Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Melonhead Bioweapon Deployed Circa 100K ?

Funny how today so many bioweapons place a strategic emphasis on E. Coli for the delivery.

So if I just conjecture wildly (really wildly) ...

1. Neanderthals kill the local magistrate "Humbaba" for the Melonheads in 110,000 B.C. after he encroaches on Amud forestry lands (cedar groves). This triggers off many local skirmishes including the killing of a ritual bull by Neanderthals who have broken their ancient habits of keeping to themselves. The Melonheads take their first ever planet wide referendum and the decision is made to finally end the longstanding truce with the wildly independent Neanderthals. They respond with aerial spraying of the Caucasus and surrounding regions with a deadly pathogen.

2. Much later, after surviving Neanderthals begin to bounce back, a powerful nuke is used to detonate the Toba supervolcano at 80,000 B.C. and trigger it's eruption. Melonheads retreat into their underground megalithic structures and dolmens while the world experiences a winter that lasts upwards of twenty years. They think this should finish off the drastically reduced rodeo clown population.

3. Realizing that both of these extreme measures have failed to get the job done, the Melonheads around 60,000 B.C. deploy their most dangerous genetically engineered organism at the southern tip of Europe - Homo Sapiens. Where germs and bombs failed, Sapiens gets the job done. Melonhead genius prides on itself on always winning, no matter what circumstances. It's not just that their final solution has finally worked but Sapiens himself is deliberately designed so that he will never present a threat similar to the Neanderthals - he has had his soul, volition, sentience completely snipped out of his genetic code.

4. The only catch is that as Sapiens conducts his campaign north he takes female war captives from the Neanderthals. His inadvertent interbreeding program has the effect of introducing Neanderthal genes into his own population permanently as a subspecies. Some humans retain some limited capacity for independent thought and self-awareness as a result.

5. The great irony is that over the ensuing 40,000 years, the Melonheads wane in a process of attrition to diseases from inbreeding and lose substantial social power in the aftermath to the new Sapiens-Neanderthal hybrids, an aggressive species which is never as easy to manage as their slave classes in former days. Where the Neanderthals failed, natural forces conspire to reduce the "pure" Melonhead stock to a few lonely pharoahs in the last days of Egypt, tragically trying to restore the old caste system of their death cults and monolithic building societies. It turns out, the bell tolls for thee, oh egg-domey one.

... now you have to admit, deranged and as far-out as this explanation sounds, it would answer so many questions if it were true. It is not that I believe it exactly, it is that I permit myself the luxury of speculating on this subject. The orthodoxy has shown itself to be incapable of offering any coherency to it's narratives so I have tried to fill in the vaccuum, that's all. The real "truth," of course, is probably something we can never know. We can only guess at these things at best. The only thing we can say with genuine certainty is that the story they teach us in school is absolute hogwash.


Rowan said...

Care to speculate on the next chapter? The end of out interglacial and the next 100,000 years.

Texas Arcane said...

When I think of "Humbaba" based on the thrice told tale in the Epic of Gilgamesh, he doesn't sound like ones of the "gods" and he seems to be some minor functionary. I think he sounds like one of the skull deformation cases who worked his way into a cushy government job, not a real melonhead.

One day some Neanderthals show up, there's an argument and some pushing, the Neanderthals explaining they cannot tolerate any more cutting down of their tree cover, they shove the guy (getting shoved by a Neanderthal can be fatal) and the next thing you know the melonheads have decided they have gone too far. Yes, he's just a minor functionary but it's the last straw.

100,000 years later, after being incorporated into other mythologies twice from oral records, we get the somewhat skewed tale of the Demon Humbaba guarding the Cedar Grove and the Curse against the Enkidu. I believe the Epic of Gilgamesh was vanity publishing by the King, the story only catches fire when Enkidu is involved, proving he was the original protagonist of this heroic tale. Statues of Enkidu in Sumeria predate those of Gilgamesh many thousands of years.

Texas Arcane said...

Rowan, I will do a short synopsis of the next 100,000 years if you want me to, I predict it will not be very accurate out past 20 years.

Melonhead said...

My thoughts:

1) Seems reasonable. If the Melonheads and the Neanderthals had a relationship similar to the relationship today between the "English" and the Amish, the two groups could have probably lived in peace for a loong time until one group needed the territory of the other.

2) I'm still not convinced of Toba Catastrophism. Do many other species have bottlenecks at this same time period? IDK.

3) Seems reasonable. Btw, hi, Ridley! Prometheus seems to have a lot of the same ideas as this blog and marks a departure from the previously accepted cannon of the Aliens universe.

4) The DNA and archeological work of the past few years seems to say that this is essentially correct.

5) High-technology takes lots of brains to maintain it. If the Melonheads brainpower started slipping even a little, they wouldn't be able to maintain their technology. When they lost their technology, they would have lost a disproportionate amount of social power. When they lost their social power, they would have then faced plenty of slave revolts.

Charles Murray's book, "Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010," discusses how America's high-IQ citizens seem to be self-segregating into an elite caste. I wonder if this presages a re-formation of Melonheady/Neanderthal people - especially given Tex's story about how the rich city slicker snapped up the long-skulls book he had for sale.

I also agree that this seems more coherent than the current anthropological narrative. If Melonheads did indeed create the original Sapiens, I wonder if they created any other species; giraffes sure do look funny.

Djanar said...

I think the "Atlanteans" (that's what I prefer to call the Melonheads) had two stages that are important to consider.

The stage when they still had their technology and infrastructure with sprawling colonies all over the planet is obscured by the mists of time because that was so long ago and not much is left to us from those times other than the few curious ooparts here and there. I don't think they had any problems with their wild Neanderthal cousins(?) in those times since they probably weren't much of a threat and a simple battalion of Atlanteans with relatively sophisticated weaponry could have genocided their asses without breaking much sweat if they wanted/needed to. They just kept them around at those times for some reason. Might be worth considering that the Melonheads of their golden age might not have been the cruel degenerates of the later times after the doom of their civilization.

The second stage of the Atlantean/Melonheads is the more recent times when their already declining global empire/civilization got destroyed from some massive catastrophic event, had few pathetic and degenerate remnants stranded in their colonies mingling with their slaves and most of their formal technology became lost to them. It makes sense that they would only see the rural Neanderthal tribes as competition and a threat in those desperate times and would use primitive yet effective methods like breeding their humanoid slave species like dogs for a specific purpose and setting them on their formidable enemies to wipe them out.

It doesn't seem that things turned out exactly as they've hoped because their dynasties could only achieve a partial control over the Sapiens-Neanderthal hybrids born out of the genocide of the Neanderthals. The most awesome unexpected side-effect I think was the incredibly large scale and high tech civilizations made possible by the hybrid stock. Few creative yet unruly geniuses to provide the ideas and the masses of slaving drones to make it a reality by their disciplined labor was a unique circumstance. I think in the current technological level achieved might have surpassed in some aspects what the Atlanteans have had in the zenith of their power. Not because the hybrids were smarter than the m-heads, it's just that the civilizational structure made possible by nations largely composed of hybrids in varying degrees is better for technological advance. The lazy and ritualistic "pyramid society" of the m-heads probably had its flaws.


In the "Klaus Dona - The Hidden History Of The Human Race" video you've recently posted, there is a picture of the Snake-Priests skulls dug out from the Hypogeum in Malta at the 43:19 mark. I've never seen that one before. The cranial capacity is so amazing and the elongated skulls so neatly display the archetypical "Melonheads". They look so alien, just like those Xenomorph skulls from the ALIEN series. They look exactly the same as Akhenaten's daughters. I believe these are "pureblood" specimens. A secluded island community of pureblood remnants peddling their sophisticated medicinal products to the sick kings and merchants of the Neanderthal-Sapiens hybrid nations and offering advice and prophecies in exchange for certain favors. Also a religious center to exert their influence to subvert the dynasties of the Mediterranean. So awesome...