Saturday, June 16, 2012

NWO Conference : We Know The Beasts Are Going To Revolt Soon


Sitara said...

Well, here's a SHOCKER. Remember that Syrian vid that went viral a few weeks ago that I linked to here as well, that showed the dead bodies of 50 Syrian children?

Yeah, well it appears it wasn't the Syrian leadership or the military who did that. It was the Kwan/Israeli funded/trained militia's. Or at least, that is the story now. Wonder what they find if they dig deeper eh? Actual Israeli soldiers/hit squads wearing fake beards and doing the butchery?

JimBob said...

A demonstration of the difference between constructive activism, and destructive activism, meat heads, like hitfan practice:

"After all his years in the wilderness championing free speech in Canada, Paul Fromme has won a victory, though don’t hold your breath until he gets any credit for it. A bill has passed the national legislature that Internet censorship is to be abandoned."

hitfan tells our people to give our enemies, more power.

Paul Fromme encourages our people to take power.

Question, where does this "pro whites must campaign for Obama" mantra come from?

Everyone knows Bob Whitaker does "anti-racist is a code word for anti-white" and "white genocide".

When I used to visit the news and politics section at SF, I would see many comments from anonymous accounts, spewing this mantra 24/7, but the source of it is never, ever, discussed.

So who is behind it? Or is it a deep dark secret?

goy polloi said...


yeah, syria is getting the serbia treatment so obvious it's painful to watch. fund/train a local insurgency group, wait for dismembered bodies, brutal, slow execution videos to start showing up in the media and send in your regular forces under the pretext of ending the violence. it's been US modus operandi for a while now. perpetual war choo choo haven't brakes - next stop syria