Thursday, July 12, 2012

Naked Open Warfare On Christianity Begins

I'd like to see these idiots announce this fall line-up in an Islamic country about Islamic teachings.

One of the reasons we are taught to hate muslims is that our predators are afraid of them for the very reason they have convictions, answer to higher principles than the State and will defend their beliefs with their lives. Convictions bad, say elites, atomized casual secular infinitely malleable consumer units who obey are good.

The reason that Krisschans are to be pitied is that Jesus Christ is the only jew they aren't terrified of. Christianity means taking on you the yoke of Christ and eschewing all other masters afterwards. You are to be no respecter of persons with all that entails. For the Krisschan, they recognize the rule of everybody but Christ. They believe that worshipping jewish people as gods is the true calling of their faith. For them, the highest good is submission to Zionism. A more perverted doctrine is scarcely imaginable and all it cost Zionists to implement was to bail Cyrus Scofield out of prison for forgery and embezzlement plus the cost of his new mistress. You gotta admire these people, they invest ten cents in the right quarter and it pays off in billions down the road in interest. You do have to take into account it is just goy control which is nearly as easy as giving orders to hypnotic subjects. The goy are born pretty stoned to begin with and would certainly be controlled by somebody else if they didn't seize the opportunity.


styrac said...

I have stopped watching Hollywood movies entirely since it is obvious that the illuminists have employed every known and less known director to convey their agenda through blockbusters. The names of the scriptwriters attached on theses projects are obviously getting picked up at random, usually from an "up and coming" talentless hack pre-made list who are being told that this is the way to move up the Hollywood ladder now - acting as decoy for the central committee inside Hollywood that writes these scripts in collaboration with the government/military complex representatives (you know, the way the Soviets used to do it). I left the Avengers in the middle of the movie disgusted by the glorification of everything that is base and vulgar and the ridicule of everything that is higher and noble (and was personified in Loki's character). I believe movie theaters sooner or later will have to introduce sick bags that you can reach on your front seat like in airplanes in commercial flights if they keep showing this crap.

The only exceptions are Alexander Payne and David Fincher. Their movies portray a truly traditionalist/anti-materialist message. Sideways is a praise of loyalty to the one person you love and an accurate juxtaposition of Neanderthal/Sapiens characters (guess who comes to the sapiens' rescue in the end revealed to be the true hero while being portrayed as the dysfunctional loser throughout film) , while Zodiac is a parable of what happens when you only rely on man-made apparatus to get to the truth and you remove God out of the picture, leading to complete despair like the predicament the protagonists of the film find themselves in. I'm surprised Fincher and Payne are even allowed to make films and to secure funding, but I guess you can't suppress real talent.

Sitara said...


Mel Gibson was a highly respected (by Hollywood) actor and producer. Then he made the Passion of the Christ.
Immediately afterwards he became public enemy #1...or so the media would have you believe.

But these ppl, who are making this blasphemous movie will be hailed as the second coming themselves, and as great artists and shit like that.

I wonder if they will dare to give them an oscar, as that might be a bit too obvious even for them. Sheeple might stir in their sleep u see....