Saturday, June 9, 2012

Madness of the End Times #2347589

An anonymous tip led to an international manhunt for the criminals responsible for the deaths of children buried on a remote property.

Except none of that ever happened. It's hard to believe that warrants can be issued nowadays on an anonymous tip and mass hysteria.

I called the police once when I saw a car hit a stop sign down the block and tried to report it anonymously. I knew the police would probably give my home address out to the mob of criminal drunken hoons who were driving recklessly in the street if they asked for it. They were not very interested in the incident, instead they tried to convict me of the crime over the phone and threatened me that they knew what number I was calling from and could easily trace me, a "particular individual." Of course, I will never call again in the future, knowing this is how they respond to reports by citizens of things they have witnessed.


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Bob said...

i called into a police station once to report the location of a stolen car. i gave them the name and address of the thieves and the whereabouts of the aforementioned car. the police woman couldnt understand why i wouldnt give her my contact details. when i said to her 'you got to be kiddin' me' in answer to her request she got quite annoyed and started to blab in a certain tone about 'police confidentiality' and 'the persons in question would never find out blah blah'. i just asked her was she finished and walked out. the whole snitching/dobbing and police contact in a grotty question room was far from a pleasant experience, never mind the risk of being found out as the one who was pointing the finger. never again do i want to be made to feel guilty about anything when ones intentions are purely honorable.