Thursday, June 14, 2012

Snippets & Ruminations In The New Anthropology #2

How I got Lost In Space At The Age of Four Years Old

Wernher Von Braun in A Publicity Release Photo
(Shoulders-to-waist ratio much different from Homo Sapiens)
The Denisovian/Amud Neanderthals From "Lost In Space"

The morning of May 2010 when I got off the subway train in the city I was holding the newspaper in my hand with the headline story that Paabo-Stoneking had been overturned and analysis of European genetics showed we had Neanderthal ancestry. My mind was swimming with a thousand recollections and conclusions. One of the biggest images running through my mind with countless others was the family of the Jupiter-2, the ship that was "Lost In Space" on a television show created by Irwin Allen.

When I was four years old, shortly before the medical exam that had the doctor taking my father aside to tell him the good news was that I seemed to have recovered miraculously from the worst chemical internal burns he had ever seen and the bad news was that I appeared to be a different child from the one he had examined before the accident, Irwin Allen brought out a television show that had an uncanny impact on me as a young boy.

The critics savaged the show early on, concentrating particularly on the one dimensional, saccharine sweetness of the Robinson Family. Many critics pointed out that no human beings in real life behaved like the Robinsons. They were completely guileless, loving, totally devoted to one another and never found cause for conflict with each other. They had no ulterior motives, no conflict inside the family and no divided or ambiguous feelings for one another. The mother loved the children. The children loved their mother. The father loved the mother and she loved him. The father was assisted by his good friend in keeping the family unit alive. The father intended to see his fellow male marry his daughter and treated him like he was a kin relationship. The two of them never contested with one another for leadership and the two of them always seemed to be on the same wavelength with a common purpose - looking out for the women and children at all costs and generally adopting a stoic indifference to their own personal needs. As the critics pointed out, the only realistic character on the show was Dr. Smith, whose neverending sinister agenda provided the dramatic conflict that otherwise would not have existed on the show. The critics pointed out that without Dr. Smith, the show would not have lasted a single season. The viewers would not have been able to identify with the goody two-shoes simpletons in the Robinson Family. The critics spoke of the "solid, beefy caricatured Robinson men with their thick torsos and stalwart chins as a sort of suburban ideal of masculinity." Apparently the critics found something offensive in all this.

From the first time I saw the show as a toddler, it exerted an eerie grip on me that precluded everything else. I was so rapt watching the show it was difficult for my parents to even speak to me when it was on. I still had a dummy in my mouth and took it out frequently to point to the screen when it was on during some part of the show that resonated so strongly in me I had to highlight it. My fascination was with the Robinsons. Not Dr. Smith. Even at this young age I felt Dr. Smith was like the people I saw around me in real life. He was nefarious. He had a forked tongue. It was impossible for him to say anything without actually working on another angle at the same time. The man was so crooked he must have had to screw on his pants in the morning. Dr. Smith I recognized as being similar to the adults I knew in the world around me. The Robinsons were something else altogether to me.

Something in the curves of their faces and their builds and their self-expression triggered a powerful response in me. This is how proper people talked. This is the way proper people communicated. This is how real men and women should comport themselves if they were healthy and normal. Everything about the Robinsons struck a chord in me. I saw them clearly as being of my own kind. Dr. Smith was part of The Others. Even at four years old, I saw this as clearly as you see the sun rise in the morning. When adults were speaking to me and attempting to charm me I could see several different ambiguous emotions in their faces at the same time just as Dr. Smith's face looked when he talked.

I began to tell my mother that the Robinsons were "my real family" and that Penny and Will were my real "brother and sister." I began to speak to Penny and Will as my imaginary friends. I told my mother that the Robinsons were going to come get me in the Jupiter-2 and take me back to their home planet so I "could be with my own real family," a frequent delusion seen with "Asperger's Syndrome" about being separated from one's "real race." My mother and father tried hard to laugh at my strange notions and obsession with this television show, certain it must be some kind of stage that is normal for a child to go through. It isn't. It is distinctly bizarre and outlandish. These kinds of feelings of alienation as a child that young is a truly odd expression of development.

My parents never knew what kind of sadness came over me as I got older and began to understand more of the mechanics of my situation. The Robinsons were never coming to get me in the Jupiter-2. I was never going back to be with my own kind. I was to be left here, forever, amongst the Dr. Smiths. The Others had taken me from my people and I would never, ever be returning to my true home. I knew, even before I started school, that all of these people were Dr. Smiths. Their ways and the ways of my people, the Robinsons, were as far apart and incompatible as a bird in the air and a fish in the water. The Others were going to raise me as one of their own and they would make me compete against a society of Dr. Smiths. There was something about this that even at a very young age I knew was wrong.

Look at Guy Williams and then look at Wernher Von Braun above him. June Lockhart was the right key emotionally and she had a kind face but she did not strike me the way that Guy Williams did. Guy Williams would have seemed perfectly matched with Madeleine Stowe or Rachel Adams beside him. Where did I know this person from at the age of four? Hadn't I seen him before? Sure, he was ... he was ... something about him seemed like an uncle or a grandfather I saw regularly. Already, epigenetic changes had heavily altered my limbic cortex and the part of the brain that recognizes one's own kind. The RNA messengers had grafted new genes in that trained me to look for different facial geometries before I could even ride a bike.


JimBob said...

Lost in Space could have been great, had it retained the serious nature of the pilot.

Apart from the camp, the homosexual following the boy around, really gave me the creeps. I assume that was the Communist subversion, that began in the 1960s.

And I see what you mean about the Robinsons. That's how whites were portrayed in TV shows and movies in the 1940s and 1950s. Its been all down hill, ever since.

njartist said...

If you would please provide links on Paabo-Stoneking and teh refutation.

Did a quick search for "Paabo-Stoneking". I did come upon a link to Michael Brady who makes the claim, "Chosen People from the Caucasus states that semitic peoples have Stone Age Neanderthal genes in significant amounts, and this encourages violence, fanaticism and oppression of women (even of goddesses!)."

That is quite a bit to swallow: the Jews get their the tribe of Judah and include the tribes of Benjamin and Levi; they did not exist prior to Jacob: before them were the early saints and patriarchs; the Jews are claiming history that does not belong to them; even so, they are ignoring the very real fact that there are ten other Hebrew tribes who bear the name House of Israel: the DNA and archaeological research has determined that these latter tribes eventually wound up in northern Europe, the British Isles, and Scandinavia; and then colonized the New World and Australia.

Secondly, presuming to know the psychological traits of a long defunct biological entity - and to do so from mere DNA - is illogical: bad science. Laughingly, Bradley had constructed a cracked mirror version of vitalism, in particular, Rupert Sheldrakes's Biomorphic Fields: these fields exist before the biological entity and guide the creation and expression of the genotype; the concept that the greater organizing principle controls the lesser elements and not reductionism is held as true in philosophy (a good read would be Michael Polanyi on Conscious Knowledge); what Bradley has done is organized his "science" around the princip;e of "jewishness" and preconceived notins of the traits of Neanderthals.

njartist said...

However I did see this in the same article:"The May 6, 2010 issue of Science, Journal of the American Academy of Sciences, has finally confirmed that modern human populations have significant Neanderthal genetic admixture. This study by the Max Planck Institute of Leipzig under the overall leadership of Dr. Svante Paabo but also included some researchers from the Harvard University School of Medicine.

Behind the scenes, it seems that this DNA study’s dramatic reversal of the Paabo-Stoneking Cell article of July 15, 1997 insisting that there was no Neanderthal DNA in modern humans was due to the fact that Harvard researchers came up with data that contradicted the 1997 study by Svante Paabo (then at the University of Munich) and Mike Stoneking (then at the University of Pennsylvania).

Personally, I have always suspected that this 1997 study was purposefully concocted or even commissioned to please North American Jews and to further Israeli interests. In the 1997 study, Svante Paabo and Mike Stoneking claimed to have re-created part of the Neanderthal DNA sequence to an “acceptable” extent (2%) and then to have compared it to human DNA (but the complete human genome wasn’t mapped until 2005). In short, Paabo and Stoneking were comparing nothing to nothing. Dr. Alan Templeton, a geneticist at the American University in St. Louis, characterized their 1997 study as “a statistical house of cards.”"

They call me Moe! said...

I've felt the same alienation as far back as I can remember.

Texas Arcane said...

Another peculiar feature of the series was the assumption that the Robinson's basic humanity was such that they were unable to protect themselves from the predations of Smith no matter how extreme they were. I think on more than one occasion he tried to feed their son or daughter to aliens in order to gain passage back to earth. There was the sense there that Dr. Smith was exploiting a strange loophole in the makeup of the Robinsons that they could not retaliate.

In reality, they should have blown the old queer out the airlock in the pilot. That would have made more sense.

Texas Arcane said...

Templeton was too kind with Paabo-Stoneking and used the diplomatic tact that one academic extends to another competent academic. It should not have been extended to Paabo-Stoneking. It was overt scientific fraud. Are you aware that when confronted they admitted they had used no data at all and had simply made up their statistical averages?

We're talking two guys richly rewarded for this fraud. They were the toast of the town for ten years for a study that justified them losing tenure and their chairs permanently.

Texas Arcane said...

njartist -

This is an explosive topic, even for me. I avoid it on this site.

I will just say this one thing.

The Amud were merely genocided and absorbed by the Sapiens war machine. They were the lucky ones compared to the Mousterians.

What happened to the Mousterians, who "survived," was much worse. What they eventually turned into over the next 100,000 years was something parasitic and very horrible. They went in a very different direction from any of the other surviving tribes including the Basque. A hideous fate indeed lay waiting for them.

Michelle said...

The ship was the Jupiter 2. I read this to my husband, who watched the show as a child. He had a similar, but not as strong reaction to the show.

Texas Arcane said...

Thanks for the correction.

Texas Arcane said...

njartist -

I just had a look at a .PDF file on my hard drive and apparently the difference between the Amud and the Mousterians around 100,000 years ago were greater than the differences between Homo Sapiens and Homo Habilis. Nevertheless we insist on continuing to call both species Neanderthals, which is part of the never-ending confusion on this subject. I could list these errors for days and never run out. Academics seem to always obfuscate instead of clarify.

Texas Arcane said...

One of the reasons the Basque have been invaded and bullied by conquerors so many times is their lack of guile. Basque men and women are very strong, very intelligent and very alive but they have a sort of direct quality that always works against them in a world of Dr. Smiths. They invariably get betrayed and f*cked over by the creepy outsiders again and again.

Compare the other subtribe that gradually became the Hyksos, the Scythians, then finally the Khazars. Masters of doing nothing or profiting from murder, theft and rent extraction. The Khazars tried to charge customs for any goods that passed through their lands, this worked for a while until everybody realized this was a reason to avoid going through their lands and they began to starve. They were a criminal race that lacked the ability to even grow food for themselves despite sitting on some of the richest soils in Europe. There was no herding, animal husbandry, no crafts, no art, no anything. They just tried to find stuff to steal somehow.

Meanwhile a short distance away the Basque continued a million year old tradition of self-sufficiency and independence from all others. They were brilliant at a dozen crafts and were well known for their various endeavors all of which seemed to profit them except when it came to large scale military defense with regimented soldiers.

Texas Arcane said...

I should know, I come from a race that bullied and conquered the Basque. They also interbred heavily with them to cement their rule over them.

ednews_us said...

great writing

Takuzdwa Aywok said...

Holy dog shit.
Another female aspie has had the *exact same feelings and experience*.
I mean, what you said 'bout space and the feeling that she is an outsider and that some aliens will come to get her. I linked her to your blog.

Takuzdwa Aywok said...

Look what I found taking a closer look at Basque mythology....

"The jentil (or Jentilak with the Basque plural), were a race of giants in the Basque mythology. This word meaning gentile, from Latin gentilis, was used to refer to prechristian civilizations and in particular to the builders of megalithic monuments, to which the other basque mythical legend the Mairuak are involved too."

Possibly Neanderthals. The french wikipedia says that those "jentils" were the basques before christianization.

Here's another thing.. translated, that the french wikipedia says..
"A legend talks about their exctinction (The jentilak). One day they witnessed a strange light in the sky. They did not know what it was and so told the wisest, oldest man they could find amongst them about it. As his tired eyes were analyzing this phenomeha, he told them : This light announces Kixmi (which wikipedia says is christ), it's the end of the Basque race"

Kixmi, in basque, means "monkey"...
Seems there's only this page available in French and in the basque language. I hope my translation wasn't too awful.

Apparently, they used this word to talk about christ.

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