Friday, July 6, 2012

WikiLeaks Is A Government Run Counterintel Op

Always was, always will be. Funded and founded by zionists at the top.

Classic psy-ops like they taught me in the military.

Create a false opposition, staff it with your own people, build it's credibility and then use it to issue phoney intel against your own real opposition. It is almost a paint-by-numbers operation.

Promoting Julian Assange, a bizarre figure with very questionable origins, as the figurehead leader and then pretending that he is persecuted and pursued is all part of this banal, insipid charade.

If the United States sought anyone they could have them rendered within the hour to any secret location they wanted in the world and made into un-person, never to be mentioned again by the media. Assange lives a live of leisure backed with limitless funding and colossal wealth, despite the fact he has no apparent source of income. They purchased him a headquarters worthy of a Cold War James Bond supervillain and we're all supposed to believe he just found the money in a cookie jar for this huge infrastructure and data fortress.

It's a big mutual admiration society where different actors play good and bad cop and the rest of the planet gets squeezed in the middle.

You keep believing, rube. People bank on it.


HalibetLector said...

It is odd that, with the poor state of digital security today, wikileaks hasn't published anything of real value since the Bradley Manning incident. Even then, that whole scenario was odd. Anonymous showed how easy it was to get access to real information on supposedly secure sites. Why would they need whistleblowers to step forward? A few talented hackers could get access to all kinds of information.

The real question here is, what's the endgame? The gain from making people afraid of terrorist cells was obvious, but there's nothing scary about Wikileaks. It turned half the world against a single soldier and a single albino hacker.

I guess I'm just not melonhead material.

Melonhead said...

If WikiLeaks has a huge headquarters, that seems like a big misuse of funds.

Let's say each email is 100 kB, on average, then that is about 228 GB of data.

With about 30 lines of Mono's .NET 2 implementation, you can compress that data with gunzip and encrypt that with 2048-bit Rijndael encryption (so that it is basically crack-proof) and then throw the resulting data set on a 500 GB external hard drive from BestBuy that WikiLeak's lawyer keeps in his office. Julian Assange could keep the decryption key on a USB stick in his pocket.

Go down to Salvation Army and buy a 10-year old desktop for $5, put OpenBSD on it, and presto, and you can securely host the WikiLeaks website.

Total cost? Less than US$100. Heck, they would probably have enough money left over for all of Egypt's and Greece's emails too.

Sitara said...

I really want Wikileaks to be real, but reading the article Cleve linked to, it states they are releasing Syrian emails from 2006-2012.

Now, correct me if I am wrong but didn't the Wikileaks info dump happen in late 2010? That's when Manning's entire data dump was starting to get published, piece by piece.

So how did they get 2012 emails? Did Manning retrieve data from the future somehow?

I'll hold out hope that maybe they got 2012 emails later, from someone else.

But yeah, this looks to be classic espionage/media warfare. Basically, truths and half truths intermingled with lies.

I also wonder about Anonymous. Even if it was real in the beginning, it would be really easy for it to get infiltrated.

I know for a fact for instance, that the so called Pakistani Taliban have nothing to do with the real Taliban. The former only attack fellow Muslims and Pakistani civilians for example, along with attacks on Pakistani armed forces. They also abduct minorities, especially Christians, Whites, and Chinese.

Gee, I wonder who is really supporting/funding them. :roll eyes:

HalibetLector said...

@melonhead wikileaks doesn't host the data themselves, they only provide summaries. They use file sharing sites and bittorrent for the actual data. The real cost of running a site is bandwidth. Say you have a million hits a day and your site is around 10k, that's 10GB of bandwidth a day. That's assuming the server doesn't crash from trying to handle hundreds of requests a second. Your 10 year old desktop can't keep up with that kind of traffic. It makes it more impressive, the idea of them being able to afford a mansion for Assange and a huge headquarters on top of the internet traffic. That's serious money.

@sitara It's possible Anonymous was a way of kicking of the hornets nest. They gave a lot of hackers with strong principles a reason to reveal themselves, to do something illegal and get arrested for it. It would allow the US government to identify several potential threats. And Anonymous was infiltrated; one of their core leaders, Sabu, worked with the FBI for 10 months and was responsible for many arrests. The FBI say they arrested him and turned him, but it's just as conceivable he was a plant from the beginning, or a scapegoat to cover for the real plant. Either way, the nest has quieted down again; Anonymous died off after Sabu's indiscretions were made public.