Saturday, June 23, 2012

N.W.O. Enviro Pimps Deserted By High Priest

The Flake Flaked Out And Went Flakey, As Flakes Often Do - (All Greens Are Flakes)


If you founded your scientific fraud on the confused utterings of one of the most unstable people working in the field, you can't cry when he does a turncoat on you and tries to join the opposition.

These Marxist Scum are the enemies of any nation stupid enough to even permit them to influence policy.

They are nation wrecking, planet wrecking garbage pod people mimics on the left side of the r/K ratio. They are like boll weevil bipeds in manpants. Blowflies with lips and cell phones.

1 comment:

Bob said...

'Happy Carbon Day'!!

This is what i heard from several Labour politicians when i turned on my TV this morning.

my fist curled into a ball.