Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Naked Bolshevist Speaks

Obama takes off his human mask and reveals himself for what he really is.

This dolt doesn't understand the unconscious irony of his words when he tries to think of some service that only the special guffamint can provide mere mortals. Wherever fire services have been privatized across the country over the past two hundred years, you get a safer and more professional breed of firemen with better response times and more innovative way to fight fires. It was the private fire services all over the country who began to use robots to fight fires and save their own lives where there were no people trapped in buildings. Everything about private firefighting services is superior. It's cheaper and it tears another plank out of the parasite's claim that this is what all those taxes are for.

The "r" types claim it is the group that matters. They could not be more wrong. It's the individual that matters, not the group. It is the "K" that matters. Groups succeed where they are composed of superior individuals and groups of inferior individuals (bolshevism) results in countries that look like Barry's native Kenya. People with misshapen and damaged amygdalas need the group to tell them what is good and what is bad. Humans with properly developed brains form healthy and instinctive associations, they are not cognitive cripples who can only perceive the real world through consensus. From the liberal's point of view, he is right. He would be nothing without the "group."

The grasshoppers are always villifying the ant for being an ant and no other reason. Ants bad because they survive better, grasshoppers good because they are stupid, mindless and parasitic. This is grasshopper logic. Not to rub it in, fellows, but without exceptional individuals you'd just be a bunch of savages squatting on a dung heap fighting over who gets decapitated next. Otherwise known as Mexico.

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