Sunday, June 17, 2012

Maybe The Brother Will Stay Down Now

Rodney King shuffled off this mortal coil into the great crack house in the sky today.

Notice every single article in the press about King always shifts the focus to the shortcomings of white Europeans and their evil racist society and always fails to mention Rodney King had a cocktail of six different drugs in his system when he was pulled over going upwards of  200 mph. Cops repeatedly told him to lie flat until they could cuff him and he refused to obey instructions. Doing what police ask is necessary to maintain the rule of law. If you can't cope, you need to move to a society without the rule of law, you'll fit in better there.

If Rodney King had plowed into one of the elites on their way from a party in the Hollywood Hills and killed their entire family, then they'd be calling for new police powers. Otherwise, any disintegration in general order and standards of conduct is a good thing and a riot that can be seen from outer space is an especially good thing. Treating Rodney King like a martyred saint instead of a dangerous, violent drug addict is what passes for ethics in the sewer called the Kwanstain.

King's hefty payout and damages from the city gave him more than enough money to live like a celebrity the rest of his life. He went through it in a few short years and was back to appearing in lineups in no time. His entire life, he was a net loss as a human being, on top of the billion dollars that the L.A. Riots cost Los Angeles, which historians will say never fully recovered. Los Angeles has been a third world country which does a booming business in rental U-Hauls ever since. It's just another place that decent people want to get away from.

If you didn't live through the riots, you will never fully understand what happened in them if you get your information from the mass media. Never. You cannot imagine what kind of chaos we are talking about here. Absolute savagery from absolute savages. When they put their wax human masks back on, some people like me never bought it again. I had been present at the stroke of midnight at the human masquerade ball. I know what I saw.

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Jack Black said...

If it wasn't king it was going to be someone else. The media and the negros had been complaining about Korean merchants doing too well in the black community and being too openly racist towards thieving blacks. They were looking for something to spark a riot against the Koreans. Never in a million years did they think the Koreans would fight back. The cops were ordered to disarm the koreans but they refused(more out of fear of the Koreans shooting them). So the authorities put every cop they could in the korean areas of town to make sure they didn't organize and put an end to the rioting themselves.

Restoring order to american cities would be so easy. The elites simply do everything possible to prevent it at every turn.