Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vaccines = Social Darwinism

It is a way to eliminate the genetically inferior lower classes in huge numbers without drawing undue attention to their deaths.

Former Merck employees blow the whistle on the genocidal campaign of their own company

Ignoring adverse reaction reports including deaths for decades

My own son had an adverse reaction. I know what I saw. These bastards will try to tell you that you cannot trust the evidence of your own six senses, you should trust them instead.

I was in the emergency room the other night and the moron that was on call there was trying to tell me that only unedjamafacated peeple refuse the meningococcal vaccine for their children. When I asked him to clarify how the vaccine for type B could protect against Type A, he stammered and went red as a beet ... then blurted out something about me "not having a medical background." I told him you need to shut up and worry about the reason we came in, not advocating your vaccines.

Nobody despises doctors as much as I do. It's because I understand them really well. I know what is going on inside their tiny heads. It's truly ugly. They are vain and rotten human beings playing the altruist in order to earn a good living. No real doctor would be advocating vaccination if he gave a rat's ass about his patients and their well being. Pretending to care about children is what these scum do.

Did you know that my whole life, I always feel a strong pang of guilt and shame whenever I try to use my higher native intelligence against other people? It never fails to make me feel terrible, especially if I am successful. The doctor is somebody who does not hesitate to use his higher-than-average intelligence to turn human beings into cash cows to support his lifestyle. The inner man is utterly corrupt in them. Altruism is really the last refuge of a scoundrel.


HalibetLector said...

What makes this worse is most colleges require you to take the MMR vaccine or they won't let you live on campus. A number of colleges (including mine) require you to live on campus the first year. <_<

Jordana Hawen said...

I had a strong desire of kicking a doctor´s balls when he was trying to convince me about the wonders of vaccination, I refused to vaccinate my baby after doing an intensive research on the matter and I am grateful I made an educated decision. I wish more people could use their brains to do the same because it is the only way to fight the medical mafia.

Lugh said...

Yes! People who are good to their family, friends, and customers don't need to give money to people on the other side of the world to assuage their guilt. Of course, if society is strong - it is fine to do. The offerings from Churches changed the face of the world via the missions. But to guilt trip people who are on the edge themselves is despicable.

Texas Arcane said...

The r's are big on distributing the resources of others but this looks like somebody snuck a K strategy into an "r" mechanism. The world has been infected by vaccines under cover of altruism, including more than half the Chinese given Hepatitis by accepting American "generosity" in vaccines. Somewhere in the background it appears a "K" was using an "r" approach to introduce a "K" strategy of reducing the numbers of the "r" population worldwide.

Trusting people are more likely to get the vaccine, which will then cause they and their children to eat sh*t and die.

hitfan said...

I am agnostic when it comes to vaccination--I understand the concept of inoculating the population against a pandemic.

But then, the eggheads go around and talk down to anybody who expresses any amount of doubt or wariness about vaccination.

Why not try to engage and reassure those who have a healthy dose of skepticism? There should always be a countervailing force against any imposed mandates. The companies who stand to make a lot of money from providing such services should be held accountable. But say anything bad about vaccination, you're a conspiracy theorist tinfoil hat wearing crackpot.

It's like global warming--why is it that when you scratch the surface, all the money being spent into research and preventing climate change is really just one big gigantic patronage scam? But if one is skeptical of the conventional wisdom in regards to global warming, they dismiss you as a hack and a tool of the polluters.

Texas Arcane said...

I understand the ideology as well.

The problem is with the assumptions.

1. You're assuming vaccination works.

2. You're assuming the motivation behind vaccination is benevolent.

I see problems with #1 and #2.

If vaccination worked why then do they exercise such enormous secrecy and fraud over the test results? See links in blog.

Bob said...

within hours of having a vaccination my neighbours son developed severe autism. his normally happy aware expression changed to one of the '1000 mile stare'.