Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ray Bradbury 1920-2012

The greatest of the dreamers passed away today.

I'm pretty shellshocked. I knew it had to happen someday but it was unexpected.

Less than an hour before I found out I was telling my son how important it was for him to read The Martian Chronicles.

Too important a person for me to say anything right now. It will take a long time to sink in. I don't want to write a eulogy for him, he is too significant in the ascent and decline of the United States.

For me, he had captured everything good about America in his writing.

His short story There Will Come Soft Rains, about a world run by dying machines after a nuclear war, had such a powerful effect on me at a young age it affected my world view permanently. It seemed so prophetic to me it was as if Bradbury had looked into the future with some kind of clairvoyant vision.

UPDATE : I recently read his FROM THE DUST RETURNED, a novelization that encapsulated the house of the family described in THE HOMECOMING. It was great and the ending was cosmic. It was wonderful that he wrote every day right up to the day of his death. Publish or perish, Ray had the right idea.

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Charity said...

When I was very little, I read "All Summer in a Day." It was the first confusingly raw emotion I can remember feeling as a child. Such sadness coming from a story- I didn't know it was possible. Years later I came across it again and was amazed at the pain in the memory. That is storytelling at it's absolute best. What a sad, sad day.