Friday, July 27, 2012

South Americans Killed People For Not Being Ugly

Good observation made in this article about Incan mummy sacrifice

It is very salient to point out that almost all primitive races have been killing their good-looking and intelligent people in human sacrifices for countless thousands of years. What you have left when you kill all your best people explains how they ended up looking like that.

This could be considered to have taken place during the Dark Ages under the Inquisition when women of unusual beauty, wit or naivete were singled out as likely to be witches. Between the the Catholic Church and Oliver Cromwell, monsters of various hues eliminated most of the good genes in Europe through selective extermination. When you look at British women today and wonder how they ended up looking like pack mules with wigs on, you have to remember how many unknown supermodels and extremely beautiful women died in bonfires at the stake at the hands of Inquisitors for the crime of being exceptional or noteworthy in some way. Their unique faces and charm were the exact reason they attracted attention to themselves. Would not be surprising if they rejected the advances of some local ecclesiastical pervert leading to the accusation of witchcraft, demonstrating they were probably more chaste and virtuous in addition to being beautiful.

The Darwinian notion of genes continuously "progressing" is a fantastic mythology like UFO abductions and Spiritual Seances. There is very little basis for it to be found in any race of people other than the Neanderthals. All the other races naturally were in continuous decline and did not "progress" anywhere. The only reason Homo Sapiens got a larger brain 38,000 years ago is by stealing it through gang rape of Neanderthals. The reality is that a hominid race that just manages to hold their ground genetically and not deteriorate is preserving a pretty unusual situation in an arrangement that is usually temporary at best.

When one sees the powerful tide that is entropy, it becomes apparent the melonheads themselves would not have been immune to these forces. Good King Tut desperately scoured about looking for a proper royal queen to marry but they were all long gone. Even had he found one, this narrow interbreeding for millennia had left them with a raft of genetic diseases and faults that led to their very downfall.

Anyone who fails to understand how difficult it is for genes to advance when bad genes can gang up and simply kill good genes will never understand natural selection amongst human beings. People who dismiss this curiosity in human affairs will never understand the many shortcomings of large scale social environments and the way they work against quality all the time. This is a very powerful, even paramount force in evolution as it applies to social bipeds. The only way to get around it is to pursue the strategies of Neanderthal peoples.

The truth is, 99% of everything is usually junk with humans no exceptions. Anything that is fine or well put together is always temporary and scheduled to give way to the dismal tide. This beautiful Incan would be replaced by people who survived her who often look like hemorrhoids with hats. Nobody would bother sacrificing them to the "gods" because it was obvious they were no prize. In this crazy dysgenic cycle, lack of facial summetry becomes a survival trait and stupidity is regarded as cunning.


Ghostwriter said...

Lol. Indeed very true, i happend to be one of these extraordinary looking and quite bloody savvy being meself. I know this from my experience, them Morlocks cannot stand the sight of me if 4 no other reason, jealousy. But anyway i once again found a rather interesting collection of readings which you might digg, so Here We Go......

The first part talks about Neanderthals and Magnons in the end.

theepilgrim said...

What do you think of the theory that the "melonheads" originally hailed from Mars?

Mars, because of it's smaller size and being farther from the sun, would cool more quickly and develop an environment suitable for hominids much sooner.

Then at some point they established earth as a colony. But earth's stronger gravity and warmer climate probably didn't agree with Martian physiology, so only a small number of colonist inhabited the planet at any given time.

The disaster that struck Mars and caused it to lose its atmosphere and magnetic field must've been sudden and somewhat unexpected, leaving only the few Martians on Earth to survive. Knowing that they only had a handful of generations left before their genes would be corrupted from inbreeding--or alternatively, interbreeding with the slave races--they set about building monuments all around the world which would stand as testament to their achievements.

ray said...

men frequently hate other males who are better looking than themselves, and often will undermine them, or crush them, in any way possible

the stuff about the inquisition hunting good looking women is false, tho -- as is all the feminist revisionism about the inquisition (tens of millions of females burned solely b/c of their gender, a horrible, misogynistic War on Women etc)

that's just more agitprop to rationalize the destruction of fatherhood and masculinity across the west N.O.W.

that jackbooted State you dislike so much is a FEMINIST State, and it is precisely by dissemination of lies about christianity and the Evil Males that it gained and consolidated its power

the actual number of witches burned was in the thousands, not millions, and they were arrested NOT b/c they were female, but bc they were practicing the very sorcery that currently saturates amerika and the west

most of the people arrested by the inquisition were males, not females . . . a truth you will not hear from the United Sisterhood of Amerika and its enablers across the globe

Texas Arcane said...

True about more males than females and true about feminists pushing that angle for that reason.

I have read enough firsthand accounts of the Inquisition to know that for every recorded female burned at the stake, there were ten more burned for refusing to put out when they were young. It was a frequent justification for an accusation of witchcraft. Some local village lecher offered marriage to one of the best looking girls in the village from a poor family and when she turned him down he'd go straight to the local Inquisitors and tell them her cat was her familiar. The majority of this types of impromptu burnings were never even recorded.

I went through a period where I thought the Dark Ages weren't so dark as is popular nowadays but around 2003 I read some more and realized they were much, much darker than anyone could even comprehend.

ray said...

I have read enough firsthand accounts of the Inquisition to know that for every recorded female burned at the stake, there were ten more burned for refusing to put out when they were young

sounds exaggerated, however, observation of human nature suggests it is possible

the inquisitions werent instituted to boink girls, but in a (vain) attempt to cut off the mass sorcery that over-ran the west from the mid-nineteenth century to date

(sadism, and sexual sadism, would certainly have been a temptation for "officials" however)

envy and jealously (in the male or female) ought NEVER to be underestimated, sometimes i wonder why God didnt make it the second commandment instead of down the list

shit even at my age i occasionally struggle w/ envy, as i stagger around bedraggled while Airstreams whiz by

i'm working on it tho!

thx for yr response, i enjoy yr blog tho sad it need exist

Ave said...

Makes you think also about why the finest people were forbidden to reproduce as they where kept in monasteries and convents.

In a Full World, where everything is zero-sum, the bright and the pure where denied everything necessary to survive on their own.

But in the early Middle Ages, a dying king would be made a monk, so he could get on the fast track (VIP access) to paradise.

ray said...

Makes you think also about why the finest people were forbidden to reproduce as they where kept in monasteries and convents.

well this is satan's world, so that'd be a kind of blessing

i certainly would NOT want my son to be born into the u.s., or any western nation for that matter

i couldnt have such a thing on my conscience, knowing what this place would do to him

But in the early Middle Ages, a dying king would be made a monk, so he could get on the fast track (VIP access) to paradise.

lol well if he'd been a good king he wouldnt have to play catch-up at age 60

christ dont cut no slack for kings or emperors, it's all the same to him