Friday, July 27, 2012

Melbourne, Australia

I've been reading up on it for about two years. I'm starting to think I settled in the wrong place in Australia.

Faces Antarctica, no tsunamis from that side, uses the rest of the country as a buffer against the Pacific Rim.

By some accounts, it is almost possible to walk from the outer suburbs to the inner city completely underground, a feat previously only possible in Switzerland.

Melbourne was famed for being an underground city even before World War Two in Australia and during the war the Yanks helped pay to dig out the rest of the city below the streets for their troops. Some people believe private government tunnels actually run out to the mountains or farther.

Climate is cool and dry, not much trouble with the tropical mold and fungus that has attacked my shelter here. Air tends to be crisp and refreshing, usually charged with negative ions from cold air coming from the southern ocean.

I've also heard the average IQ in Melbourne is a good ten points above that of Queensland, this alone making it a very attractive destination. The city has a lot of work for IT people and seems to be weathering the depression pretty well at this stage. I've heard people from Melbourne speak in complete sentences and can walk and chew gum at the same time. This makes it seem almost ideal to me.


KW Jackson said...

Melbourne is getting darker by the month. There's more and more Africans here. They've been flying them in at night, complete with obvious scarification, for a decade or more.

JimBob said...

@KW Jackson
Clearly the people that control Melbourne, do not intend it for whites. For whites, nothing.

Militant Translation

SPLC had a fundraiser that sounded like me with a gallon of bourbon in me.

SPLC was raising hell about the LACK OF BLACKS in Northern Idaho!

This was a fund-raising issue, taken seriously by SPLC donors.

I saw no one but me on our side even comment on this.

Nor would anyone else get the point. I doubt if Adolf Hitler himself ever stated that “The Aryan race cannot survive if there is one single Jew left on earth.”

But leaders of Hispanics, Jews, blacks, gypsies, you name it, are all saying, ALL THE TIME:

“My people cannot survive if the future allowed one single white gentile to exist.”

No, they have to build giant conspiracies between Commies or Jews to show what the official attitude is.

Meanwhile, all the authorities are saying, “No other group can exist if the future allows one single white gentile to exist.” When will someone besides Bob throw their own words in their faces and demand why we not only are not allowed to survive, but are not allowed to TALK about our survival?

Matthew Richter said...

You should relocate to Albury Tex, That is where I'm heading soon, for most of the reasons you pointed out not to mention Albury is only a couple of hours from Melb. Queensland's weather is beautifull but the people well...

deadman said...

A very cosmopolitan CBD that's for sure. Quite picturesque as well. But the weather doesn't lend itself to one having a positive disposition at all times...

- deadman.