Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Safest Places In The United States Are Heavily Armed Monocultural Enclaves

Sorry, the truth hurts but not as bad as a bullet wound.

Bummer. So globalism and multikult is just a bunch of lethal genocidal gibberish with less credibility than marxism. Whooda thunkit.

If you want to be safe in life, move to places that the government can't be bothered to provide you help in. These places tend to be clean, safe, prosperous, healthy and sane. At least until the government finds out that evil monoculturalists are trying to live this way without them. They insist that areas like this undergo improvamentation as soon as they can afford to get to them.

Nothing says improvamentation like body counts and terror. People who resist improvamentation are evil and probably love Hitler or Nixon, maybe both. They are morally inferior and confused in that they believe they want to live without gunfire in the streets and huge angry mobs rioting and looting while they set fire to stuff. Resisting improvamentation is futile, you will be improvamented.


live and learn said...

Hey tex what is your view on the city water chemical chloramine

theepilgrim said...

Detroit is pretty monocultured. In fact, I think it's the most monocultured major city in America.

Texas Arcane said...

L & L :

I insist on all my drinking water being laced with known carcinogens but only in combination with the sweet oblivion of fluoride. Whenever I am feeling stressed I take a long draw of tap water and within a few minutes I can't remember my own name, much less what was bothering me. Wait, what were we talking about?

HalibetLector said...

Speaking of bad shit in the water supply, apparently it doesn't end with chloramine -

The Lab Manager said...

And it is always an 'epidemic' of shootings.

I really wish someone would have shot Sarah Brady.