Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sometimes You Pine For Islamic Law

If ever somebody deserved to lose both hands for a criminal act, this is it.

I have trouble understanding what kind of assh*le would be capable of spray painting over top of a Picasso and posting it on YouTube. It is the equivalent of the Taliban blowing up the Bamiyans in Afghanistan. Is your faith so weak you can't tolerate some ancient relics in a cliff face? These things belong to mankind collectively and they should be here thousands of years from now for others to look at. Picasso represented a truly unique approach to art and his works deserve to be preserved so others have a right to view them.

This is the madness of the End Times. Tagging a Picasso. That's disgusting. What kind of animal does something like that? They should strip him naked and stake him in the middle of the desert with some buzzard dressing. After he is dead they should remove his name from the pages of history like the jerk who burned the Lighthouse at Rhodes for the infamy.

When you encourage vandals by telling them graffiti is art and exhibitionism is a virtue, this is kind of the end of that road in terms of where these topsy-turvy value systems finish up. Graffiti "artists" are vandals who make everything ugly. They were never cool.

We are seeing the Vandals and Visigoths return to sack Rome.

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