Monday, June 25, 2012

VAULT-OS : More CRUD Functionality

I got general searching with query, customized queries, customizable display layouts and customizable edit pages all working in the embedded server. Sounds like a little thing but it involved a lot of work. Since I am not using cookies or session data I have to operate on a pure REST architecture. (Representational State Transfer)

Wanted inventory/medical/personnel to be simple - pick query, add parameters, browse resulting data set and edit where desired. Got scheduling data to use intelligent updating for collisions (same recurrent job conflicting with another job, etc.) and also to attach work orders to recurrent jobs.

I tested the pages above on the Dillo Browser for DOS and they looked perfect, almost identical to IE and Chrome. Arachne, not so good. Poor support for styles and CSS in Arachne for DOS. In browsers without javascript, the little popup helper editors are not available. You have to type in a date, a color or other fields manually.

The reason I wanted to degrade backwards to much earlier browsers is to support nodes in the shelter/refuge that run on thin clients with IE5.5 or very old laptops that can only run lightweight browsers. If the facility is there, the javascript snippets improve everything dramatically.

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