Friday, June 1, 2012

Men In Black III

It was a great movie and an excellent finish to the trilogy.

Most movie franchises have utterly tanked by the third sequel but this was really well-written, well-executed and it never slowed down for an instant. As usual I laughed at Will Smith's timing and reaction shots through the entire flick, he was very funny. Josh Brolin was excellent as a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones and Jemaine Clement as the villain.

I have not seen a film I enjoyed this much since Men In Black II. I wish Hollywood did more flicks that did not take themselves too seriously and were designed for you to be able to take your family to them without wincing at every other scene. The reason I always liked the Men in Black films is that they seemed to be aimed at kids without intending to brainwash them or propagandize them. I was really stunned when the movie ended and I realized there were no gay porn sequences or shots of men kissing at any point. That is very surprising nowadays.

If you ever wondered what exactly it was about Jay that caused them to recruit him, you will find out in this film at the end. Cleverly wraps the whole thing up.

Some people have complained about the wild absurdity of the aliens and the premise, suggesting it is designed to break down the brain's ability to discriminate between dangerous and safe but I would posit that this is really a tradition in science fiction, this would be one of the few movies that conveyed the madcap nature of the universe depicted in the Golden Age of Science Fiction. The films have tried to depict the cosmos as so wonderful and so bizarre that our minds have to filter most of it out - and I always enjoyed that take on the world.

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Ave said...

I will have a look at MIB III then. I loved the first but was disappointed by the second.

I just came back from Prometheus, which takes its audience seriously. A lot of themes in this movie will please Tex in a Neanderthal/Melonhead/Sapiens way. It's basically just about that, including drawings in caves by early humans, and stuff.

(Spoiler ahead)

One detail is very interesting : one of the "Melonheads" (Tex would definitely call them Neanderthal, though, because they are *literally* giants, are very smart and have very musculous bodies) , although surrounded by technology, uses a primitive flute (it looks as if it could have been carved from bone or wood). It's all in the details...

The movie is a bit violent, though, because the icky moments are also well made technically.