Friday, July 27, 2012

How To Tell If Something Is Crazy

Easy. When Vault-Co says it, it is the delusion of a disturbed bourgeois petty ranter.

A couple years/decades down the road when other people say it, it is common sense so widely accepted it doesn't warrant discussion. That's the difference.

The Sun is changing. Permanently or as permanent as it can seem to a human being. This will bring a return of "normal" weather. The problem is that the majority of mankind doesn't realize what "normal" is on this planet.

The Holocene is nearly over. This is a brief window of 12,000 years in which the earth warms in a spectacular and marked fashion, making human civilization possible by feeding the mouths necessary to put boots on the ground. It is such a rare cyclical event that you should make the best of it while it lasts and the human grasshopper has done just that. We were at the peak of a peak of a warming trend. It is almost unheard of for the planet to get this warm and stay that way for 12,000 years.

Now it is ending and we are returning to business as usual. The only thing left to discuss is where we stand on the cycle of Grand Minima. Regular people would insist the next Grand Minima is still 100,000 years away. In fact, Vault-Co agrees with Robert Felix at IceAgeNow that we are at the top of a rollercoaster which was built on top of another rollercoaster which was constructed on top of a 1000-foot high radio tower which was built on Mount Everest. We have crested over the first hill of that rollercoaster and are about to begin our first plunge downward.

It is painfully obvious that our current period corresponds with the Wolf and Sporer Minimums. Nobody who remotely understands how the sun affects climate would argue with it. The question is, is it a Little Ice Age we are moving into, or the big tamale?

If we were any other race of men other than the race of men we are, we'd be acting like Neanderthals right now. We'd be tunneling deep, building sheltered cities underground where we could live through extremes of weather, turning to nuclear power to provide us with warmth and energy no matter how cold it got, turning our agricultural system to hydroponics and permaculture under cover. We'd be organized. We would be moving in the right direction every day.

We're not that race of men. That's not going to be the story of civilization. It could be your story, however and that is why you need to get yourself a Vault.

P.S. Notice the journalist tries to skew every piece of information towards globowarmthinkery gibberish. This is the exact opposite in every way of what a successful civilization would be doing.


Ave said...

And if oil does come from the deep underground (something similar to methane in the deep sea) then during the ice age the usual spots refill for thousands of years.

Makes you wonder why the origins of civilisations happened where oil has been the most abundant. Maybe something of past civilisations survived ?

Matthew Richter said...

It is happening quite often now Tex, you put a comma in the wrong place..

It could be your story, however and that is why you need to get yourself a Vault.

however, ... or you could do .. your story, however, and that ...