Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Little Problem With Genetically Modified Grass - It Started To Produce Cyanide Gas

You see, there's a little problem there.

Right, I can see that would be a bit of a problem. Instead of oxygen, grass that produces cyanide gas. Wow, that would be a problem.

Imagine stuff like this spreading as far as toxic colon-eating GM Star Corn. Infecting all the grasslands of the planet. Step outside for a whiff of that old fresh mown hay and get a deep breath of cyanide gas.

That could be a problem.

GM is so insane, it is beyond insanity. There are insane people standing around going "Gosh, that GM stuff is crazy."

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Tom Fahy said...

This turned out to be a naturally-bred grass (Bermuda-grass hybrid), released from USDA-ARS (Tifton, GA) in 1992. That being said, no one has accounted for elevated levels of cyanide gas... Prussic acid is occasionally released by bermudagrasses in minute quantities, but that seemed not to be the problem. Remains a mystery, although an isolated mystery.

That being said, I am enjoying your website thoroughly.