Friday, July 20, 2012

Gun Control : Where Others See A Tragedy, They See An Opportunity

UPDATE!!! Unambiguous Eyewitness Report Puts Handler/Scout at the SCENE!!!!!


U.N. Has Worldwide Conference on Small Arms, Announces Intention To Disarm Americans, A Week Later The Worst Mass Attack in U.S. History. It's all so conveniently timed.
Bodies are not even cool yet and they are piling on.

In the article above, the good cop tells us the bad cop is going to push for a ban on assault rifles but he is simply pushing magazine capacity. Wow, that's a relief. Protect me from the bad cop, Mr. Good Cop.

Yada yada yada

Awfully convenient, this "massacre." Over the past six months the Obamanation Administration has been working late hours into the night on their new initiative to grab the capacity for self-defense away from their constituents, the opposite function of government the Founding Fathers intended. This nut goes and hands them a golden opportunity, almost tailor made to push their modified angle. You got the normally safe movie theatre filled with unarmed patrons being gunned down, terror and mob panic. This guy must have been a Brady Amendment supporter, his timing is impeccable.

First Kosher Typing Corps Springs Into Action

I'd really be curious to wind back the clock and go spy on this "lone nut" to see if he has had any "special friends" who seem to have disappeared. You know, "special friends" who have been intensely coaching him in the past couple months at the coffee shop, commiserating with this psycho's grievances, telling him "You know what you ought to do, you ought to ..." that kind of thing. With Martin Bryant here in Tasmania, his "special friends" arranged to have him released from jail and even posted bail for him after he was suspected of murdering his own father. They then appeared to vanish off the face of the planet after helping Martin secure the weapons and body armor he needed. A great choice of patsy, because all it took was a blond wig to pass for him at a distance.

Yakkin' Heads Riding Dead Bodies To Victory - Panic is an opportunity to pass foolish legislation

Ever feel to you that the left is a lot like a diseased wave of locusts surging over you, destined to eat you alive no matter what you do? Ever feel it is all rather hilarious given how uniformly inferior the left is physically, mentally and spiritually to real people? Now you know how Neanderthals felt 38,000 years ago. Can it be possible these nattering, whining, insipid and pathetic creatures are really going to destroy us all through sheer force of numbers? How could that be? Surely God would not permit that to happen. Yet, here we are.


JimBob said...

As usual, the left are being complete retards.

Have you noticed the big massacres only ever occur, when people are not allowed to defend themselves?

If one or two people in that theater had concealed carry permits, the killer would have been gunned down, before he got started.

If you take guns away from law abiding citizens, only criminals will have guns.

If you take guns away from law abiding citizens, only criminals will have guns.

theepilgrim said...

gun control will be the least of it. i predict a push to give both private and public buildings the TSA treatment. seeing a movie will now come with a complementary full-body radiation scan and groin groping by a fat slob with an IQ below room temperature, whose "just doing his job" taxpayer expense, of course.

and just like the TSA discourages people from traveling abroad, this will have the effect of discouraging people from even leaving their homes. after all, why go through the effort and expense of building prison camps, when you can simply turn people into prisoners in their own homes?

ray said...

Can it be possible these nattering, whining, insipid and pathetic creatures are really going to destroy us all through sheer force of numbers? How could that be? Surely God would not permit that to happen.

he most certainly would

the left, in particular, goes to great lengths to trumpet their disbelief in, or hatred of, the God that created and sustains them

their religion is feminism and marxism, and the Wonderfullness of the Almighty Human Being (ie, themselves lol)

what's taking place in the u.s. is a lesson, with Enlightened Human(ists) being permitted to "run with their agenda" so that the results of that agenda will be clear to all future persons

this is the fruit of rebellion, and amerika will eat every last bitter bite of it

JimBob said...

Another Mass Shooting in a Gun Control City: Aurora, Colorado
by James Buchanan

"Every mass shooting of Americans by a crazed gunman has taken place in a city or university campus that banned the concealed carry of handguns.

The town of Aurora has a total ban on the concealed carry of handguns even though the state of Colorado passed a “shall-issue” CCW law."

njartist said...

This is the second time there has been an OWS has been used in a false flag operation: remember those idiots who arrested for planning to blow up bridges this spring?

JimBob said...

Two Aurora Shootings: One Widely Known; the Other Ignored

"On April 22 of this year a convicted felon, just out of jail, went to an Aurora, Colorado, church and shot and killed a member of the congregation before being killed himself by a congregant carrying a gun."

Texas Arcane said...

JimBob -

If you're planning a false flag massacre, why would you spend all the money and resources needed to send it up when a single armed stranger could shoot your patsy dead before he even gets a round off? This is why they choose a city where concealed carry is banned. Gun control only makes sense in a world where the victims can't shoot back. It is taking guns away from free men that creates the conditions that you can push gun control in. It requires people dumb enough to think they can be safer by forbidding the law abiding to carry guns and seeing to it only the lawless can obtain them.

Texas Arcane said...

I can count at least three situations in Virginia and Texas that I personally knew the people involved where a guy gave indications he was going to act irresponsibly with his gun and was shot dead or disarmed before he could do anything by someone else with a gun. Mind you that is my personal anecodotal experience. There is no real way to know how many crimes a year are thwarted by a gun in private hands. You don't hear about these incidents because there is none. A drunk guy was waving his gun around and got shot by an alert citizen. No story to report.