Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prometheus = Garbage

Saw it yesterday. Was very disappointed by the halfway point. It was just more talentless junk from Hollyweird dressed up in a phony cape of "art." I can't believe the reviews I read prior to seeing it, I thought I was going to see a half decent sci-fi flick. You'd think the critics were writing about some other version that was not released to the public.

Hollywood can introduce childlike interpretations of ideas written in detail by H.P. Lovecraft in the 1920's and describe the movie as "profound." Yes, it's profound for people with an average IQ of 92, just like the movie ASS in IDIOCRACY.

Listen, trust me ... see it on cable if you want but don't waste $15 a ticket to see this tripe.

Ridley Scott = Hack, come to think of it. Now that I think back, the guy has never really made a decent film in his life. Blade Runner left a lot to be desired, like a coherent story and plot for example. Once you get past the visuals there's nothing there in most cases. The best ALIENS film was made by James Cameron, not Ridley Scott.

A lot of this stuff was cut from the first Alien movie for budgetary reasons. Basically the studio required Scott to streamline his wandering script to something concise and coherent. You can see without fiscal discipline what kind of guy this really is. He's a hack. You could throw a brick into the park and the first person it hit could make a better film than this guy.

I could sum the movie up by saying it is just a typical attack on Christianity using atheist fictions to debunk what they assail as fiction, using fiction. It is not even well done, it's just depressing and offensive. If Ridley Scott really believes there is "nothing," as he concludes at the end (what a disappointing denouement) then he should kill himself, not project his own startling lack of core principles onto the minds of millions of other people. We have a two hour build-up to what most stoned dope fields can blurt out when they get all weepy over their ganja. No insights here.

By the way, since Lovecraft died broke and virtually unemployable, it is time these plagiarists began to pay royalties on his ideas. He was here first and a million times better. It is like watching Jerry Siegel deliver courier messages on his bike while Hollyweird makes millions off the Superman franchise.

P.S. Watched another atheist-driven sci-fi flick this evening, Danny Boyle's SUNSHINE that tanked so badly at the box office it didn't even make it's own budget back. Awful flick. Based on popular fallacies about the heat-death of the universe. Everything is always a resource shortage with these morons. Imagine being one of these atheists. Bad enough the universe is a bleak meaningless abyss, but to be a pretentious hack with no talent only adds insult to injury. Definitely atheism is for r-types in the r/K ratio. These people would even cheat God out of resources if they thought they could pull it off. One of the biggest factors in my reconsideration of sixteen years of atheism was realizing what complete losers all atheists are. Even when they are billionaires they are absolute point-blank losers, every single one of them. They know it, too. This is where they get that perpetual resentment from they try to put into their films. Keep your faith in God and you will never be a loser. Never. Of course it's hard. If anybody could do it, where would the challenge come from? People like Scott and Boyle would like to make it a lot harder for you, which should make you suspect their motives, no matter how "pure" and "selfless" these sorts always claim to be. Christ said they were like old tombs painted white with nothing but bones and corruption inside. Don't believe anything these people say to you or they try to put in front of your eyes, it's all lies. Lucifer himself appears as an angel of light. Do you want to know the real reason these idiots hate religion so much? The same reason they hate the family. (Riddly Scott suggests to females that all babies are foreign malignant cancers growing inside of them) It's because it is the last bulwark against the State. When it fails, the State will pour in and take God's place as the Alpha and the Omega to human beings. Atheists are some deeply religious people. It's just that they don't worship that God. They worship the antithesis of God. Believe me, I'm an atheist traitor. I know what is going on inside these people and it isn't pretty.


Koanic said...

Hi Tex,

Well, I hope my offhand review wasn't one of the one's that let you down. I said it was "worth a watch," same as you - but I wouldn't even watch that crap on cable. I watched it on, the free cam version, and skipped around the boring bits. It had some good fragments and some highly obnoxious fragments, and mostly sucked, as you said. But these days, any movie with some good fragments can be "worth a watch" by sheer rareness.

It was a movie more worth thinking about than watching, and an interesting additional insight into the Alien universe. All the cool social dynamics were missing that made the first Alien great. I was yawning through the entire "tough female" act. Alien I had what I consider to be a good example of a neanderthal warrior woman with some vulnerability, stuck amongst the cro mags and melonhead machinations.

Bob said...

Tex, thanks for warning on this movie. i watched The Dictator friday night. it was very funny. the start was a bit slow but it does get better.

JimBob said...

That Sean Young clip I posted before, is taken from an hour long interview.

In that interview, she claimed Ridley Scott and certain others in Hollywood, are connected to Illuminati money and that is why they get their movies funded so easily.

She said Blade Runner had Illuminati symbology in it, which she didn't understand when she was in her 20s.

Mary Sean Young - Hour 1 - Blade Runner, Dune & Awakening to the Conspiracy

Its a long show and she only knows what people that listen to these kinds of websites know. So only listen to it, if you have nothing better to do.

Texas Arcane said...

Looking back, I think I believe Sean Young.

I don't think Riddley Scott ever had much talent. He was just on the right wavelength with the assholes who run Hollyweird. That's why guys like this get funded and others don't.

I count Terry Gilliam and M. Night Shymalayan as the only directors I ever really liked and I think both of these guys have always been hanging by a thread. If it weren't for so many damn people enjoying their movies, they'd have never gotten any funding. One wrong step from either and these guys get the cold shoulder - yet there is a group of directors who make one crappy film after another than nobody sees and they still form part of the inner circle, no matter what happens.

Djanar said...

I knew what I was walking into knowing that they've hired the yid who was responsible for the confidence scheme con-job of a televitz series -LOST- to write the script for Prometheus. I knew it was going to be an incoherent mess with a plot filled with more holes than the most sloppily made slice of emmenthal cheese, promising resolution ONLY if you're willing to pay up to see the second movie, and then the third and so on and on until LOL YOU GOT CONNED. I was pretty much right about this. What I did not know that it would be a movie that insulted my intelligence so much with its idiotic plot, characters and setting that it would make me suffer from permanent facial paralysis by having me wincing in pain throughout the entire movie. I even went to see this in 3D so I feel ripped off three times more than I normally would have felt.

I love how the supposedly genius Weyland industries CEO guy exclusively hired congenitally retarded people to a project of such magnitude with so much money spent on it. The "biologist" character for example was clinically retarded. You really shouldn't be getting worked up so much from the elementary school level of "philosophical" dialogues about God and Creation/Evolution because they were all painfully stupid, just like the characters uttering the words. How the hell does a race of humanoids seeding planets with DNA all around the galaxy somehow disprove the existence of GOD? Nigga, it's not that simple. How can refusing to take your helmet off just because the air seems breathable because there might be all kinds of alien pathogens in the air branded SKEPTICISM by the head scientist guy? That's not skepticism you dolt, that's called not being mentally retarded, you sure you're supposed to be cast as the head scientist character of this expedition and not the ships janitor?

I think I'll just leave this here:

You are not dealing with smart yet insidious people sneaking in subtle "Illuminati" themes into movies, you're dealing with a bunch of cretinous hacks whose "creative process" boils down to whatever comes out of a dope session. "-Dude, whaddabout SPACE JESUS?"

I'll also leave the same guys article about the "Space Jockey" from the first Alien movie because I liked it so much.


MOON (2009)
DISTRICT 9 (2009)

Damn, 2009 was a good year for Sci-Fi movies.

Texas Arcane said...

Funny, I bought both the movies you recommended on DVD I liked them so much and they are the first sci-fi flicks I have purchased in years.

hitfan said...

The last Ridley Scott movie I saw was "Kingdom of Heaven", leftist claptrap that basically said "Muslims=good, Christians=bad". So easy to espouse the usual sophistry unchallenged when one has a big microphone of a huge Hollywood production. It lost a lot of money anyway.

When it comes to horror and sci-fi, I much prefer the stuff that was made in the 1960s and 1970s. Today's pictures have bigger budgets, but none of the principal performers appear to have much in the way of presence or charisma. It's as if Hollywood can't find any actor who isn't a bland metrosexual to draw audiences. Chuck Heston's sci-fi films that he made certainly showed him chewing the scenery a lot, but he was pretty entertaining when doing so.

With modern CGI, the modern film artist is able to conjure whatever he thinks of onto the screen. But sometimes technical constraints can rein in the excesses of a hack, art through adversity and all that. Consider George Lucas' original "Star Wars" VS the prequels that he made decades later. The latter have far greater budgets and are supposedly closer to Lucas' vision, yet they pale in comparison to the quality of the original. One can blame artistic senility, but it's the same guy in the end. It isn't that much of a stretch to imagine that GL came up with the dreaded Jar Jar Binks character when he was young and dreamed his whole life of bringing him on to the screen. The prequels and modern film technology have just revealed that the original creator was a hack all along. And if one looks deeper into the history of Star Wars, it was Lucas' ex-wife who edited them. She most likely removed much of the bad stuff that now appears in the re-edited versions of the originals.

"Prometheus" opened at #2, so it will likely fade away into cheap $2 theater obscurity in a couple of weeks.

JimBob said...

The thing about the publicity shots for Prometheus, I don't believe the characters are real.

They look more like fashion models out of Milan, rather than deep space explorers or scientists. At least in Alien they had ugly/real people in it.

So what is up with that? Are they genetically engineered to be perfect?

Texas Arcane said...

Perfect? I'd like to see who is in charge of human resources at Weyland Corporation.

Those two guys in the egg room overnight were like Laurel and Hardy. Really, an advanced studies xenobiologist trying to pet a creature that looks similar to a cobra who slithered out of black ooze? Was that supposed to be serious? It was NAKED GUN style satire. The relief was when these two assholes got killed. I've seen more intelligent meat counts in FRIDAY THE 13th films.

The entire movie was just ... sad.

Melonhead said...

That's too bad.

The bits of teaser material made it seem like a story with some potential.

Heck, the teasers made it seem like it potentially had a story...

Joe Boy said...

I haven't seen the movie and after what you guys have said, I will not watch until it is free. No money for Hollyweird. Not one cent!

Space exploration as a fashion statement:


Geeks in spaaace:

carboncow said...

wow...someone has some atheists issues...actually I started tuning you out when you said Blade Runner had no plot...and both A1 and A2 are masterpieces in their own right...get over yourself.

PS. Prometheus was had little focus and tried (like most sci fi now) to jam what should have been a freak'n mini-series into two hours so the mindless move viewers could digest all the fx.