Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Baby In Every Pot, Promises Barry Soetoro

We fry'em up daily in Kenya, the down-low brother explains to his audience of rubes and suckers.

This has been a "painful recovery" (?!?) since 2007. If it recovers any more we are going to see war, famine and civil unrest that makes the Great Depression look like a girl scout singalong. This kind of improvamentation seems to hurt a lot as we get improvamented. Any more of this improvamentation and we are going to return to the 12th century in terms of living standards, which will still be a considerably better quality of life than they enjoy in Barry's native Kenya.

Ben Bernanke fits the technical definition of insanity. He keeps printing money and expects different results. When asked how today's debauchment of the currency is different from the debauchment that took place in Germany in the 1930's, Ben explains that was a filthy Nazi debauchment, which is why it didn't work. His debauchment is double-plus-good-success-assured-wonder-waffen-win. He can't understand why you need it explained to you.

I'm nearly a half a century old and I have never seen a central bank solve a single economic problem. They create them and then make them progressively worse. It is a lot like getting advice from the arsonist who started a blaze about the best approach to put out the fire. Man is not a learning animal. If he was we'd all be riding hoverboards to work and robots would do the dirty dishes for us.


JimBob said...

Review of the movie Prometheus
by Paul Jones for American Renaissance

I still haven't seen this piece of crap and I'm so glad I didn't. The review alone, was enough to make my skin crawl. These really are the last days of the USA.

Ave said...

German hyperinflation : 1923

Not a nazi thing in any way, on the contrary it was the kind of event that helped them get to power.