Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Safest Places In The United States Are Heavily Armed Monocultural Enclaves

Sorry, the truth hurts but not as bad as a bullet wound.

Bummer. So globalism and multikult is just a bunch of lethal genocidal gibberish with less credibility than marxism. Whooda thunkit.

If you want to be safe in life, move to places that the government can't be bothered to provide you help in. These places tend to be clean, safe, prosperous, healthy and sane. At least until the government finds out that evil monoculturalists are trying to live this way without them. They insist that areas like this undergo improvamentation as soon as they can afford to get to them.

Nothing says improvamentation like body counts and terror. People who resist improvamentation are evil and probably love Hitler or Nixon, maybe both. They are morally inferior and confused in that they believe they want to live without gunfire in the streets and huge angry mobs rioting and looting while they set fire to stuff. Resisting improvamentation is futile, you will be improvamented.

A Baby In Every Pot, Promises Barry Soetoro

We fry'em up daily in Kenya, the down-low brother explains to his audience of rubes and suckers.

This has been a "painful recovery" (?!?) since 2007. If it recovers any more we are going to see war, famine and civil unrest that makes the Great Depression look like a girl scout singalong. This kind of improvamentation seems to hurt a lot as we get improvamented. Any more of this improvamentation and we are going to return to the 12th century in terms of living standards, which will still be a considerably better quality of life than they enjoy in Barry's native Kenya.

Ben Bernanke fits the technical definition of insanity. He keeps printing money and expects different results. When asked how today's debauchment of the currency is different from the debauchment that took place in Germany in the 1930's, Ben explains that was a filthy Nazi debauchment, which is why it didn't work. His debauchment is double-plus-good-success-assured-wonder-waffen-win. He can't understand why you need it explained to you.

I'm nearly a half a century old and I have never seen a central bank solve a single economic problem. They create them and then make them progressively worse. It is a lot like getting advice from the arsonist who started a blaze about the best approach to put out the fire. Man is not a learning animal. If he was we'd all be riding hoverboards to work and robots would do the dirty dishes for us.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Kwanstainians Beaten By Chinese Girls

American reaction was "like, whatever dude, furthermore ... okay ... wait, what was the question?"

Initially sour grapes effetes cry doping but it becomes obvious upon introspection that Kwanzanians simply don't train very hard in comparison. Phelps promises to triple his regimen of X-Box marathon sessions, Rice Krispy bars and surfing the internet for pron in coming years. "She's like ... okay, first of all, look at her! She's all like muscly and stuff! Wait, what were we talking about?"

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nation Wrecking As An Art Form

Other men build up. These parasites tear down. It is what they are good at. If they could make or fix anything they would, but they can't. They therefore put their backs into the business of chaos, anarchy and destruction. Everybody should find something they are good at and master it and that is exactly what these fellas have done.

This is the reason civilization is cyclic. You can arrange that china on the curio shelves anyway you want. It doesn't matter. A self-righteous lunatic will be in shortly to smash it all with a crowbar and stomp on the fragments. This is called improvamentation.

Anybody who can think of a counter-argument for the notion that Homo Sapiens is a fundamentally flawed organism, feel free to post your rebuttal in the comment section. I think it is self-evident. For people this crazy to achieve this authority and rise to positions where they could actually evict their own supporters, you would need the assistance of untold botched and bungled people along the way. These guys don't get into these offices in a single day on their own steam. A massive army of lemmings has to provide support.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

In Kwanstainia, The State Owns The Sky

Prison and fine for man who was capturing rainwater and snow melt on his property.

They own the atoms. They own the space between the atoms. They own the stars in heaven and the light from them that reaches your eyes at night. They own the soil and the worms in the soil. They own the bacteria and the seeds and the stones of the earth. They own the air you breathe and the lungs that breathe it and they own the carbon dioxide you exhale after you have breathed it and they tax that carbon dioxide when it comes out. They own the sweat of your brow and the fruits of your labor from that sweat and you didn't build that business yourself. They own the brains in your head and the blood in your veins and you own exactly nothing of anything.

Lenin dreamed. In his wildest fantasies he never dreamt of such unlimited power as lies in the hands of the modern State. It has stolen these things bit by bit, piece by piece, under stealthy approaches with beautiful sentiments and platitudes and sibilant fawning lies. The West has failed and this mad corruption is proof that it has failed. The checks and balances have failed and these hideous misshapen nosferatu blood-sucking horrors are what is left behind in the shadows when the sun has gone down on our once great civilization.

Friday, July 27, 2012

South Americans Killed People For Not Being Ugly

Good observation made in this article about Incan mummy sacrifice

It is very salient to point out that almost all primitive races have been killing their good-looking and intelligent people in human sacrifices for countless thousands of years. What you have left when you kill all your best people explains how they ended up looking like that.

This could be considered to have taken place during the Dark Ages under the Inquisition when women of unusual beauty, wit or naivete were singled out as likely to be witches. Between the the Catholic Church and Oliver Cromwell, monsters of various hues eliminated most of the good genes in Europe through selective extermination. When you look at British women today and wonder how they ended up looking like pack mules with wigs on, you have to remember how many unknown supermodels and extremely beautiful women died in bonfires at the stake at the hands of Inquisitors for the crime of being exceptional or noteworthy in some way. Their unique faces and charm were the exact reason they attracted attention to themselves. Would not be surprising if they rejected the advances of some local ecclesiastical pervert leading to the accusation of witchcraft, demonstrating they were probably more chaste and virtuous in addition to being beautiful.

The Darwinian notion of genes continuously "progressing" is a fantastic mythology like UFO abductions and Spiritual Seances. There is very little basis for it to be found in any race of people other than the Neanderthals. All the other races naturally were in continuous decline and did not "progress" anywhere. The only reason Homo Sapiens got a larger brain 38,000 years ago is by stealing it through gang rape of Neanderthals. The reality is that a hominid race that just manages to hold their ground genetically and not deteriorate is preserving a pretty unusual situation in an arrangement that is usually temporary at best.

When one sees the powerful tide that is entropy, it becomes apparent the melonheads themselves would not have been immune to these forces. Good King Tut desperately scoured about looking for a proper royal queen to marry but they were all long gone. Even had he found one, this narrow interbreeding for millennia had left them with a raft of genetic diseases and faults that led to their very downfall.

Anyone who fails to understand how difficult it is for genes to advance when bad genes can gang up and simply kill good genes will never understand natural selection amongst human beings. People who dismiss this curiosity in human affairs will never understand the many shortcomings of large scale social environments and the way they work against quality all the time. This is a very powerful, even paramount force in evolution as it applies to social bipeds. The only way to get around it is to pursue the strategies of Neanderthal peoples.

The truth is, 99% of everything is usually junk with humans no exceptions. Anything that is fine or well put together is always temporary and scheduled to give way to the dismal tide. This beautiful Incan would be replaced by people who survived her who often look like hemorrhoids with hats. Nobody would bother sacrificing them to the "gods" because it was obvious they were no prize. In this crazy dysgenic cycle, lack of facial summetry becomes a survival trait and stupidity is regarded as cunning.

Melbourne, Australia

I've been reading up on it for about two years. I'm starting to think I settled in the wrong place in Australia.

Faces Antarctica, no tsunamis from that side, uses the rest of the country as a buffer against the Pacific Rim.

By some accounts, it is almost possible to walk from the outer suburbs to the inner city completely underground, a feat previously only possible in Switzerland.

Melbourne was famed for being an underground city even before World War Two in Australia and during the war the Yanks helped pay to dig out the rest of the city below the streets for their troops. Some people believe private government tunnels actually run out to the mountains or farther.

Climate is cool and dry, not much trouble with the tropical mold and fungus that has attacked my shelter here. Air tends to be crisp and refreshing, usually charged with negative ions from cold air coming from the southern ocean.

I've also heard the average IQ in Melbourne is a good ten points above that of Queensland, this alone making it a very attractive destination. The city has a lot of work for IT people and seems to be weathering the depression pretty well at this stage. I've heard people from Melbourne speak in complete sentences and can walk and chew gum at the same time. This makes it seem almost ideal to me.

How To Tell If Something Is Crazy

Easy. When Vault-Co says it, it is the delusion of a disturbed bourgeois petty ranter.

A couple years/decades down the road when other people say it, it is common sense so widely accepted it doesn't warrant discussion. That's the difference.

The Sun is changing. Permanently or as permanent as it can seem to a human being. This will bring a return of "normal" weather. The problem is that the majority of mankind doesn't realize what "normal" is on this planet.

The Holocene is nearly over. This is a brief window of 12,000 years in which the earth warms in a spectacular and marked fashion, making human civilization possible by feeding the mouths necessary to put boots on the ground. It is such a rare cyclical event that you should make the best of it while it lasts and the human grasshopper has done just that. We were at the peak of a peak of a warming trend. It is almost unheard of for the planet to get this warm and stay that way for 12,000 years.

Now it is ending and we are returning to business as usual. The only thing left to discuss is where we stand on the cycle of Grand Minima. Regular people would insist the next Grand Minima is still 100,000 years away. In fact, Vault-Co agrees with Robert Felix at IceAgeNow that we are at the top of a rollercoaster which was built on top of another rollercoaster which was constructed on top of a 1000-foot high radio tower which was built on Mount Everest. We have crested over the first hill of that rollercoaster and are about to begin our first plunge downward.

It is painfully obvious that our current period corresponds with the Wolf and Sporer Minimums. Nobody who remotely understands how the sun affects climate would argue with it. The question is, is it a Little Ice Age we are moving into, or the big tamale?

If we were any other race of men other than the race of men we are, we'd be acting like Neanderthals right now. We'd be tunneling deep, building sheltered cities underground where we could live through extremes of weather, turning to nuclear power to provide us with warmth and energy no matter how cold it got, turning our agricultural system to hydroponics and permaculture under cover. We'd be organized. We would be moving in the right direction every day.

We're not that race of men. That's not going to be the story of civilization. It could be your story, however and that is why you need to get yourself a Vault.

P.S. Notice the journalist tries to skew every piece of information towards globowarmthinkery gibberish. This is the exact opposite in every way of what a successful civilization would be doing.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bolshevism II : Enforcing Korrect Thought With The Economic Power Of State Regulation

Son of vicious terrorist uses government authority to enforce political ideology on formerly free men

These guys don't know right from wrong. They don't understand the Constitution, the government of the United States, free expression, freedom of speech, the right to liberty and freedom of association.

They're full on raving nuts. Rabid, foaming at the mouth lunatics incapable of maintaining the rule of law.

They'll never get it. They just pretended to until they could seize the institutions and enforce their own agenda. They will never really understand what it means to be tolerant or to respect the freedoms of others. They are not compatible with republics and free peoples. They do not permit others to go their own way and this means they don't belong on U.S. soil. It's not the country for them.

Damaged goods. The nasty little runts of the litter. About as degenerate as human biology gets.

MEGAFAIL : Obama's administration does face stack into smoldering pile of dogsh*t in public. Poor losers can't identify the recognized capital of Israel. Question #1 to understand policy, failing to get this one right disqualifies you from talking about the situation at all. Answer : Tel Aviv. Not knowing the Israeli government wants to have Jerusalem declared the capital indicates you have no understanding of what is going on here. Therefore all aid should stop immediately.

Here is hoping they have a country of their own they can go to and run the way they would like to see it organized. They should not remain on U.S. soil, they don't belong there. Walking away from them or their bizarre notions of what government consists of is not an option, they don't permit it.

They lie a lot, as do all busted people. They lie about almost everything and anything. In fact, it is not really lying when they do it because the capacity for truthfulness doesn't really exist in them. Every word that comes out of their mouth is a lie. Notice in the last link that Obama argues weapons belong in the hands of soldiers. I guess they would need them with all the wars he has started since he took office and is still priming all over the world. So soldiers fighting where Obama sends them is good but private citizens don't need to have the right to defend themselves unless they are fighting in the wars he started. I could substitute any marxist dictator in Africa with this guy and nobody would notice. You should remember that when he is hinting that James Holmes was a mentally unstable person who should not have had access to these weapons (I agree wholeheartedly) that Holmes purchased all his powerful military weapons with grant money given to him by Obama's government. I wish was I was making this all up. Seriously. I am not imaginative enough to have invented this story, it is too incredible.

Here Bernanke doesn't think he should be audited because he doesn't want "politicians second-guessing his decisions." You mean elected officials determining if anything you are doing is even legal? This sort of talk could come from Commissars after the Bolshevists ground Russia beneath their heel in 1918. Mega-crazy gammy-eyed wacky speech.

The Founding Fathers would escort all of these guys to the nearest port and wave them off with a request they never return. Free nations are not for them. I only hope they have somewhere to go they can live with a majority of people as screwed up as they are. Everybody deserves to live amongst their own kind in the way that seems best to them. At least, according to the United Nations they do.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kwanstainia Looted Down To Bedrock

Most Kwanzanians are not registering what has happened to them.

If the economy boomed tomorrow, it wouldn't matter for huge portions of the 'Stain. This is what is called a lost generation by some who think they are nervy. It is more accurate to say it is a lost nation, forever, period.

One of the media's last jobs in the country is to cover the withdrawal and retreat of the criminals responsible. They baffle the common man with cortical busywork, pumping out drivel about GDP versus annual growth, all the while watching out of the corner of their eye to see if their fellow thieves have decamped properly yet. It is necessary to keep the sheeple a tad confused about what has happened until all loot has been carted off and the furnishings properly stripped right down to the last curtain rod.

You keep believing, rube, as the last of them vanishes over the horizon with the stuffed burlap sack hoisted over their shoulder crammed with stolen goods. It will be just fine.

Many of you are on the verge of discovering just what it was that the German people were so angry about in 1933. You are going to see for yourselves what they were so furious about that an idiot like Adolph Hitler started to seem like a good idea.

This happens in the end cycle of every empire, the turn to a dictator who imposes strong rule and eventually ruins everything worth preserving in that society. You could set your watch. They clamor for a Caesar but what they really end up with is an unemployable art school reject.

Federal Funded Massacre Provides Needed Capital To False Flag Operation

Holmes was shooting government-issue bullets and wearing government-issue body armor. The reason he had the money was the government gave it to him. Nobody is arguing this. The cat is out of the bag.

Bethesda Naval Hospital being the sinister nexus of MK-ULTRA brainwashing in conspiracy theory going back more than 70+ years, of course. A coincidence, to be sure. Oh and this guy was in some "special" neuroscience study program that had to do with conformance and behavioural modification. Seriously, people, what more do you need? Do you need them to make a full confession? "We staged a false flag and we're so sorry. We had good intentions, we were trying to help the UN enforce their new regime to disarm Americans that they declared two weeks prior in every international newspaper on the planet. So that makes it okay."

Do you know when the little voice in your brain goes "Nobody is that monstrous. We are all pretty much the same. Nobody out there is so horribly disturbed they would organize this. That's impossible." Well, that's your weakness, rube. They use that wedge to commit all sorts of crimes and get away scot-free. They do horrific things every single day, sometimes to people outside their nation, some days to people inside the nation. It's all the same to them, they don't feel remorse either way. You will never understand the world until you understand there are some really evil, sick people in it and most of them are found working in politics.

You Weren't Imagining It

Females and leftists seem to be interchangeable for a reason - neither one of them has an amygdala functioning correctly. In females the healthy capacity may be present but it is suppressed by oxytocin, the hormone that makes life worth living. That's because females are not complete unless they are being guarded by males somewhere. That is the way nature designed it all to work.

Leftists are like that because their amygdalas are damaged/broken/absent. Not suppressed.

You know when the left wing giggles instinctively at people raising objections because they are afraid of consequences? They are always asking "How can you live your life in fear?" and you know how it is so flabbergasting you always have trouble even responding to something that incredibly stupid? It is because you understand emotionally that consequences of certain behaviours can get you killed. Where that part of the brain is supposed to go on a human, the leftist has a shriveled walnut which qualifies as clinical brain damage. They don't "feel fear" because their brains are fried, malfunctioning, missing the central core and completely unfit for purpose as intended when they were issued by the factory.

In the lab, animals that have their amygdalas burned out experimentally with surgery or chemicals act exactly like leftists. They don't live their lives in fear either. They don't demonstrate anything like healthy organic natural responses. They seem insane. They rut wildly, neglect their offspring and abandon them to starve, approach their deadly enemies without any kind of caution and in general act like they are rabidly crazy.

In the natural world, this results in a strong case of death and ends with the faulty brain reaching room temperature. In human societies, this can land you some sweet grants, lifelong tenure and guaranteed income for life spouting gibberish while you completely wreck your own nation and welcome exterminating invasion hordes with open arms and a euphoric smile. It's all good, everything will be fine, snicker. Have you ever seen the leftist doing that sneer? They really do believe it when they say it. Of course they do, they have brain damage. Actually, this will all end in naked blood-covered men swinging machetes and a booming market in babymeat. You can smell the cordite and busted sewerage mains right now. The left will be grinning right up to the end when the long knives are all around them. What, this? Man, I can't live my life in fear.

I really wish I was making all this up. Unfortunately, I'm not.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

IPCC Confesses To Entire World They Are Lying, Deceitful Bullsh*t Artists

A big shock to everybody on the planet except regulars at Vault-Co, no doubt.

With the very public defection of feckless, treacherous turncoat Lovelock last month, the rats are truly leaving the sinking ship.

As predicted on Vault-Co, these cowardly R-types will turn on their own comrades and cannibalize them to protect their own sinecures. They are people without any loyalty and honor and they would turn their mothers out into the streets if they thought they could pimp them out for extra cash.

Environmentalism is the last refuge of a scoundrel in the modern era.

Kwanstainia : Just Another 3rd World HellHole

Like Mexico except with better street wiring

Very similar to post-Weimar Germany, where even the local clerks knew they would have the full support of the higher authorities for whatever outrageous criminal abuses they wished to commit against the civilian population. The nuts are capturing the institutions. You notice that the people sticking the boot in are not jewish, not ethnic minorities, not foreign subversives, just regular white Amerikwans who know that they can live out their psychotic fantasies of unlimited power on a policeman's salary. They can break any law, drive in reverse up a one-way street, threaten to kill their neighbours for complaining about their loud stereos, generally conduct themselves like an elite squad of untouchable badasses who can bootstomp people of any color or creed anytime they want for any reason they want. It is what Bertrand Russell called the dream of the little bureacrats. To lower the whip hand without fear of retribution. To let no good deed go unpunished.

The problem, as I see it, is the whites willing to do anything for power. Not the other races.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Gun Control : Where Others See A Tragedy, They See An Opportunity

UPDATE!!! Unambiguous Eyewitness Report Puts Handler/Scout at the SCENE!!!!!


U.N. Has Worldwide Conference on Small Arms, Announces Intention To Disarm Americans, A Week Later The Worst Mass Attack in U.S. History. It's all so conveniently timed.
Bodies are not even cool yet and they are piling on.

In the article above, the good cop tells us the bad cop is going to push for a ban on assault rifles but he is simply pushing magazine capacity. Wow, that's a relief. Protect me from the bad cop, Mr. Good Cop.

Yada yada yada

Awfully convenient, this "massacre." Over the past six months the Obamanation Administration has been working late hours into the night on their new initiative to grab the capacity for self-defense away from their constituents, the opposite function of government the Founding Fathers intended. This nut goes and hands them a golden opportunity, almost tailor made to push their modified angle. You got the normally safe movie theatre filled with unarmed patrons being gunned down, terror and mob panic. This guy must have been a Brady Amendment supporter, his timing is impeccable.

First Kosher Typing Corps Springs Into Action

I'd really be curious to wind back the clock and go spy on this "lone nut" to see if he has had any "special friends" who seem to have disappeared. You know, "special friends" who have been intensely coaching him in the past couple months at the coffee shop, commiserating with this psycho's grievances, telling him "You know what you ought to do, you ought to ..." that kind of thing. With Martin Bryant here in Tasmania, his "special friends" arranged to have him released from jail and even posted bail for him after he was suspected of murdering his own father. They then appeared to vanish off the face of the planet after helping Martin secure the weapons and body armor he needed. A great choice of patsy, because all it took was a blond wig to pass for him at a distance.

Yakkin' Heads Riding Dead Bodies To Victory - Panic is an opportunity to pass foolish legislation

Ever feel to you that the left is a lot like a diseased wave of locusts surging over you, destined to eat you alive no matter what you do? Ever feel it is all rather hilarious given how uniformly inferior the left is physically, mentally and spiritually to real people? Now you know how Neanderthals felt 38,000 years ago. Can it be possible these nattering, whining, insipid and pathetic creatures are really going to destroy us all through sheer force of numbers? How could that be? Surely God would not permit that to happen. Yet, here we are.

Mother of all Hoaxes

The lie is halfway around the world before the truth has it's boots on.

Some of the regulars on this board are disappointed I don't spend more time helping them get the word out on the past 150+ years of junk anthropology about our Neanderthal ancestors. I have every intention of writing a book on this subject as soon as time permits but it is not a high priority for me right now.

One of the reasons is that I think Homo Sapiens has been a badly screwed up species for over 38,000+ years. I'm never going to change that. After all, I'm just one guy. I think the injection of Neanderthal brains left him with almost enough sense to get himself into a lot of trouble he lacks the corresponding brains to get out of. I don't think one lone eccentric or an army of them is going to get very far in life if all they have to offer is the truth about our Neanderthal ancestors. You can't refute 150 years of confusion on this subject because "truth" is "truth" for Sapiens if it is the consensus and it doesn't matter to him if the consensus turns out to be wrong on this or any other subject.

Deep down, Homo Sapiens is not much interested in the truth about anything. It is just not an enthusiasm for him and never was. Besides, if he got enthusiastic about the truth he would not be Sapiens, he'd be Neanderthal.

I honestly think that guys like me are wasting their time talking to certain kinds of people. I believe it is valuable brain glucose I could be expending on efforts that pay off better in the longer term and are more gratifying. I had enough frustration in this life when I was younger and I don't want to waste one second of my precious time tilting at windmills. I really found IDIOCRACY to be a life changing experience because I saw myself for the past fifty years cast in the same role as "Not Sure" and I realized I was trying to get something from other people that it is unrealistic to expect they even have to give. I could spend the rest of my adult life refuting errors when I hear them and during that time, mankind would invent a million more. There are a lot better ways to spend my time and they are rewarding in the way that counts to me.

I am glad somebody somewhere has spent more time earnestly engaged in the fight against the hoax of globowarmthinkery. Me, I lack the energy. Probably they are the better man because of it. Or maybe they've just never felt the kind of soul-sapping exhaustion that is really common to people like me after only a short time on the planet. Maybe they've just never contemplated seriously if what they are doing is really going to change anything.

It's a beautiful world. There is a lot of happiness to be found in it and I don't care if what makes other people happy is different from what makes me happy. I'd like for them to be free to do what seems best to them if they do not interfere with the liberty of others. Herein is the problem ... the globowarmthinkist is a miserable tyrant and a liar and he succeeds simply because he goes properly unopposed by his betters.

I salute all you world changers and great reformers. I don't think I am that guy, though. I am no longer all that interested in this stuff. No positive feedback for me of any kind coming from that quarter and there never has been. I'd rather tinker, program and build stuff with my hands that I don't have to convince we should put toilet water on plants to make them grow. I like it when you see it working and nobody can spin that or take it away from you. That feels pretty good. That other stuff is just a drag to me and I don't need anyone else to agree with me on that appraisal.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inflammation : Just Now Being Recognized

I knew this twenty years ago. It is only now becoming a popularly accepted idea.

I had a feeling that almost everything that goes wrong in the human body begins with swelling of one form or another. It is funny how you just know this instinctively for a long time but whenever you try to explain it to somebody else they don't register it until some doctor is on television telling them the same thing many decades later. I can remember sitting in a diner in New York City attempting to transmit this idea to some guy who sold books with me and him just staring at me like I was talking about UFO's. It was really important, I knew it back then. I suspected back in those days it had something to do with cancer and today most doctors are headed in this line of inquiry. The cancer cell is a cell that gets sick of being inflamed all the time and anaerobic and it decides to switch to a sugar diet. Sunlight plays a huge role in all of it, I knew it back then. The cells in your body need sunlight to set their regulatory clocks and when they don't have it they easily slip into a sort of Mad Hatter topsy-turvy internal world where there is no source of truth.

I suspect the worst damage to people with various sleep disorders is swelling in the brain and in the heart from lack of sleep. I believe that insulin then does different types of damage to inflamed tissue if it connects when it is swollen like this. Snoring and lack of oxygen both cause inflammation, making sleep apnea one of the biggest killers of them all. Seriously, sleep apnea is more deadly than smoking a carton of cigarettes a day.

I noticed again and again when lifting weights that whenever I did things that helped reduce swelling and inflammation, my recovery was always quicker and I rebounded much more strongly. I always felt that sunlight and vitamin D played some vital role in controlling inflammatory reactions. I knew the worst sign you were overtraining was swollen feelings in muscles that persisted many days after your workout. This was a sign you had not recovered and should not exert yourself again until these symptoms abated. The important thing was not to simply train when you could, but rather when your body had fully charged itself again and all swelling was gone. I made great gains using these ideas in my late 20's, increasing my strength by 5%-10% a week sometimes for months in a row. Funnily enough, at a time when protein was villified as the food of the devil and heart disease, I knew a big shot of protein, particularly from eggs or fish, made swelling go down all over the body quickly within an hour or so of eating. Steamed vegetables were nearly as effective or better at making that hot and sore feeling go away.

I was able to apply these notions to myself but it was always wasted time trying to elaborate on these concepts for other people. It frustrated me, like everything else in this life. I have had Cassandra Complex for so long it has become a sort of comic relief in my personality.

Nietzsche said that some men can learn everything they need to know in life by noticing the smallest reactions of physiology in themselves - their feelings when eating a long or a short egg, the sensations they get before a storm is coming, their emotional reactions to sunlight and sunset. Other men spend their whole lives learning and never really learn anything because they never acquire any self knowledge. You understand what is going on inside of you, the rest of the universe is downhill from there.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Winter Is Coming, "Party On" Says Ultimate Doomer

This guy concludes it is better to keep printing fiat money right into Weimar-style collapse than to even try to do anything sane or prudent at this stage. He specifically indicates we "may squeeze another ten years out of this civilization" by doing the historical debauchment-onto-death. Seriously, you don't understand what is happening in the world until you understand what could give rise to that sort of fatalist, nihilist advocacy. Civilization has been well and truly botched up, so badly it is hard to remember what sanity even sounded like.

This is grasshopper logic. This is where it always ends up. Grasshoppers wreck civilizations.

Those of you who think this is a minor hitch which will clear right up shortly are part of the problem. You virtually are the problem. These problems arise when people like yourselves attain any kind of leadership or authority over others. You are not leadership material. If you realize that these problems come from a totally schizophrenic worldview that has drifted so far away from sound practices that it constitutes mass lunacy, you would make for better leadership than the crop of quacks we have at present in the West.

If the amygdala in your brain is working, you know that there are consequences for actions. Positive thinking and group consensus don't matter and they don't affect outcomes. The really crazy thing about all this self-referential logic is that when people differ, self-referential arguments and self-referential references are used to refute them. "America is number one, so that means she will always be number one."

Kwanzanians Are Train Wreck People

The women in this video make sense, the rest of the country, including most of it's leadership and males, are just trash people. They're garbage. The Founding Fathers would not deliberate two seconds to shoot the lot of them dead and replace them with real people. They wouldn't feel much in the way of guilt because they are more like animals than human beings.

It's tragic that most Zanies would actually consider what this woman says to be somehow controversial. It shows how far that they all have fallen. The average Zany today is the human equivalent of a piece of gum you pick up walking through the park that you have to scrape off your shoe with a stick. That "representative" at the start of the video is truly a laughable character. Jefferson would blow his head off before he finished his sentence and have him thrown into a compost pit rather than waste a Christian burial on that monkey in manpants.

That male pantywaist almost breaks into tears when the woman informs him he is a slave. Maybe somebody could hold his hand like Oprah Winfrey and give him extra special hugs and tell him he is a unique individjool instead of a slave. Sorry asshole, you're a slave. Something about you just isn't right. At all. Specifically, I suspect examination of your frontal lobes and amygdala would reveal you are damaged goods, both you and the equivocating "male" "leader" sitting beside you. There are critical parts of your brain that look more female than male and this has left you in a vacuum where the woman sitting beside you has more sense and better judgement than you do.

Throughout human history, nations of people this shabby always end their empires the same way. They will never change. They are automatons and they will play out their sad little robotic roles to the bitter end. Nothing will stay their fate.

"Freedom From War"

Patriots learned about these plans more than forty years ago while the rest of the country slept.

All those "conspiracy nuts" you've been trained like a dog to dismiss were far, far better informed than you were about what the United Nations was working towards.

The real villains in the world are not your next door neighbours. They are the sorts of people attracted to political power. These are the bad guys you have to really fear. Not arms in private hands.

Politics draws in all the psychopaths in a country just like a fishing net.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kwanstainia : Post-Apocalyptic Urban Desert

The improvamentation has run it's course and improvamented everything.

It was all historical inevitability, you see. They were chanting that from the start of the 60's cultural wars right up until the present day. You can't fight it, it is going to happen. Specifically, the complete and utter destruction of the United States from within by a fifth column.

Misleading Headline From Media Madmen

The evidence now indicates that average male IQ has plunged until it is on par with that of females. Tell me something I don't know. Better yet, add more endocrinal disruptors to the water.

The democratization of incompetency is now universal. There is no leadership left and what leadership potential was there has retreated to tend it's own private gardens.

The West has plummeted to the degree that somebody like Barack Obama starts to seem bright to the surviving dregs. Ultimately, every nation gets the "leadership" it deserves.

The Naked Bolshevist Speaks

Obama takes off his human mask and reveals himself for what he really is.

This dolt doesn't understand the unconscious irony of his words when he tries to think of some service that only the special guffamint can provide mere mortals. Wherever fire services have been privatized across the country over the past two hundred years, you get a safer and more professional breed of firemen with better response times and more innovative way to fight fires. It was the private fire services all over the country who began to use robots to fight fires and save their own lives where there were no people trapped in buildings. Everything about private firefighting services is superior. It's cheaper and it tears another plank out of the parasite's claim that this is what all those taxes are for.

The "r" types claim it is the group that matters. They could not be more wrong. It's the individual that matters, not the group. It is the "K" that matters. Groups succeed where they are composed of superior individuals and groups of inferior individuals (bolshevism) results in countries that look like Barry's native Kenya. People with misshapen and damaged amygdalas need the group to tell them what is good and what is bad. Humans with properly developed brains form healthy and instinctive associations, they are not cognitive cripples who can only perceive the real world through consensus. From the liberal's point of view, he is right. He would be nothing without the "group."

The grasshoppers are always villifying the ant for being an ant and no other reason. Ants bad because they survive better, grasshoppers good because they are stupid, mindless and parasitic. This is grasshopper logic. Not to rub it in, fellows, but without exceptional individuals you'd just be a bunch of savages squatting on a dung heap fighting over who gets decapitated next. Otherwise known as Mexico.

Biggest Unreported Story of 2012

The comical, complete and utter collapse of globowarmthinkery.

Typical that Australia ends up being one of the only countries in the world that gets the carbon tax literally ramrodded down the nations throat with brute force at the same time that the whole fraud has fallen to pieces worldwide. No taxation without representation except in Australia. There is no idea so lousy or so crooked you can't find an audience for it in Australia. No matter how bad it stinks if you tell them that it originates in America they'll pinch their noses and open wide.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Don't Wait For These Guys To Warn You About Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

They specialize in obfuscation. You might as well try to get a straight answer out of a mental patient.

ITZ COMING. You better believe it. This planet is going to get hit by a very strong Carrington-style event or worse in the near future - possibly this year.

The best case scenario is an EMP blast that knocks the planet back to the early 1200's in technology.

The worst case is a magnetic reversal or excursion event that temporarily brings down the earth's cosmic ray shield. The worst case might be a long shot or a sure thing, depending on who you get your information from. Some people think the government has been getting ready for it since the late 1980's to provide survival and continuity for anybody they deem important.

Nobody knows what effect a really strong pummeling to our magnetic field would have on organic life. In the past, it seems to have driven men and animals mad.

If you were really a lunatic you could build yourself a gigantic Faraday cage underground like I have but I'd say any kind of underground refuge at all is a good investment.

The Higgs Boson Doesn't Exist

No comment, no need. Nobody likes an I-told-you-so. But we did tell you.

I wish that scientists were virtuous people seeking the truth. I think the better portion of them were just that back before it became an industry and a nice living. The body snatcher pod people took over and pushed the good ones right out of the field altogether.

The truth is, most orthodox "scientists" nowadays are the scum of the earth. The scum of the earth. They are blood-sucking humanoid mimics leeching funding off anybody dumb enough to fall for their act.

The CERN collider is possibly one of the biggest scienmajistical frauds in human history. They should shut the place down and convert it into a skateboard park for all the good that is going to come of that dump.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The End of the Holocene

All the grasshoppers know the long winter is coming now. The R-Types must give way to the K's when the stars once again rule against them.

The grasshoppers have their wild days in the sun, breeding and leaping about and clicking away ... but then comes the season they must pass away and the hardy ant returns, the mainstay of the natural order. No grasshopper can delay the hour of his death through consensus or plebiscite - this is the way the real world works. It seems cruel until you consider it is the only thing that keeps the grasshopper from becoming the locust.

U.S. Cities Winking Out One By One Like Canaries

(in a toxic coalmine.)

It is such a good point to raise on fiat money. The smaller towns are expected to survive on what they really have in their pockets, which is close to nothing after taxes and depreciation and interest. The big cities can just call up Bernanke and have him send over a truck filled with pallets of ZOGBux piled to the roof. They are still accepting this funny money in some quarters and this allows the larger players to continue to tread water for a little while.

Of course, despite all the solipsist rubbish that Bernanke has ever published on the topic of money, nature will win out the way she has been doing for tens of thousands of years. Sooner or later people realize this paper is worthless and flee to precious metals for security.

This story always ends in tragedy. It doesn't matter what talking heads tell you on the televitz.

Man is not a learning animal. It is an urban myth that the majority of mankind can "think" and "reason" and "learn." The evidence shows, they don't and they can't. They are more like animals, stuck in the rut of their instincts, forever incapable of adaptation through any other mechanism than death from unsuccessful strategies. Many nations are taught by their lousy leaders they have escaped the historical cycle but the historical cycle shows these same nations are under a collective death sentence, time and time again. History will continue, just without them in it.

Naked Open Warfare On Christianity Begins

I'd like to see these idiots announce this fall line-up in an Islamic country about Islamic teachings.

One of the reasons we are taught to hate muslims is that our predators are afraid of them for the very reason they have convictions, answer to higher principles than the State and will defend their beliefs with their lives. Convictions bad, say elites, atomized casual secular infinitely malleable consumer units who obey are good.

The reason that Krisschans are to be pitied is that Jesus Christ is the only jew they aren't terrified of. Christianity means taking on you the yoke of Christ and eschewing all other masters afterwards. You are to be no respecter of persons with all that entails. For the Krisschan, they recognize the rule of everybody but Christ. They believe that worshipping jewish people as gods is the true calling of their faith. For them, the highest good is submission to Zionism. A more perverted doctrine is scarcely imaginable and all it cost Zionists to implement was to bail Cyrus Scofield out of prison for forgery and embezzlement plus the cost of his new mistress. You gotta admire these people, they invest ten cents in the right quarter and it pays off in billions down the road in interest. You do have to take into account it is just goy control which is nearly as easy as giving orders to hypnotic subjects. The goy are born pretty stoned to begin with and would certainly be controlled by somebody else if they didn't seize the opportunity.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Fruits of Improvamentation

The improvamented new Amerikwa is most noted for deserted streets inhabited by wild dogs, burnt out auto hulks and collapsing buildings.

Nevertheless, the architects of improvamentation continue to insist that everything will just work out for the best in the end. The best being a blighted apocalyptic ruin overgrown with weeds fertilized by human bones. That kind of best.

At least we don't live in that 1950's terrestial paradise any longer watching LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. That was the true horror story. Improvamentation is much better.

Bolshevism II : Hammer Coming Down

You get control of food distribution and then arms, you have people right where you want them. You can kill'em all slowly just like they did in the Ukraine from 1920-1930. Blame it on "crop failures." The Nazis were held accountable but these monsters rig things so nobody who lacks courage can finger them. That means the majority of all human beings can't finger them. I remember when I was younger and I used to hear Americans disparage the lesson of Bolshevism, claiming that Americans would never be frog-marched into their own extermination. Yet, here we are. They have nearly entertained themselves to death.

Notice America's "leaders" are talking about surrendering the nationwide registry of arms to foreign powers. Who needs fifth column quisling traitors with leaders like these?

Now you know what those "conspiracy nuts" were talking about twenty years ago. This is it. They were right, the vast majority had no idea of what was going on all around them. Deep in outer space thinking about Paris Hilton nude and reality television shows.

I remember when Australians mentioned the gun registry back in 1997 when they were confiscating them. They were laughed at by the majority of corn syrup suckers here. In the great struggle for existence, Australians do not register in the grand scheme of things. They are unable to put up much opposition to anything the government does. They are more like domesticated beasts than people, sweating quietly under any yoke that is lowered upon their shoulders. The capacity for resistance was lost in them a long, long time ago. As has been said about them since ancient times, "A beast made in the shape of a man so that we should not have to be served by beasts." How that resonates in the modern era, when people have virtually proved the truth of the maxim.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Zombie" Fortresses

There is a general meme out there that demonstrates that the common man has only recently begun to contemplate the real world in the same fashion we did at Vault-Co more than twelve years ago.

The fact it takes conditions this dire to get the average man to think even fleetingly this way is proof that most people are slack-jawed dribbling morons only recently down out of the trees. Very recently.

Notice how modern people are almost incapable of thinking about the real world in any context other than as a comparison to some fictional narrative. A house to protect you from "zombies" like in a "zombie movie." We are in a war on "terrorism" like in a "Tom Clancy" novel. Modern man needs the crutch of fiction to even consider a world they otherwise have no kind of connection to - the real one. They have literally entertained themelves to death through the lens of narratives constructed for them by other people. While the world around them collapses economically and lurches towards a third world war, they tell one another stories they think are frightening about the possibility we may be in a "zombie" story. It's all they can cope with, everything else eludes them.

It is a great situation for the super-criminal predator elites because they have nations of schizophrenics who can only turn to televitz to understand anything ... and guess who owns that television and media?

I got bad news for you, Oprah fans. Your fellow man doesn't need to be the walking dead in order to be hungry enough to eat you. They don't even need to be all that hungry. They've been doing it for thousands and thousands of years for no other reason than convenience. Babies, the other white meat. All it takes is a couple of months with the food transport system less than optimal. Mankind routinely creates such situations without any resort to the paranormal or the suspension of disbelief.

Easy to see that this schizophrenic disassociative mindset is going to see the light in the tunnel sooner or later - it's an oncoming train.

The Improvamentation of Kwanstainia

We'll just embrace atheism and leave society to man's better angels. Except man doesn't have any better angels.

Increasingly, the 'Stain looks like a subterranean tunnel of foul, gray-skinned morlocks in the throes of massive genetic degeneration.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sun Charging For Super Chizevsky Event

Solar flares getting stronger as we approach the maximum

... following on a long period of dormancy, the exact sequence described by the Russian Chizevsky for the EMP super event(s) that coincide with massive warfareepidemic and economic collapse.

If Chizevsky were alive today and he knew what we know now about cyclic magnetic reversal, he'd be warning people that this coming maximum is a likely culprit for a reversal or an excursion, the first of it's kind in at least 5000 years, maybe the big tamale 11,500 year event. The last one saw diamonds raining from thin air worldwide and it wiped out the last Neanderthals, the Clovis people in addition to megafauna all over the planet. The fresh water supply became a poisonous toxic soup of blue-green algae killing anything that drank from it. We find Clovis people with their bones stained green because of it.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Where The Kwanstain Is Going It Won't Be Coming Back From

Too late to do anything for the failed regime once known as the United States.

If you ever wondered what I was going on about for the past twenty years, all that ranting was when America could have been saved. The reason I don't much care anymore is that moment has passed.

When it was still salvageable I knew that a difference could be made even at that late state in their decline. Twenty years ago, I knew what the future held for my country back then.

I knew it would end up like this. I also know it will get much, much worse in the 'Stain. Much worse than most people could possibly comprehend.

Friday, July 6, 2012

WikiLeaks Is A Government Run Counterintel Op

Always was, always will be. Funded and founded by zionists at the top.

Classic psy-ops like they taught me in the military.

Create a false opposition, staff it with your own people, build it's credibility and then use it to issue phoney intel against your own real opposition. It is almost a paint-by-numbers operation.

Promoting Julian Assange, a bizarre figure with very questionable origins, as the figurehead leader and then pretending that he is persecuted and pursued is all part of this banal, insipid charade.

If the United States sought anyone they could have them rendered within the hour to any secret location they wanted in the world and made into un-person, never to be mentioned again by the media. Assange lives a live of leisure backed with limitless funding and colossal wealth, despite the fact he has no apparent source of income. They purchased him a headquarters worthy of a Cold War James Bond supervillain and we're all supposed to believe he just found the money in a cookie jar for this huge infrastructure and data fortress.

It's a big mutual admiration society where different actors play good and bad cop and the rest of the planet gets squeezed in the middle.

You keep believing, rube. People bank on it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Doggerland" - The British Atlantis?

This makes so much sense in terms of context. It's in the right place with the right relationship to the mainland and if it was the seat of Teutonic rulers over Britain it explains so much about why this period is so shrouded in mystery.

Whenever they discover something like this you begin to get a sense of the scope of history and how little we have really known about what happened in the past.

If the Teutonic ruling classes had actually occupied this central peninsula to reign over the Britons around them and then were subsumed by a tsunami, it leaves you once again with the theme of slaves surviving the death of their masters. You ask them "what happened here?" and all they can do is shrug and give you dumb looks 5,500 years later.

This is almost becoming the core of my understanding of Homo Sapiens. Don't bother speaking to the help that survived, like servants running from a burning house while their master perishes inside. They don't know anything and can't really narrate the story for you of what has transpired. You just see them mulling around outside later in the ashes and wailing but they are otherwise too feebleminded to bother with.

If Homo Sapiens is the original man, why is it he seems engineered to simply follow instructions with no more consciousness or awareness than a domesticated animal? It is a very reasonable question. How did this creature become so accommodated to obedience? Who was it that gave him his orders? Perhaps these people are no longer evident although we can see echoes of them. Homo Sapiens tells you, "I am the original. Those other people were the clones," sort of like Arnie in The Sixth Day. There is something wrong with your story, Sapiens-man. It didn't make sense to me for about fifty years until I began to see what had been right in front of me the entire time. How did they become ingrained as so servile and whence comes their occasional bright flash of inspiration in the otherwise undistinguished sea of drones?

Do you see how discovering we had Neanderthal ancestry made it all click for me in an instant? Fifty years of questions, all answered in milliseconds. It was the Rosetta stone for people like me who had always known the orthodoxy had provided no real explanation at all.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blathering "r"-Types Get A "K" Response

Iran must have been getting tired of all this "signaling" and "messaging" and "making overtures" and "statements" and other obfuscational confusion that distinguishes the r-Types from actual human beings. They decided to blow some sh*t up to show how easy it is.

The "r"-Type is denoted by his/her lack of quality, virtue, courage and integrity. Any war of nerves, these touchy-feely wafflers are going to lose. Jacob means "to disseminate" in Hebrew. Esau means "Man of Action." In a world with atomic weapons, not being specific is a character flaw and an invitation to a misunderstanding that could lead to global thermonuclear war. Fifty years ago our nuclear arsenal was in the hands of the K's. Today it is in the hands of the "r"'s, a type of peacenik who simply cannot avoid conflicts or maintain the peace.

'Stain Gets Early Preview Of Solar EMP

Millions without power during heat flash that is bound to generate more storms

Get used to the "Derichos" because they are going to become a feature of life. Ancient patterns of weathering on temple external walls in India show that "normally" outside the interglacial it is common for this planet to get storms with 300 mph winds. The only safe place to be in that scenario is deep in a vault belowground. Now you know why all those "burial tombs" also had convoluted right-angle entrances and were built a lot deeper than any resting place for Mom and Pop's bones ever needed to be.

The 11,500 year long Holocene, which is the bubblegum circus popsicle rose-colored glasses feelgood G-rated movie of paleoclimatology ... is coming to an end. Default weather will now resume on this planet. Our entire civilization is like a club of miniature rainbow smurfs who built cities on top of a subway rail which was decommissioned on Long Island for the summer which is set to be restored to regular service in the next 24 hours.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Utah Commissars Call For Registration Of Vegetable Gardens

You couldn't make this stuff up.

The driving force behind the rapid drone deployment is likely the government's need to swiftly outlaw all private gardening of any kind. Controlling food is controlling people, period.

I have known this was coming for ten years and it is why I have always concentrated on technology for covert, secure hydroponics gardens. This is where the future really is going. Sowing big gardens aboveground is not going to work for a variety of reasons unless they are concealed from the air. Those carrots and spring peas will put you on a government watch list of suspected terrorists before you know it.