Friday, June 15, 2012

U.N. Hates Babies and Would Like To Kill'em All

Read this blowhard piece about the evils of setting foundlings on doorsteps.

One of the highest expressions of human love and charity is to provide for foundlings. It is an ancient Christian practice. It vanished for a while with improvementation in Europe but has recently made a comeback which is annoying the hell out of the genocidal psychopaths at the United Nations.

Basically, when a young mother has a child she simply can't care for or feed, for whatever reason, a baby hatch is the last resort of opportunity. The idea of abandoning children to hospitals and orphanages is tragic, heart-rending and sad. Grownups understand that life itself produces these tragic circumstances often and the humane way to cope with them is to provide some avenue for the mother to surrender custody to an institution that can at least feed them.

The homicidal dribbling morons at the United Nations would like to see these babies aborted, the sensible thing to do according to their lunatic lights. If you discover raising a baby is hard, just smash it's head with a mallet the way they do in India and be done with it. After the crying stops it's back to the disco club scene for a wild night of post-infanticide recovery!!! This is the actual way the people at the United Nations plan to improve our world. They see it as the highest good.

Sane people see baby-killing as the monstrous crime against nature and God that it is. That's why they provide for mothers to surrender them instead of doing something crazy the way the United Nations would like - have it aborted or just give it a quick top up with cyanide the way Peter Singer, a nazi-style eugenicist beloved of improvers and enrichers worldwide recommends. Singer was recently explaining how it isn't a crime if you off the baby in it's first year of birth - it is like taking goods back in retail because you decide you don't like them and want a refund. The New World Order loves this Aussie, who has also recommended we use retarded people in medical experiments because they will give better results in trials. It's true - I use retards in all my perimeter security tests and I give my highest seal of approval. They are much better for training turrets to autotarget moving objects than those gorillas I used in the past. I just give'em a box of crackers and set them loose in the exclusion field. You should see'em smile.

Remember kids, the difference between the Nazis and these people is that when the Nazis advocated it, it was evil. When they do it, they're the "good guys" trying to "help us." John Holdren-style in boxcars most of the way I imagine.

By honoring Peter Singer with Australia's highest civilian award the Gilliard government has again demonstrated their loss of the right to any leadership over the electorate and must immediately step down. They do not have the consent of the governed and the U.N. themselves would point out they cannot govern our country, it violates international law. Maybe we Australians should ask the U.N. to intervene on our behalf to protect us from our genocidal government who were never elected as our leadership. Honoring Peter Singer is identical to pinning a merit badge on Adolph Hitler for introducing the principles of utilitarian philosophy into German governance.


hitfan said...

Obama accelerates Amerikwa's countdown to extinction by granting amnesty via executive fiat:

McRomney is scheduled to speak before a Latino group in a few days.

Does he have the courage to adopt the Steve Sailer strategy by going for the white vote or will he pander to a grip that will never vote for him?

KW Jackson said...

If I only had the words to express how much this walking shitbag disgusts me.
I have one ardent wish for Singer: to be the one that loses out in his own philosophy. He should be a horrible example to the world on why relative-morality is simply immorality. Of course he hides in nice white neighbourhoods like all the other enricher-flag-wavers. His whole life shows he's just another snob who thinks the peasantry are disposable to keep him from risking a calloused hand.

JimBob said...

By extinction, I assume you mean whites?

And yes, I saw that. "Worse is better", is your mantra, so drink up and enjoy yourself.

Mark Potok Flipping Out Over League of the South

JimBob said...

Putin vs. Obama....OR... Macho Man vs. Sissy-Boy (funny pictures)

Texas Arcane said...

It would be so hilarious after Singer experiences a stroke or perhaps needs a hip replacement that a doctor enters his room and tells him his ultimate costs versus benefits ratio doesn't add up any more that he no longer has full capacity for rationality. The doctor then asks for two nurses to hold the old poof down while he plunges a cyanide injection into his carotid artery, apologizing for the painful death that follows but pointing out that a painless euthanasia would require more expensive measures not warranted by his approximate loss of utility to the community.

Ironic that Singer is a jew whose parents went to a concentration camp who now advocates identical (or worse) treatment for all gentiles. Makes you wonder if the Nazis knew something. After all, considering the capacity for moral and safe behaviours are lacking in Singer in terms of the greater good, we could make the argument that the only crime was that Singer survived. With superior diagnostics he should have been regarded as damaged goods and neutralized in his own first year as an infant.

JimBob said...

Did you notice Singer doing the head tilt for his photo?

I remember seeing a comedy TV show, years ago, where they made made fun of leftards, because they tilt their heads in all their publicity photos.

Head Tilt - left, right or center

Now you know why they do it.

hitfan said...

I'm referring to the collapse of the nation as a whole. As the demographic time bomb accelerates, so will the Amerikwan economy decelerate in the long term. Any recovery is a dead cat bounce from here on out.

JimBob, do you believe you can vote your way out of this mess? What will McRomney offer as a countervailing force?

hitfan said...

JimBob, I'm speaking of the extinction of the country as a whole. TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICITS, the white taxbase is maxed out. With more parasites coming in, that is just just greasing the rails to the bottom. Do you actually believe that by voting for Romney will actually turn things around at this point?

Every argument you make seems to posit that we can somehow vote for an Establishment candidate to get ourselves out of this mess.

Of course every rational person should despise Obama's what Obama is going for. The thing is, is that the last major pushes for enabling immigration were done when kwanservatives were in charge--Raygun's 1986 amnesty and Jorge Boosh's attempt at a guest worker program. These were done in order to provide political cover from the right for the cultural Marxist agenda.

I'm rather surprised that the Kenyan is going for this so brazenly at this juncture. Perhaps those that pull the strings recognize that it's mathematically impossible for a Republican to win the Presidency without NY, CA and the swing states that are being culturally enriched.

Don't count on Romney to offer much difference, save for platitudes and window dressing. If he goes full Sailer strategy and declares himself to be a pro-white candidate, then I'll eat my hat.

Most Republicans worship at the altar of Martin Luther King (witness Glenn Beck) and they fall in line to the concept of Black-Run America (BRA). They seem to think that if they preach free market economics and that Lincoln was a Republican loud enough, that they'll carry the black and brown vote.

Is worse better? All I'm saying is that they'll only give the responsibility of governance to fake conservatives in order to lay the blame on whitey. The tea party revolt would not have happened without the Obama Presidency.

JimBob, you're a shill for McRomney.

Texas Arcane said...

Ultimately these kinds of arguments are won in the bedroom, not the boardroom. Babies beat bombs and bombast any day of the week. This is why the U.N. hates the foundling doorstep.

JimBob said...

Now we see hitfan, using straw man arguments.

Only Stormfronters are dumb enough, to tell whites to vote for anti-white blacks. Not even blacks are that dumb. DUH...

Again with the Stormfront mantra:

"Worse is better"
"Worse is better"
"Worse is better"

Want to know how white countries got this way?

Its not the joo activists and their anti-white buddies, people like hitfan blame for all their woes...

It was idiots just like hitfan, that did all of their activism work for them.

See? He is doing it right now. He is telling you to vote for open border Obumbo. DUH...

Keep fighting for defeat hitfan:

"Every loss is a victory!"
"Every loss is a victory!"
"Every loss is a victory!"

With friends like hitfan, whites don't need enemies.

JimBob said...

Another thing hitfan isn't telling you, if Obambo is re-elected, he will select another 2 supreme court seats and that will further increase the number of anti-white radicals, in the supreme court.

People like hitfan would tell you to give Joe Stalin more power, because "worse is better".

When Joe Stalin sends you off to the gulags, never to be seen again, hitfan would celebrate, because "worse is better".