Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kwanstainia Looted Down To Bedrock

Most Kwanzanians are not registering what has happened to them.

If the economy boomed tomorrow, it wouldn't matter for huge portions of the 'Stain. This is what is called a lost generation by some who think they are nervy. It is more accurate to say it is a lost nation, forever, period.

One of the media's last jobs in the country is to cover the withdrawal and retreat of the criminals responsible. They baffle the common man with cortical busywork, pumping out drivel about GDP versus annual growth, all the while watching out of the corner of their eye to see if their fellow thieves have decamped properly yet. It is necessary to keep the sheeple a tad confused about what has happened until all loot has been carted off and the furnishings properly stripped right down to the last curtain rod.

You keep believing, rube, as the last of them vanishes over the horizon with the stuffed burlap sack hoisted over their shoulder crammed with stolen goods. It will be just fine.

Many of you are on the verge of discovering just what it was that the German people were so angry about in 1933. You are going to see for yourselves what they were so furious about that an idiot like Adolph Hitler started to seem like a good idea.

This happens in the end cycle of every empire, the turn to a dictator who imposes strong rule and eventually ruins everything worth preserving in that society. You could set your watch. They clamor for a Caesar but what they really end up with is an unemployable art school reject.


hitfan said...

People feel like they no longer have a stake in their nation anymore. Even I wouldn't shed much of a tear if the United States blew up, what good is there left to preserve here really?

I just returned from a trip to Europe, and in spite of it also sliding degeneratively, I got the impression that it wasn't nearly as far gone as the 'kwa. So when I was in Paris, being of French blood myself, I was deeply moved by it's proud artistic, architectural and military history.

I feel more willing to fight to preserve that city than for all of the 'kwa combined. Perhaps Paris will eventually become like Detroit in a few decades by the global push towards the multicult, but I felt much more at home there than any other major American city.

The Lab Manager said...

Sadly, as an American, there is nothing I can do. I gave up on voting some years ago.

In my discussions of Ron Paul and other like him, the venom of those on the right and left is amazing.

They would rather be ruled by moral degenerates.

I'm glad I never joined my US military. None of the places we are stationed have anything to do with any alleged freedoms, and most of population nor their property is even worth defending when they willingly vote each election cycle for those who cheat them.