destruction. What threat would Christians feel from a statue of Zeus that even paganists admitted was only a symbol, not an actual deity? Christians should have put these things into museums and labored to preserve them. Busting them up with sledgehammers, setting fire to the Alexandrian Library, all these things made Christianity look weak and more barbaric than paganism. Every time a Christian is not threatened by images and idols because he knows they are of things that don't exist, he reinforces Christianity.

We Christians don't need graven images because the things we believe in are so real to us that we do not need to build props to convince ourselves they exist. A great strength of Christianity is to be unthreatened by the works of pagans and more primitive religions that are based on rituals.