Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kwanstainia Is A Skidmark In God's Underwear

The Kwanstainian applauds military armored vehicles on his streets, believes it will help reduce crime.

The Kwanstainian government should set up the FEMA extermination camps as self-service. You insert cash or coins into an incinerator, turn it on and crawl inside. The ashes are dumped into one of these plastic coffins and two other Kwanstainians carry it out and stack it in the mass grave for burial. You could have a small contingent of guards at the camp to explain how to operate things, base it on the honor system. They'd check in for regular inspections to make sure things were all going smoothly, otherwise just camp in the recreation building playing air hockey while the citizens exterminated themselves outside. Imagine the savings to the government in tight fiscal times like these.


Chris from Sydney said...

Released just in time to be the feel-good-hit-of-the-summer
Quite likely to become the new Kwazany national anthem,it's perfect for a sub 100 IQ population

Durpa Doom Dum Dum

Dave, RN said...

ok... Those are not "plastic coffins". They are grave liners. What you are looking at is actually the lid. You put the flat part (what we normally think a lid looks like) in the grave. The actual coffin goes on top. The box you see here goes, inverted, over teh flat lid and coffin. Before it's lowered a sealant is put around the inverted part and then it is lowered onto the lid. And yes, there are a few million of them around. 20,000,000 some odd people die each year in the US and the ones that don't get creamated need a grave liner. If you bury a coffine, it will collapse under the weight of the dirt. This liner keeps that from happening.

lucid said...

"Suicide Booth" Series 1 Episode 1 Futurama. Allegedly invented around this time.

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