Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kwanstainia : Just Another 3rd World HellHole

Like Mexico except with better street wiring

Very similar to post-Weimar Germany, where even the local clerks knew they would have the full support of the higher authorities for whatever outrageous criminal abuses they wished to commit against the civilian population. The nuts are capturing the institutions. You notice that the people sticking the boot in are not jewish, not ethnic minorities, not foreign subversives, just regular white Amerikwans who know that they can live out their psychotic fantasies of unlimited power on a policeman's salary. They can break any law, drive in reverse up a one-way street, threaten to kill their neighbours for complaining about their loud stereos, generally conduct themselves like an elite squad of untouchable badasses who can bootstomp people of any color or creed anytime they want for any reason they want. It is what Bertrand Russell called the dream of the little bureacrats. To lower the whip hand without fear of retribution. To let no good deed go unpunished.

The problem, as I see it, is the whites willing to do anything for power. Not the other races.


JimBob said...

Yeah, Hunter Wallace from Occidental Descent is jew wise, but pins most of the blame for what has happened in America, on what he calls "Yankees". I assume he means Plymouth Rock WASPS. The type that think they are on a holy mission, to impose their opinions on the rest of humanity.

Of course this goes way beyond cops, bureaucrats and soldiers. It goes all the way to the top. See how they treat people in other countries, now they are behaving the same way at home.

Texas Arcane said...

... and this is why, JimBob, that over the decades I have begun to realize that somebody who necessarily appeals to our common heritage may be as big or a bigger bastard than people of other backgrounds who are clearly trying to screw me because of my own supposed in-group membership.

There are lots and lots of people walking around who say to you, I'm your friend because you and I are the same color. The truth is, you actually have far fewer friends than you think if you think everybody who looks like you is on your side. Most think they will screw you while the other predators are also screwing you, both of them claiming to be motivated by altruistic motives.

This hardly means that genes don't matter. The opposite in fact. What I mean is that there are plenty who may look the same as you do but they may be even bigger scumbags than the obvious hostiles. I don't think this is propaganda used to divide us, I think it is good observation and skepticism. Anybody who doesn't put their country's welfare first, second, third and fourth and seems to have any divided loyalties of any kind is not to be trusted no matter what in-group they claim to belong to. This includes people always whining about the environment, our international treaties, our obligations to people in far off nations to share whatever we have with them. Doesn't matter if they look like you or not, people like this are scum.

If you're bright and you pay attention for fifty years you will eventually figure this out.

People who want to straddle the fence anywhere, including mediating and qualifying everything, must be seen for what they are which is opportunists. So cops who oppress not only us but also others including other races cannot be trusted they are unstable people. Anybody who would set a German shepard on a mother with a stroller of any race is an unstable psychopath and should never be trusted in any way. These sorts will always turn on you, they are without any honor as men, regardless of skin color.

live and learn said...

Skin color, in truth, has nothing to do with a persons heart and morals.
A man is a man, a woman is a woman, and a child is a child, regardless of there skin color.

live and learn said...

And all skin colors should get equal respect and punishment.

Texas Arcane said...

... and whenever white nations attempt to treat people equally without regard to their race, all the races scream discrimination and racism. Can't qualify for a medical career? It isn't your fault, white racism made you flunk out of medical school. Can't get a job in nuclear physics? It's whitey keeping you down. Women do the same. Even though females can pass none of the physical or mental tests for combat and would be a virtual boat anchor attached to a combat unit, they insist they want to serve in combat and any male who thinks that is a bad idea is a misogynist who hates women. Police force turn down a woman because she's too weak/slow/ditzy? Typical white male patriarchialism.

Anti-racism means anti-white and anti-white is the same thing as opposition to the healthy standards they establish that formerly kept their civilizations such top flight operations.

The problem with treating all people the same without special consideration for their race is that all the races will immediately scream they have no shortcomings and any apparent ones are caused by white racism.

Think it through you'll see this will all simply collapse formerly white majority companies. You can put any kind of spin you want on it, it won't do you any good. Whites who cannot insist on their high standards and have to accommodate all races and genders with affirmative action and performance curves have signed their own death warrant. Without standards, civilization won't last long at all. The first thing to go is the rule of law as all criminals pour in and loot everything not tied down, knowing full well that all regulation and constraints on conduct have been abandoned.

Awakened said...

I agree that many people whine and like to point the finger at someone or something else as the reason they fail at something or are mistreated. I think all races do this depending on their situation and on which side of the economic and social scale they are on. I would call it a weakness of human nature to point the finger at somebody else for their problems.