Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kwanzanians Are Train Wreck People

The women in this video make sense, the rest of the country, including most of it's leadership and males, are just trash people. They're garbage. The Founding Fathers would not deliberate two seconds to shoot the lot of them dead and replace them with real people. They wouldn't feel much in the way of guilt because they are more like animals than human beings.

It's tragic that most Zanies would actually consider what this woman says to be somehow controversial. It shows how far that they all have fallen. The average Zany today is the human equivalent of a piece of gum you pick up walking through the park that you have to scrape off your shoe with a stick. That "representative" at the start of the video is truly a laughable character. Jefferson would blow his head off before he finished his sentence and have him thrown into a compost pit rather than waste a Christian burial on that monkey in manpants.

That male pantywaist almost breaks into tears when the woman informs him he is a slave. Maybe somebody could hold his hand like Oprah Winfrey and give him extra special hugs and tell him he is a unique individjool instead of a slave. Sorry asshole, you're a slave. Something about you just isn't right. At all. Specifically, I suspect examination of your frontal lobes and amygdala would reveal you are damaged goods, both you and the equivocating "male" "leader" sitting beside you. There are critical parts of your brain that look more female than male and this has left you in a vacuum where the woman sitting beside you has more sense and better judgement than you do.

Throughout human history, nations of people this shabby always end their empires the same way. They will never change. They are automatons and they will play out their sad little robotic roles to the bitter end. Nothing will stay their fate.


Ave said...

That video is completely staged, they all play along the script. It's all about the final speech. As far as I can see & hear there is not even a public they're talking to.

I've left the US forums years ago, when astroturf-grassroots Tea Party posters replaced the Neocon warhawk variety. You can sense, by the way they write, that they're just playing along a script too.

Again, believe only what you experience personaly.

JimBob said...

I find this stuff amusing, in a black humor kind of way.

You have these concerned white people, whining about the constitution being eroded and they haven't noticed, they don't live in a white country any more.

Throughout the world, the only countries that are free, are white.

I'll bet she would call me a "racist", if I pointed that fact out to her.

Whites are either too afraid, or too brainwashed to discuss the elephant in the room.

Texas Arcane said...

... but it's actually much worse than this, JimBob. Imagine the white people are being flattened against the walls so tightly they cannot breathe by the elephant's ass, the elephant is farting so often the air is toxic and they cannot turn around in the room without staring directly into an elephant sphincter. Yet, they strangely omit the presence of this elephant in the room when they talk about their "problems" and pretend to be puzzled about why everybody is turning blue in the room from lack of oxygen due to elephant methane. That's more like a correct metaphor.