Friday, July 13, 2012

Don't Wait For These Guys To Warn You About Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

They specialize in obfuscation. You might as well try to get a straight answer out of a mental patient.

ITZ COMING. You better believe it. This planet is going to get hit by a very strong Carrington-style event or worse in the near future - possibly this year.

The best case scenario is an EMP blast that knocks the planet back to the early 1200's in technology.

The worst case is a magnetic reversal or excursion event that temporarily brings down the earth's cosmic ray shield. The worst case might be a long shot or a sure thing, depending on who you get your information from. Some people think the government has been getting ready for it since the late 1980's to provide survival and continuity for anybody they deem important.

Nobody knows what effect a really strong pummeling to our magnetic field would have on organic life. In the past, it seems to have driven men and animals mad.

If you were really a lunatic you could build yourself a gigantic Faraday cage underground like I have but I'd say any kind of underground refuge at all is a good investment.

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