Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Zombie" Fortresses

There is a general meme out there that demonstrates that the common man has only recently begun to contemplate the real world in the same fashion we did at Vault-Co more than twelve years ago.

The fact it takes conditions this dire to get the average man to think even fleetingly this way is proof that most people are slack-jawed dribbling morons only recently down out of the trees. Very recently.

Notice how modern people are almost incapable of thinking about the real world in any context other than as a comparison to some fictional narrative. A house to protect you from "zombies" like in a "zombie movie." We are in a war on "terrorism" like in a "Tom Clancy" novel. Modern man needs the crutch of fiction to even consider a world they otherwise have no kind of connection to - the real one. They have literally entertained themelves to death through the lens of narratives constructed for them by other people. While the world around them collapses economically and lurches towards a third world war, they tell one another stories they think are frightening about the possibility we may be in a "zombie" story. It's all they can cope with, everything else eludes them.

It is a great situation for the super-criminal predator elites because they have nations of schizophrenics who can only turn to televitz to understand anything ... and guess who owns that television and media?

I got bad news for you, Oprah fans. Your fellow man doesn't need to be the walking dead in order to be hungry enough to eat you. They don't even need to be all that hungry. They've been doing it for thousands and thousands of years for no other reason than convenience. Babies, the other white meat. All it takes is a couple of months with the food transport system less than optimal. Mankind routinely creates such situations without any resort to the paranormal or the suspension of disbelief.

Easy to see that this schizophrenic disassociative mindset is going to see the light in the tunnel sooner or later - it's an oncoming train.

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