Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Made The Dark Ages So Dark?

Was it this? It seems to fit the perfect timeframe for the mysterious era which has always left historians baffled.

Mankind has always wondered how Byzantine Rome mysteriously vanished and this sea of the unknown descended on mankind. The written record just largely skipped over 200 years of what apparently was a huge collapse of society worldwide. The Chinese call this period "The Tail of the Black Dragon" according to their records. It was recorded as a miserable epoch of famine and darkness.

This is where all the disputes arise as people puzzle over this basic question ... why were people forced to fill in the gaps of this period with mythology and monsters? How could the inhabitants of Europe have gone from 8 story monolithic temples with columns 30 meters in diameter to living in stone huts and barely being able to eke out a subsistence diet? This is the era when the legends of Camelot arose and a huge epistemology was created of fantastic conjecture. Why did the survivors of this era even lack a solid oral tradition for two centuries? Luckily we have fragments but organized society seems to have taken a holiday for well over a hundred years during this period.

Then again, maybe instead of a violent catastrophic event that destroyed civilization, it may have just been an ancestor of George Soros doing what they do best. George knows how to collaborate with anybody, including the Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany.


Ave said...

"Mankind has always wondered how Byzantine Rome mysteriously vanished and this sea of the unknown descended on mankind."

Absolutely not. Every frigging year including the last one (1453) is thoroughly documented.

Texas Arcane said...

Absolutely. And if you have been following the fierce debate amongst the historians laboring at the margins, they argue that most of the records from this era were fudged and then backdated to make it appear they were recorded earlier than they actually were.

JimBob said...

"Mankind has always wondered how Byzantine Rome mysteriously vanished and this sea of the unknown descended on mankind."

I'll save them another 10,000 word essay:

"Rome ran out of Romans, exactly like America is running out of Americans."

Did you see they now allow transgenders into the Miss America Pageant? lawlz

That country is a festering joke. It only took 50 years for the Reds to destroy it, just like they said they would.

Someone, please smite that crap hole, with holy fire.

H├ęctor said...

Sorry Tex but we know how Byzantine Rome (Constatinopel) fell, from the Turkish invasions, such an important event in its moment that it signaled a turning point in European history so I don´t think there is a mystery there Tex. However I think that when Yellowstone blows up, it will dwarf Krakatoa by orders of magnitude.

JimBob said...

Bilderberg 2012: Mitt Romney and Bill Gates were there

JimBob said...

Is there any doubt these people follow Baal?

"TEL AVIV—Dark Catholic imagery was spliced with blood, guts and guns as Madonna burst onto the stage at Tel Aviv’s Ramat Gan stadium late on Thursday to kick off her hotly-anticipated MDNA world tour of some 30 countries.

The portentous tolling of a church bell opens the first set with bare-chested monks in burgundy robes swinging a giant golden censer in front of a giant red cross."

Texas Arcane said...

Saw that, JimBob.

These people are really disgusting human beings.

I can only hope that people will realize they should not buy the next version of Windows, vote for Ron Paul instead of Romney and definitely not attend a Madonna concert or allow anyone else to.

Madon't-a's last concert tour was such a disaster it had to be terminated coming out of the gate. The seats were empty. Bet they loved her in Tel Aviv. The rest of the world should ignore her.

Bob said...

mad onna is such a disgusting piece of work.

an english comedy show cast her as an old nasty hag in leotards. she 'sings' in a mans voice while pushing her oversized pubic bone in everyones faces. everyone knows whats she's like. her 'music' spawned that other whore, lady gaga. even orangutan rooters banned her from that country recently.

JimBob said...

I Do NOT wish Her Majesty Well.

"The Queen, who generally keeps out of politics, made it clear a long time ago that anyone in the world who considers themselves Her Subject has as much right to live in Britain as anyone who was merely born there.

In other words, HER birth as Queen is all-important, but no Englishman or Scot or Welshman or Ulsterman has any right to the place where HE was born."

Joe Boy said...

Middle East UFO: Mysterious Light Over Israel, Syria, Confirmed To Be Russian ICBM Test (VIDEOS)

They are sending a message to the ZOG:

Try it and you are finished.

Sitara said...

A correction Cleve: Not everyone was in the dung heap during the European Dark Ages. Islam was enjoying an unprecedented Golden Age that lasted a long time. China also was not doing too badly, if I recall.

Also, Muslims, when Islam was very young, under the commandership of Khalid Bin Waleed, gave the Byzantines their first real, massive defeat. This was way back in late 600 or early 700 AD or something, just a few decades after Islam had been revealed.

Anyhow, that Madonna thing is really disgusting. Everyone knows she is a freemason/zionist shill puppet. Not surprised she is popular in Israel, as the nation and it's sick, demented ppl are basically the anti Christ's footprint upon this world.

JimBob said...

I was looking into how strange Sean Young has been acting, since the 1990s and by chance I found this:

Sean Young Talks about the Jews, the Media, & Mind Control

How is it she makes an ass of herself on a regular basis, so much so, she appears to be teetering on the edge of sanity, yet she is clear headed enough, to see what the media has been doing for decades?

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