Monday, June 18, 2012

The Ultimate Manchurian Candidate

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, is a card carrying member of Duck Pride Worldwide, loves to sing the Waterfowl Internationale, flies a flag with a duck on it above it's house, has feathers, webbed feet and a bill and it sounds like Daffy whenever it talks then it is a duck. The White House says it is a chicken but don't you believe it. A chickenhawk maybe.

Socialists don't like to fight fair. They like to fight from the inside where it is safe and they can use camouflage to conceal themselves. They shy away from real struggle and instead prefer to stab from the shadows in surprise. They are the definition of fifth column, the notion of the fifth column comes from the habits of marxists who always pretend to be one thing while secretly implementing a completely different agenda.

The reason that so many conspiracies seem to center on communists is that they are some conspiratorial bastards who like to conspire. Like vampires, nothing scares them more than sunlight and fresh air. To be exposed these wretched creatures will burst into flame. Honesty is a silver bullet to them and plain speaking is worse than garlic. According to them these are the characteristics of the good guys. They dress in black, cling to the walls and creep around whispering under their breath. These people are not Gary Cooper. The reason the honest man walks down the street with an open face is that he has nothing to hide. These sonovabitches go everywhere like Count Chocula with their capes draped over their faces.

My father told me, never trust a man who needs to wear a cape in the daytime. It doesn't matter if it is Superman. A man who goes about cloaked in daylight (either literally or metaphorically) is one screwed up human being. The good man has no need for these histrionics.

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